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    MS Admits to Vista Failure

    Maybe you're right... With luck, things will get better with the 1st of what will probably be a long line of service packs. I've been using it for a few months on a laptop that shipped with it, and other than being surprisingly sluggish on what should be a very fast system, it has worked fine. I was a systems admin when ME came out, and agree that it was a total disaster -- after a few encounters, I just refused to work with it. ME equaled reformat. I don't have that impression with Vista.
  2. chaznet

    MS Admits to Vista Failure

    That was pretty well covered when it happened. Whatever operating systems Dell is offereing isn't the title of subject of the topic the poster created. The title is the posters opinion, to which he/she is entitled -- personally, I think it's bs...
  3. chaznet

    MS Admits to Vista Failure

    That article is a bunch of crap