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  1. Ok first and foremost if it makes any difference (probably not) I will admit im useing a dell computer. And im useing Roxio Creator LE Dell Edition. Ok so here is my problem, I made a cd for some stuff like my favorites and other stuff on a cd useing the Direct-to-Disk function, but I forgot to click on "Make Compatible", but until now this was not a problem, but like I said im useing a dell. (The way my computer was set up was that it had windows, Roxio Creator LE Dell Edition, and several other programs saved on the ROM, and when something cased me to delete every thing I just pushed a few buttons and it was reset back to factory default. That happened alot since as I found out just recently my hard drive was faulty.) When ever I had to delete every thing the computer could still read the disc after set back to factory default, but I just had dell replace my hard drive but they gave me a completely blank hard drive. After I finally finished reinstalling everything (when I first got my computer they gave me the disks for ALMOST everything.... they forgot the drivers I needed for the Internet ) my CD-R drive wont register whats on that disk any more, it says that 0kb are used are used and there are 0kb free. Is their any way I can get the stuff off that disk? It will read other disks that I rembered to click on "Make Compatible." Ya I know I probably wrote way to much.