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    Roxio Creator LE -- Dell Edition

    Been there and they apparently know nothing about it either. Looking in some detail at all the Roxio posts the only one of interest was one that pointed out HP had a good manual for it on their web site. Turns out to be a different version though. Anyhow, I resolved my question of whether the software is capable of burning ISO images by tossing the whole package out as totally unsupported. If even Roxio doesn't know or care then I figure it's a waste of my time to care about it myself. Alex Feinman's ISO Recorder did what I wanted in moments. Thanks for the suggestions. Bill
  2. wjm

    Roxio Creator LE -- Dell Edition

    Acutally, I don't have Creator Classic or Videowave. Just Roxio Creator LE - Dell Editon. Its "About the Software" button reports a bunch of module names that mean nothing to me. #1 is just the program name, Build 2.4.32a. #2 is PX Engine Build 3.0.88a #3 is Roxio RecordNow Audio ver 2.0.4. #4 is Roxio RecordNow Copy ver 2.0.4 #5 is Roxio RecordNow Data ver 2.0.4 #5 is Launch Backup build 204B37C When it opens there's a place to click "Burn Image to Disc" but it doesn't do anything. There's no apparent way to tell it the file name you want to burn. Trying to drag-and-drop the file seems to work, but then nothing changes to indicate the Roxio received the file or knows what to do with it. Actually my sneaking suspicion is that it's a crippled version which cannot burn image files. If that's the case I sure wish they'd tell me so I wouldn't spend hours trying to get it to work. It does do normal data files to the disk when I run backups. Bill
  3. Can anyone tell me what the "Roxio Creator LE - Dell Edition" is? Nowhere do I find it on this Roxio web site. I presume that the web site calls it Creator 7 or 8 or 9 or something, but I don't know what. The Help tab on the program gives a whole list of module names. Again though, none of them match an actual product name as described on this web site. I'm just trying to figure out how to use it to burn an ISO image file out to a CD on this new machine, which I need to do to run a diagnostic. The program's own help file only mentions ISO in passing and I haven't been able to stumble into a way to convince it to burn the image. Thanks. Bill