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    Windows Backup QIC Files

    Thanks so much for your advice - much appreciated. I will follow up on Seagate Backup Exec. Linder
  2. ljvdz

    Windows Backup QIC Files

    I think the files were backed up in 1996, which I expect means it was using a version of Windows 95 Backup. Beyond that, I'm not sure - obviously the files were created on a different machine than the one I'm trying to open them on. Unfortunately, I can't find any available Windows 95 machine (or anyone willing to install it on a separate partition). Do you think that I require Win95 in order to open the files? The research I've done online so far says 95/98/ME should handle it all. On Windows ME, the backup software I was able to find and install was designed by "Seagate" or something (can't recall the name specifically, but I know it wasn't Veritas). When trying to restore, I've tried every different option available, including create to a different location. The software produces the same directory structure within the alternate location that I specify on the computer, but the folders remain empty. I get no errors, the software says the restore was successful, but it only takes a second to run. Does it sound like Roxio can open these?
  3. ljvdz

    Windows Backup QIC Files

    I'm desperate to open number of old QIC files, but I just can't seem to get anything to work. After hours of researching online and hunting down computers running 98 and ME with MSBackup, I'm still at a loss. MS's software seems to produce nothing but empty folders and I'm not sure why. Some discussions around the web point to Roxio's backup software as an option to opening QIC files. Can anyone confirm this? I don't want to drop $50 if there's no chance it'll work. I wish there was a trial version available... LJVDZ