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    Label Creator Contents - Properties Won't Return

    Thank you, as well! I'll give that a shot. I use the <Ctrl-Z> combo in PhotoShop. Never thunk to use it in Roxio. Duh! Allen
  2. Allen42

    Label Creator Contents - Properties Won't Return

    Thank you! That's EXACTLY what I think I need; I haven't had time to try it, but if the results are any different, I'll let you know. Thanks again!! Allen (the Southern Vancouver) 8-)
  3. I have just upgraded to Version 8 from Version 6. When attempting to edit the track listing in Label Creator, all the track-listing contents disappeared, but reappeared in a new window called Track List Properties. While this is a nice place to add effects, neither clicking on <OK> nor <Cancel> nor "X" returns ANY of the Track Listing to the Label Creator Window. It's just a blank box with no content. BUT, if I double-click again on the blank area, the track listing magically appears in the Track List Properties window, exactly as I had set it up. I have tried changing font colors, background colors (in case I had inadvertently selected white-on-white or something), and NADA. Anyone else had this problem? Allen, in Vancouver, WA