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  1. richT

    DLA and Windows Vista

    If you upgraded WinXP to Vista then you couldn't uninstall DLA, hence why this workaround was a lifesaver, see earlier posts, this was the only way to get rid of DLA, if it could just 'uninstall D2D' then this post wouldn't be here! As far as the fix being written by roxio and residing on their server, no-one is arguing, it would have been nice to have found it here instead of on Dell support. Hope it is helping everyone with this issue?
  2. richT

    DLA and Windows Vista

    Hi Stickler, I found this (like I said after a very, very, very long search!) on http://support.dell.com/support/topics/glo...;l=en&s=gen Buried a little deep I admit, but at least there... It should really be somewhere quite visible Hope it works for you!?
  3. richT

    DLA and Windows Vista

    Hi, I found this after many hours of searching this problem, yes i found it on dells site as roxio obviously don't care enough to publish this... Yes, 15mb is a big patch, it is actually a patch to update 'drag to disc', but as I said before it will allow you to remove DLA no matter what attempts have been made to uninstall it before, I tried the XP reg changes and managed to kill vista bad enough to require fixing via booting from the DVD. Both DLA and drag to disc can be removed after the error has been cleared. As long as it works to stop the errors, 15mb is a small price to pay, I'm happy , very happy!!! Hope it works for you all.
  4. richT

    DLA and Windows Vista

    Horray a fix has been made! http://docs.roxio.com/patches/d2d3290.exe run this which will uninstall DLA for you, let it install and reboot, no more warnings! You can also remove this after it has killed the DLA warnings... AT LAST