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    Thanks. I see it is a not a problem with Roxio, but with windows 8.1. You are supposedly able to double click the file and use the disk image loader in windows 8.1 You have to open with windows explorer and it works. If you just double click the file it opens the burn disk image copier in Roxio ad that was the problem I was experiencing Thanks again.
  2. JC


    In this version NXT2 are you able to playback disk images(iso Files). I can't seem to find where you can mount a disk to do this. The reason why i'm asking is that I have some old iso files that I would like to play. I know you were able to do so in prior versions of Roxio. Thanks
  3. Due to a recent post made by Skinis to another poster, my problem has been resolved. Aparently my problem was the result of a registry cleaner that I was automatically running on a weekly basis, that I almost forgot about. I was not aware this could cause this problem Thank you (Skinis and Jim) for you assistance I am posting this solution in the event someone else has the same problem and they can first see if they are running a registry cleaner.
  4. Maybe I should clarify. It is asking me to " insert the cd content disk". Is there a way to extract the content download file to a dvd then try to install through this method before trying what Jim H is suggesting above- uninstall and create a new acct to install Roxio under.
  5. I have Windows 8.1. I have a Hp Envy dv7 Intel Core i-5 ( 64 bit) 2.50 Ghz w/ 8 Meg of ram
  6. I recently purchase NXT2 2 (Download Version ) and when the program needs o access the content keep asking me to reinstall the content file for the program. The program file appears to have installed ( also listed in the program and features in the control panel) I reinstalled the content flle and still get the and error and received confirmation at the end of the reinstall stating the install was complete and then I rebooted to complete the installation I did not receive any messages that my firewall stopped the installation ( The Program installation was successful) The content portion of the program appears to be installed as it's listed in the program and features in the control panel Any help would be appreciated There was a prior poster that had a similar problem, but I am unable to put that link in this post ( see insert content cd-into-drive-downloaded-version-no cd/page hl content) for more details
  7. JC

    Runtime Error

    This is a known problem Roxio is working on. See below: http://forums.support.roxio.com/index.php?showtopic=28419
  8. JC

    Crash while burning get error R6025

    try this: http://kb.roxio.com/content/kb/Creator/000...R?set-locale=en
  9. No, I had roxio 10 and I had encountered both the runtime error and ntdl is missing file problems. I had to reformat the hard drive and then I had installed roxio 9
  10. Yes, I have three drives C: (main), D (second hard drive) and a USB hd
  11. No one wishes to take a stab in the dark on this one?
  12. Does anybody know if the ATI new driver (7.10) released yesterday solved this runtime problem ? Has anybody ventured to try it
  13. JC

    The Update

    Youre welcome.
  14. JC

    The Update

    Yes. See here: http://forums.support.roxio.com/index.php?showtopic=27548 This update is vista. No benefit of the patch for Win XP
  15. Greetings all For the time being, I am using Roxio 9.0 because of errors I am receiving after installing Roxio 10. I am waiting for a solution for the runtime error problem in Win XP. Now my problem is that when I use the photo project assistant, I keep receiving an error message to insert the Content CD/DVD into the computer. When I do that, it tells me that I need to reinstall the Content Disk. This is what I have tried thus far. 1. Uninstalled and reinstalled The Content disk four different times (problem still exists 2. Uninstalled the content disk. Did a repair install of EMC Roxio 9.0 and then tried to reinstall the content disk 3. Tried to open video wave/creator classic before installing the content disk What is odd is that it appears all the extras that come w/ the content disk are installed because it is not asking me when I am working with VideoWave and I can view and use all the transitions, etc. Any suggestions would be appreciated.