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  1. You should ALWAYS hit up Roxio Support in case you need to get a refund, or even if it's just to let them know their product has problems. Sometimes they have answers already, although I suspect this one might have to go upstairs to the programmers for resolution. (btw, that's 4.1 TB not 41, but it's still preposterous!) I can't find anything telling me how to run Highlight_Reel, or what it does. There might be a hint in there somewhere. There HAS to be some instructions somewhere, doesn't there? Can anyone point me to them? The folder in my machine's C:\Program Files carrying Highlight_Reel is 328 MB - certainly not in the Terrabyte range. Please let us know how you get on. Brendon
  2. That's really weird, since the left side is estimating 4.35 GB, but the right side is wanting 4.19 TB. Something in the math has clearly slipped a cog and it's wrong by a factor of x1000. I've not seen this sort of problem before, so you might have to hit Roxio support with it. In the meantime, could you answer these 3 questions for me in the hope it might make an idea pop? Thanks. -does the installer stop you and say insufficient space, or does it just warn you and then carry on? -You've opted for a Custom setup, but then selected everything. Do you get a different result if you just go for a typical setup from the start, avoiding the Custom setup? -in your Custom install starting with no boxes checked and then adding or subtracting checkmarks, is there any one application which adds a ridiculous amount to the "Required" space or are they each ridiculously inflated? Brendon
  3. Brendon

    Creator NXT 9 will not run on Windows 11

    Please stop posting messages about your difficulty with NXT 9 in the NXT 8 forum, as they are quite 'off-topic' there. Carry on dealing with your support contact.
  4. Brendon

    Creator NXT 9 will not run on Windows 11

    I'm sorry, but the Gurus here don't have access to NXT9, so can't help you with it. You should keep trying with Corel/Roxio Support.
  5. Brendon

    When installing Roxio Creator Pro

    Sir, You should contact Roxio Support HERE for this problem. None of the Gurus here have access to Creator NXT 9, so we can't help you with it. Brendon
  6. Brendon

    Does Creator NXT Pro 8 support Sony XAVC S?

    From the Corel support site, HERE Input Formats: Video: AVI, DV, HDV, DV-AVI, MPEG-1/2/4, MPEG2-HD, DVD-Video, DVR-MS, ASF, MOV (AVC), WMV, 3GP, MPEG2 Transport Stream, AVC (H.264), HEVC (H.265)1, AVCHD, 3D over/under full and half-height, side-by-side full and half-width, 3D MPO Audio: Audio CD, MP3, WAV, WMA, AAC, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, M4a, MP4, Playlists (WPL, ASX, M3U), AC3 Image: 3D MPO, JPG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, GIF Output Formats: Video: AVI, DV-AVI, HDV, MPEG-1/2/4, MPEG-2 HD, WMV, WMV HD, AVC (H.264), HEVC (H.265)1, AVCHD, 3GP, 3D MPO, 3D side-by-side full and half-width, over/under full and half-height, anaglyph red/cyan Audio: MP3, WAV, WMA, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, MPEG-1/2, M4a, M4b, AAC, Playlists (M3U, WPL) Image: JPG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, GIF, 3D MPO Video disc formats: DVD, Mini DVD, Blu-ray2 Data disc formats: CD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW, DVD-R DL, DVD+R DL, DVD-RAM, BD-R/RE, BD-R/RE DL, BDXL Disc image formats: read ISO, C2D, BIN/CUE, and GI; write ISO
  7. Brendon

    No One Seems to Know

    Aaaah, as I said above, " But you've done that, or mostly done it" I should have checked you cleaned out all the squirrelly bits that Windows likes to hide. My apologies for not insisting on the total clean uninstall. I overestimated your computer experience. I'm very glad you found the branches in Appdata by yourself, MagicDad. For others reading this, if you're having problems with a clean uninstall drop me a message and I can give you a hand with that. Brendon
  8. Brendon

    No One Seems to Know

    Thanks for the update, Marc. I think the "Home App" is just a menuing system which is not essential to the running of all the different parts, but it might have the code for some of the simple copy functions and stuff. The only other suggestion I have is to do a clean uninstall - a total cleanout of all things Roxio NXT, files and Registry settings - and then a fresh install hoping you've removed whatever is causing the menu system to crash. But you've done that, or mostly done it, and still the problem persists. That throws suspicion back on Windows updates. Windows Update gives different drivers etc depending on the hardware it sees, so the desktop and laptop will get different updates and one of those differences may be the problem. I don't work for Roxio and I don't have your problem, but I should be able to locate a spare drive at home and install NXT on it in the next day or so. Then maybe I can go after some of the other functions you can normally get from the Home application. Would that help you? Brendon
  9. Brendon

    No One Seems to Know

    MagicDad, Given that Creator NXT was working properly on that machine, and the install disk is good, it would seem likely that something in one of the Windows 10 Updates broke or disconnected something in your NXT install. Have you tried a Repair Installation of your Creator NXT on that machine? A Repair Install won't count against the limited number of installs you're allowed, but it should restore the software back to factory condition and hopefully repair whatever got broken. To do this you run Setup.exe, and choose 'Repair' instead of 'Install'. Brendon
  10. The only key visible on that screen shot was the example one that always appears on that screen. I wonder if KDE has got a not-so-honest copy of the software, and is now looking for a key for it. ??
  11. Brendon

    Conversion Tables

    Hello, I've been here a while, but I've never seen such a table. I've been looking at yours for some time, but I'm failing to discern its purpose. Since English IS my first language, would you kindly explain what the table represents, and how it is intended to be used? Then we might be able to help you. Regards, Brendon
  12. Brendon

    Windows 11 compatibility

    BrianProgrammer, do you have NXT8's SP4 installed? Josephblow managed to get going again by installing Service Pack 4 in this thread. It might be worth checking that out?
  13. I managed to get Josephblow a copy of SP4. He installed it, and NXT8 is now working for him.
  14. Brendon

    Using Roxio Creator MyDVD

    I'm sorry it didn't work for you. I had kept abreast with Roxio's MyDVD for a long time, but Corel banished that a few versions back in favor of their own abbreviated software and things have not been the same since then. I'm glad you got a refund, and wish you well with your new application. Stay safe.
  15. Brendon

    Using Roxio Creator MyDVD

    Hello SemiCode, I don't usually have anything to do with Corel's MyDVD, but nobody else has replied so I tried to find an answer for you. I set up a project with a template similar to yours (one picture space) and added four random video clips. I couldn't find any way to specify a picture to go in the menu, but when I ran a Preview of the project a few seconds of each clip were shown one after the other in that picture space, in a continuous cycle. I think the picture spaces on the menus are reserved by MyDVD for previews, and the user can't put pictures in them. A comprehensive manual would be good. Brendon