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    80040154 Error While  Encoding Movie

    I don't think that reference at CDR-ZONE.COM applies the this Roxio problem because it refers to the CD/DVD drive and I'm simply trying to create a video file, and am not writing to a DVD when it occurs. Roxio couldn't, wouldn't, whatever provide me with any answers 2 years ago when I was having a similar problem and now their support says that this is a legacy product and they don't support(ha! HA!) it any more.
  2. Twomoons

    80040154 Error While  Encoding Movie

    No, the problem from 2007 was never resolved. I haven't been trying to burn any edited video since then. I have burned DVDs directly from un-edited video that was captured using MS Win Movie maker with no problem. My son had about 25 digital video tapes that I converted to DVD. I don't remember what error code I was getting a couple of years ago. My computer is one I assembled. It should be capable enough with ASUS P5B motherboard 2.8Ghz dual core processor, 2 gig ram, 500gig HD w/100gig available space,Win XP Pro OS, 512 meg nvidia video card. Is there a reference somewhere that I may read that specifically lists the Roxio error codes and their related causes?
  3. Twomoons

    80040154 Error While  Encoding Movie

    I've tried it both ways. Software and hardware. I get the same error.
  4. I get this error (80040154 Error while Encoding Movie) every time I attempt to render my video file. I've installed the latest nvidia driver for my nvidia card and installed the latest directX update but it still fails. I'm running EMC9.1 Does anyone know what causes this error?
  5. It seems strange to me that every piece of software I have runs great on my "buggy" OS but Roxio is the only one that is smart enough to point out how bad my OS is! I keep trying to use Version 9 but keep running into weird problems doing the simplest things. As soon as I find another program that I can afford I'm moving to it.
  6. If roxio told me that even though I a very fast and capable computer with 2 GB of RAM and 500 Gig of Storage, I would have to defrag my SATA drives before I started a video project I would never have bought the software. This is unaccecptable in my eyes and for you to blame Microsoft is unreasonable.
  7. Here is an update to my problem. I did the search you suggested and read a few of many complaints similar to mine. One fix that was noted seemed very easy to comply with but, in my opinion, highly unlikely to have any relation to my problem. It was suggested that the disk be defragmented. My storage consists of 2-250 GB SATA configured drives and is/was only 39% full. Well.... I started the defrag and went for a walk. 45 minutes later it was 25% complete. When it finally finished I tried the program again and this time it worked. It is really discouraging that this piece of software is so unstable that it will fail so easily. Thanks for pointing me to these other reports.
  8. Twomoons

    MyDVD9 will not encode dvr-ms

    Why do you say that? Have you had the problem or know of others? I'm having the problem too (see my post on 5/13). My video card is and has always been, an nVidia with 512mb of memory. It seems that Roxio software is not written with what I call solid code but is so timing dependent as to it working or not. What I mean is that the software assumes that some software process "should" have had time to complete so it asumes it did and goes on and attempts to do another process. This is purely an assumption on my part though. My opinion is based on 40 years of large and small (relative term) computer programing experience.
  9. Frustrating!! About 3 months ago I was getting this error (80040207) every time I started the burn process. Roxio support gave me their standard answer which would take a wizard to comply with. I told them I'd already done all of those things, which I really had, so they kept digging and sent me a "hotfix". I installed the hotfix and immediately everything started working fine. I've burned about 10 DVDs over the last 3 months consisting of video I captured and edited and it has worked just fine until tonight. I've made no software changes in a while. I reinstalled the hotfix but it made no difference. I'm running XP Pro on my homebuilt ASUS motherboard with 3200 duo core 2 GB Ram and 500 GB HD and an NVIDIA 512mb video and two Sony DVD drives. Yes, I have IE7 but would be surprised if it just started causing a failure. I tried Roxanne but she is a little dim witted. Does anyone have any ideas?