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    Toast Won't Load

    Toast 11 won't load, all I get is a spinning ball. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling with no results. I haven't used toast for about six months and the only difference is I upgraded to El Capitan. I check the forum and it seems people are using toast 11 with El Capitan. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. jeff & lynne

    avi makes 10.0.5 quit

    I have had a problem with 10.0.5 every since I upgraded it. 10.0.3 worked real good. 10.0.4 got a little worse and now 10.0.5 I put a avi file in and the app quits, and when I put a VIDEO TS I get the error message " VIDEO TS is in an unsupported format and could not be added if I try to save it as a disc image and if I do burn a disc I get a message at the end that says disc wasn't burned, so I have been using my old toast 9 and it has been working fine. I have a power pc G5 duel 2.0 ghz using OS 10.5.8
  3. jeff & lynne

    VIDEO-TS Error

    Hi I'm having the same problem with the 10.04 and 10.05 Do you know where I can get the 10.03 or 10.02 updates? The 10.02 was a good update and every one after that has gotten worse. I lost all my time capsule backups for the last year so all I have is for the last month. The only updates I see on the Roxio site are the .04 and the .05. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Jeffrey from Sutherlin.
  4. jeff & lynne

    importing from camcorder

    I have been trying for five hours to get the video off my camcorder onto my computer. Toast recognizes my Canon ZR85. I put the camera in play mode at the beginning of the tape and I click the import button in toast, it then ask me to name the file which I do and then I click ok, then I get the spinning ball. I would wait 5 or 10 minutes and then I would force quit. The last time I waited a hour, still the spinning ball then a window came up and ask if the tape was inserted, camera connected and in playback mode which it is. The camera is in playback mode but stopped because earlier I tried playing it but all toast was doing was the spinning ball. I have recorded a 4 minute segment then it froze, then later I did a fifteen minute segment before it froze. After waiting fifteen or twenty minutes I would force quit. A lot of work to get a thirtyfive minute video off a camcorder. Any help would be appreciated. I'm using a firewire cable and I have a G5 Power PC Duel 2.0 ghz. osX version 10.5.7
  5. jeff & lynne

    Toast 7 - compatible with OS X 10.5 (Leopard)?

    I had the same problem so I deleted 7.1.2 and reinstalled 7.0 and it seems to be working. Jeffrey