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  1. Hi There, I've just bought and downloaded the RecordNow Music Lab 10 Premier. I've tried to install it and I get a message saying.. "Setup has determined that your configuration does not support any of the included products". What the hell does that mean ?? It said it was Windows 7 Compatible, can somebody please help? Thank you.
  2. About a month ago, I downloaded and ran the Vista upgrade/compatibilty thingy software on my XP Pro driven PC to find out if there would be any problems running any of my software on a new Vista Ultimate PC I was thinking of buying. The Only piece of software it flagged up as been iffy was the Easy CD Creator 7.5 I had. I bought my new Vista PC and also bought EMC9 as it was supposed to be Vista ready. It installed with no problems whatsoever, but I found I couldn't print any CD inserts that I had designed using the Label Creator - the application just froze on me. I made sure all the printer drivers, graphics drivers etc were all up to date and still I couldn't print an insert. I posted the problem elsewhere on this site, but no one was really able to help me. I also noticed that when I tried to burn an audio CD from Mp3 files that the burn process was very slow (22x-24x max speed on my 48x CD 18x +/- DL DVD writer. I also couldn't copy a nearly full (4.4Gb) Data DVD nor a full (non protected) movie DVD faster than 6x - 6.2x. I checked the DMA settings and even switched the DVD ROM Drive & the Re-writer master/slave configuration to no avail. Being so fed up, I uninstalled EMC9 and installed EMC8 to see if things improved - NO! It still froze when trying to print from Label Creator and the copy / burn speeds were still crap. I downloaded and installed a huge update (100Mb+) to upgrade from EMC 8 to EMC 8.5, and still the problems persisted. So I just thought sod it ! - I uninstalled EMC 8.5 and loaded ECDC 7.5 despite Vista warning me it was incompatible and guess what? - It flies !! That 4.4Gb data disc copied at the full 18x using a 16x DVD-R with no problems. It burns an 80min 52x CD-R faster than the drive should - Using the 'Smart Burn' 48x setting on the Lite-On, it reached 48.5x write speed. AND, I can print my CD inserts. EMC9 Vista ready?? - Not a hope in hell ! Can I get a refund?? - Not a hope in hell !
  3. SheerBedlam

    Label Creator Freezes

    Hi GoBeau & gi7omy, thanks for your replies ! I don't even get to see the printer dialog boxes. I just hit the print button on Label Creator and the application freezes. My PC was also custom built, and as soon as I took delivery I went online and downloaded the latest Vista drivers for My Epson R220 and other devices. If it helps any, here are the main specs: Intel Core 2 Duo E6400 (2 x 2.13GHz) 2GB Cosair DDR2 667MHz RAM Asus P5LD2 SE/C M.Board 512Mb Radeon X1650 PRO PCI Express Graphics 2 x 400GB SATA II (16MB Cache) HDD 250GB External HDD Lite-On 16x DVD ROM Lite-On 18x DVD +/- RW + Lightscribe 550W Dual Rail Power PSU Epson R220 HP Laserjet 1010
  4. SheerBedlam

    Label Creator Freezes

    Hello everyone, I hope someone can help me with this problem. Having just bought and installed EMC9 without a hitch on Vista Ultimate, I have a problem with the Label Creator. When I click on the print button to print a cover, the Label Creator application freezes and the only way I can close it down is by using Task Manager. I have uninstalled and reinstalled but the problem still remains. Any solutions would be greatly appreciated !!!