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  1. What are V6 &V14 and where do you get it? ***********Have you ever heard of sure thing support they are claiming to do the functions I am looking for!
  2. Can the easy CD / DVD burning in the (red box) make the following information on a Jewel case label ****Name of Song ******Artist ******Time of song like creator 6 used to?????
  3. How can I get my Roxio Label Creator 6 to print the song title instead of Track 1 Track 2 etc these song were pulled from my library at random to make a CD. At one time I was able to do this why would it change now . I installed and uninstalled several times. At times when I finish I get this error CTCATEND:MOL65FOP6X also there is another one but I didn't copy that one because it kicks me out of the program and I couldn't save anything