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  1. Brendon

    LP to MP3 ..recording level low

    Try the same solution, then.
  2. Hello Ray12, Firstly, may I say that I still consider Creator 2012 the last, best Creator that Roxio put out. I still use C2012's Creator classic in both Windows 7 and Windows 10 because I can, and because I think that the software went downhill after 2012 - getting bigger but doing less. Now a brief mention of some optical disc formats. Standards exist (in the beginning) so everyone is pointing in the same direction. That lasts for a very short time, before every man and his dog starts inventing their own standards and once more we're pointing every which way! Microsoft developed an Image Mastering API called IMAPI, which supports three of those standards for optical disc writing: ISO 9660, Joliet, and Universal Disc Format or UDF. An optical disc has a HEADER area and a DATA area. The files live in the Data area, and indexes live in the Header. Happily, you can put several different indexes up the front so you can access those files using ISO 9660, Joliet, or UDF, thus bridging these different file systems. This way, if you write a disc in the original ISO 9660 but your player software expects to see Joliet, you can include a Joliet index and play your files. It's how you can play one type of disc when your car expects a different sort. Now, as to the advantages/disadvantages of those various standards? Sorry, that's outside of my field. You would really need a free grey rainy afternoon, a good printer and Internet connection, lots of coffee, and much discussion with Mr.Google for that. Remember also that the standards are constantly updating and evolving too, so the deeper you look the more branches you will see on the tree. I hope this helps your understanding. If it leaves you with important questions, please ask them and I'll try to answer. Brendon
  3. Brendon

    DVD BLU RAY Jewel Case Labeling

    Actually, NXT 3 was the last version to have the "real" MyDVD in it, and 4 onwards have the Corel version. Things have gone somewhat downhill.
  4. Brendon

    Merge / Join VOB Files

    Hello Catherine19, 1. You are "necroposting", that is replying to a years old post. The original poster hasn't been here since 2007. 2. The problem was solved simply, years ago. No need for another solution. 3. You were advertizing a non-Roxio commercial product on the Roxio bulletin board. This would get you removed from most other commercial boards. Please don't do it again. Edit: The poster did it again on 9/3/20, so has been removed from this board.
  5. Hi Warren, The Roxio Media Importer is designed to allow you to capture video, so Mediacapture15.exe is set to execute whenever you select Capture Video in the Import section of the Video-Movies menu page, or whenever Windows sees you insert a compatible device into your Firewire port. I don't think you can disable the execution of the program without getting Windows to ignore the Firewire port, which would sort of defeat the purpose of having it.
  6. You seem to have a cable with video and stereo audio. (4 connectors on the male plug) Your camera manual shows a cable with single audio and video (probably 3 connectors?) Take your manual to the shop and show it and the Roxio adapter and the camera to them, so they can sell you the correct type of cable/plug.
  7. Ted, You mentioned in another thread that when you reinstalled the PX engine in EMC 10, the preview screen reappeared on that system. Creator 2011 and the Creator NXT series all use the PX Engine. Have you tried reinstalling the PX Engine in your Windows 10?
  8. Brendon

    EMC10 Says Drives Are Disabled

    You're very welcome, Ted. Thanks for reporting back. Brendon
  9. Brendon

    Problème d'affichage

  10. Brendon

    Problème d'affichage

    Hello, This is an English language bulletin board, but I am guessing that you are saying the size of the text in some of your Roxio displays is too small. If that is true, please go to your Windows settings and look to "change the size" of your text. Make sure "Scale and layout" is set to 100%. If you cannot find this setting, please come back here and tell us what Operating System you are using, so that we can lead you to the setting.
  11. Brendon

    Unable To Find Certificate File

    We dealt with a question on Creator LJ three years back. HERE. It's an OEM version sold by Sonic to a bunch of OEM computer manufacturers. I'm afraid that my recommendation is still the same as I gave the user then: " You need to go back to the OEM who sold your computer to you - Fujitsu, NEC, Toshiba, Dynabook or whoever - since the gurus here don't have a copy of this software to examine and operate, we can't solve your problem. " You appear to have deleted the program rather than uninstalling it, and so there are lumps of the program and installer left embedded in your machine. Unhappily the version I got hold of checks for a BIOS driver used on the OEM machine, so it won't run on any of my machines. Therefore I can't suggest names for the files that are giving you this problem. That's what you'll have to ask from your supplier who bundled the program with your machine. Usually when Windows shows you errors like this you have to fix them. You can't often tell Windows to be quiet. Regards, Brendon
  12. Brendon

    Unable To Find Certificate File

    Hello, I'm sorry, but grandpabruce died in March 2019 from illness caused by his Service overseas. He is missed. Our links to the Roxio Knowledgebase articles were all broken when Corel took over Roxio, but some of them can still be found in the Roxio section of the Corel Support database, HERE. They don't have the original KB numbers any more, so I can't nail down the article that Bruce pointed to. However, in general the Knowledgebase seems to suggest that a 'clean uninstall' was the recommended way to deal with certificate file problems. In your case it looks as if an installer is still present and needs to be removed. Which version of Creator were you running, and how did you try to uninstall it? Is your Windows 7 in 32-bit or 64-bit? Brendon.
  13. Brendon

    Cannot install software.

    I'm very glad to have been of help. Stay safe.