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    Toast Titanium Pro 16 Bugs / Issues!

    08-18-18 Hello Fellow Frustrated Toast Users: I too was sucker-punched into purchasing the 17 upgrade when I could not get "fit-to-DVD compression" to work under both Sierra and High Sierra. Now 17 won't even launch under High Sierra… I posted a request for support, and have diligently followed the Tech Support person's instructions, but they are saying that they're not getting my responses, which is BS, as I'm hitting "reply" to their bogus e-mails. The Tech Support (compared to a far more elaborate Adobe incident I had to unwind last month) is non-extant verging on pitiful, with one representative passing the buck after another. The reality is that the Toast application has NOT improved much since around Toast 8, and I've been duped into purchasing almost every upgrade since, hoping for stability, feature improvement, and an interface that doesn't look like Super Mario Brothers. Please, please, please, if you have any solutions about how to get "fit-to-DVD compression" to function again, please let me know. As an aside (and out of desperation…), are there other DVD compression/burning options for us out there? It's sad that what was once an application whose stability I remarked upon is now as stable as a bowl of warm Jell-O… Paul