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  1. FwFdfireman

    Does Emc10 Support Alpha Channel

    Thx malatekid. Too bad VW won't handle alphas. At least I got a quick and precise answer. Darn.... I wonder if Roxio is going to work on this? Fingers and toes crossed!
  2. Ok, wondering here. Does EMC10 support alpha channels? I have tried a few effects with alpha channel that is suppose to let your main image show through. But the effect with alpha channel is solid. I have tried using it as the main video in VW with the subject pic. as an overlay and vice versa. No deal! Anyone have a workaround, am I not doing something right or am I just out of luck?
  3. FwFdfireman

    Unwanted Text Videowave

    In the editing section you can highlight, click on, the "text" bar and lengthen or shorten it to fit your picture/video length or whatever length you want it to be.
  4. FwFdfireman

    Full Motion Video Backgrounds

    Yep, found the "Sale" section and there is a good pile to choose from. I downloaded much of the free stuff, linked my wife to it and she got it. Heck, she is already using a lot of the motion backgrounds and SoundTraxx for some stuff she is working on for her family. My God....now there will be something NEW for me to learn and spend money on. Gee, should I say "Thanks" or "Thanks" lol
  5. FwFdfireman

    Full Motion Video Backgrounds

    Thanks for the info. A guy or gal could spend a fortune on that stuff.
  6. FwFdfireman

    Full Motion Video Backgrounds

    Thanks for the links gang. Great stuff! At Digital Juice, you do have to register AND sign up for the DJ Newsletter to get the free stuff. ggrussell. have you bought any of their products? If so, how are they? There are some great looking, less expensive programs that might be worth the money for home use. Dunno. Lots of great stuff there.
  7. FwFdfireman

    Cant click on avi files

    I just encountered the same problem and .avi files were fine the last time I used Roxio, which was only a month ago. After hunting around a bit, I double checked some settings. All I had to do was associate the .avi files with Windows Media Player again and everything worked fine. The .avi files then showed up in Roxio's Video Wave as before and were viewable and useable. Dunno how the mix up occured, unless it was when I installed the free VLC program to view some .flv files off of DropShots. Hope this helps.
  8. FwFdfireman

    Fitting Images In The Tv Safe Zone

    Again....great info guys. I like using the overlay method also. It can be time consuming, but well worth it. For the most part, I view all pics and vids. with the "Safe Zone" on. On most of the pics and vids., the subject stays in the field of view so there is no need to edit. Then for the few that do need "Help", I use the overlay method. I also use Color Panel overlays to create some great collages and such with the timing of pics in the panel. Awesome tool to play with and great effects to be had.
  9. FwFdfireman

    Uninstall ECM9 first?

    I haven't checked myself, YET, but perhaps there is an "Upgrade" version and a "FULL INSTALL" version available. Maybe this is where the confusion is coming from??
  10. FwFdfireman

    DirectX 9 End user Runtime August update

    In my mind you are "kind of right" gi7omy........ There are those in the gaming world that have gone out and bought the nVidia 8800 DX10 vid card and loaded up DX10 while still on Windows XP. It works but they are not getting the full benefit. Many are having problems with Vista still. All the vid card vendors and Microsoft know that not everyone is going to rush out and get Vista, a new DX10 compliant card BUT will buy the DX10 enabled games. To accomodate this, they are developing, shall I say, an enhanced set of DX9c files that incorporate enough "tweaks" to squeeze out some performance and gaming enhancements plus playability for the newer DX10 games that have and will come out into market. If you are not into gaming, there is no reason to go hog wild on this DX10 compliant cards or even bother upgrading DX9. If DX9 is working fine for you now, I would advise anyone to leave it alone. I am pretty sure they aren't going to work on DX9 anymore OTHER THAN to release an enhanced version for the DX9 compliant card users, like most of us still are, to use with the new DX10 games. That's my take on it anyway. It is widely discussed in gaming forums I lurk on.
  11. FwFdfireman

    Norton Antivirus Issue

    Personally, I don't know why anyone would still use Norton......it has just become too bloated for my taste. But to each his own and I am ok with that. I use Avast and don't have any conflicts with Roxio or any other program. Free and loaded with features.
  12. FwFdfireman

    DirectX 9 End user Runtime August update

    Could be they are starting to incorporate changes to DX9c to enhance them for use with DX10 games. These "DX9c enhancements" have been touted for awhile now and with some VERY big DX10 games coming out very soon, some already.....perhaps they are just now beginning to release the updated DX9c files for those of us that aren't going to rush right out and buy a DX10 vid. card.
  13. FwFdfireman

    How to drag and drop jpg into already open email?

    NO.......your computer does not SET anything except the picture format and size. Whom ever you send that picture to has the option to open it with what ever program they have for picture viewing as long as it supports the format you send it out as. If it's one of the more standard formats like JPEG or GIF say, or any of the many other "Standard" formats, they won't have any problems. They will be able to open the picture by just clicking or double clicking on the file (in this case, whatever program they have set as THEIR default picture viewing program will open it) OR they can right click, select Properties, Opens With, etc etc., but that is rather redundant. It really doesn't matter what program you use to send the pic. out with, as long as you send it out in one of the more common formats as mentioned above. What program YOU use is a personal choice.
  14. FwFdfireman

    How to drag and drop jpg into already open email?

    Sounds like when you installed Roxio you selected the option, or more likely didn't uncheck the option to have Roxio be the default picture handling program. Easily remedied though. You can look for the options in Roxio that will allow you to select what files Roxio handles, not at home or I would find it and tell you exactly where to go. Or you can try this, basically does the same thing. Go to any of your pictures, right click on a picture and select "Properties". There you see a tab "Opens With". Click on this and select the program that was opening your photos before you installed Roxio. Then hit "Apply" and exit. This should get you back to where you were. Let's hope eh? If not, post again and we will get it resolved.
  15. FwFdfireman

    MIssing Audio Files

    In VideoWave, try highlighting the audio track by clicking on it once. Then hit the Speaker Icon just above. Then close it. I have experienced that sometimes my music or any audio track I insert loses it's sound that this will fix it. But then mine usually is fine after insertion into VW, and after working on project for a bit and review, the audio is silent. This always clears it up for me and I have no idea where the issues lies......or I'd fix it!