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    Slide Setup For Tv Viewing -

    Thanks for the much needed info - it gets me headed down the road at a time that I am trying to cut a DVD of my Mother-in-Law's 99th birthday party for those kin folks not in the neighborhood. I now see from some of the responses that I didn't even know enough to ask my questions accurately. Example: picture size. Jim - Your suggestion about DVD RW is excellent. As to asking for help earlier -- Didn't need to. The limited (but time consuming) use I made of the program - i.e. converting several hundred LPs and a few 78s to CDs was fairly easy to figure out. I now have gotten into this new area and after having worked with Photoshop and (especially) Genuine Fractals have come to understand the value of starting a project the right way. For a while I had huge file bloat because I would save the files in 'blown-up' size. Consider sknis' hint on overscan. That one thing in itself would have really caused me to wonder what I did wrong when I didn't get the whole picture. It also is something for me to remember when taking pictures that I know will be later used for TV viewing - especially considering the 18x zoom I have on the FZ28. Of course one can just blame it on the new camera. I went from a very nice Nikon 995 to the Panasonic FZ28 and so I now have to figure out what to do with .mov files - especially as I made the darn things at the 99th Birthday Party and people want to see them. One of those 'Build it and they will come' stories except in my case it was 'Take Pics and ........' - you get the idea. Add in I am now also learning about RAW and you can see I have my hands full. Thanks again - Jerry Just found the spellchecker.
  2. 1. What is the optimal (leaning very heavily toward best quality) setup - picture size and pixel/inch - for image viewing on a TV using 4:3? File size is not especially important as I will be using DVDs and don't have very many images/clips per disc but obviously there is the old "Size does Matter" to consider. 2. What about sharpening? How aggressive should one be in sharpening an image? For those who use Genuine Fractals - what viewing distance should I use? Yes, I suspect I am being overly - pick your label - but if it does make a difference I would like to know now rather than after I have set up 300 (arbitraily - where the hell is the spell-checker - selected number) images. 3. I am a very new 2009 user (1 whole day) and haven't located a file type convesion guide. Will 2009 convert TIFF to DVD output or do the 'Wise Ones" suggest a specific file type? 4. Can anyone suggest a (other than this very excellent one) web site(s) for 2009 users similar to those for Photoshop (BUT not done by Adobe) that have handy hints and detailed guidance for the Innocent Newbie? Is there an on-line 'magazine' for Roxio users? Why do I ask? The 2009 .pdf is great for sequence processing but it doesn't have the 'hold-my-hand' guidance that I would find helpful and I really don't wish to test the patients (need the spell checker again) of those who labor so mightily to guide The Lost Ones. Example from page 190: I am told to select "...photoes and video clips..." This is great for the overview but it tells me nothing about the file type or image size - to use the example from my specific question. PAX - Jerry
  3. Jerry in IN

    Need To Add Mpeg2 Codex To Make Dvd

    Thanks for the prompt replies. I will keep them in my hip pocket. I decided to go ahead and bite the bullet and upgrade to 2009 Ultimate. Thanks again - Jerry An edit added: Given the possible corruption of ver9 - would you suggest I delete 9 first rather than "overlay?" Is the clean install a way to delete an older version for a new install or it just updates it
  4. Jerry in IN

    Need To Add Mpeg2 Codex To Make Dvd

    I am trying to make a DVD. I get the error message "The following codex(s) must be activated MPEG2." I click to activate and get a "No permission-Bad Installation" error message. I turned off my System Suite security programs and restarted Roxio Media Creator 9 using 'Run as' with the "Run my computer ....." uncheched (and also checked) - tried it both ways. I still get the No Permission error msg. Am I wrong in thinking that the No Permission error message is caused by Windows XP wanting administrator permission? I am the sole user and the administrator has never been activated. When I click on 'Following User" I am the only one listed. Any way I can 'back-door' to load the MPEG2 codex?