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  1. Brendon

    no sound on DVD

    JLC78726, I managed to find a share-ware program called DVD Audio Extractor, here(link). It gives you a free 30-day trial, but after that costs you $30. The free trial period should be enough for this job. Just click 'Register Later' unless you want to buy it. Using that in the single-file mode let me rip the audio from the VOB file to an MP3 file I could play. Some Internet pages say you can use the VLC Player to rip audio from a DVD or DVD file, but that didn't work for me - just converted the VOB into an MP4 video. Still with VLC Player, Myguggi and Cdanteek have pointed out that early versions of VLC can give you some odd results with your MPG file, so it pays to use the latest VLC version, 3.0.6. Thanks for that, gentlemen. Okay, now to this week's puzzle: Please compare these three screenshots - The original MPG My VOB file Your VOB file First thing to notice is the video has in both cases been processed by MyDVD from 6 000 kb/s to 9 000 kb/s, so that seems to have worked properly. Next thing is that my audio has been converted to AC-3 at 192 kb/s, while yours doesn't seem to have been changed. Given that there aren't any options for the user to tweak, why did mine work while yours didn't? Further, your MPG plays sound so why doesn't your DVD with unchanged audio also play sound like the MPG? Could it be that your second Roxio installation isn't 100%, either? CD and Myguggi, is there any chance either or both of you could try making an ISO from that MPG, and see what MyDVD does with the audio on your machines? Regards, Brendon
  2. Brendon

    no sound on DVD

    Myguggi: In case my answer to your question is confusing, here's what I see with the source MPG in VLC - just the one track, same as JLC78726 sees. JLC78726: Can we check one of the soundless ISOs or DVDs you've made, to confirm there's no audio in there please? To rule out the possibility it might be there but you can't play it? This involves extracting or copying the file VTS_01_1.VOB from the ISO or DVD you made, and testing it with MediaInfo. I'll show you how to use the portable version of MediaInfo, so that if you want to, deleting the folder afterwards completely removes the program. MediaInfoPortable_19.04.paf.exe 1-Here's the program file. Click on it to download it. [It's small, free, and safe with no virus or PUPs.] 2-Copy/move the program to an empty folder, anywhere you want to put it. 3-Run the program (MediaInfoPortable_19.04.paf.exe) inside that folder. It will unzip its contents into a folder called MediaInfoPortable. 4-Inside that new folder you'll see MediaInfoPortable.exe. Drag that VOB file you extracted and drop it onto MediaInfoPortable.exe 5-MediaInfo will open and tell you about your VOB. What does it tell you about "First Audio Stream" please?? 6-When you've finished with it, deleting the MediaInfo folders will remove the testing program completely.
  3. Brendon

    no sound on DVD

    No, VLC doesn't show any audio tracks that it can manipulate. The file is an MPEG-2 program stream in DVD 'VOB' format, with 1 video stream and 1 audio stream. It plays happily in my Windows 10 without me installing any special codecs.
  4. Brendon

    no sound on DVD

    I downloaded the file and tried playing it with VLC - Excellent audio. I then used NXT 7's myDVD to create an iso file which played fine with audio. Examining the MPG file with MediaInfo (see here) shows that it has PCM audio. The ISO that MyDVD made has AC3 audio The software (properly installed) seems to be doing its job. Has the original poster resolved his problem with a failed install and failed menus? I think if he does that, his software will work properly too. Brendon
  5. Thank you for the info. As soon as you put your CD key into the installer the software 'phones home' and increments your install count. It doesn't wait until you have successfully completed the install, so use your installs sparingly.
  6. How many times have you managed to do this? I think NXT 3 only allows 10 installs, so it would cost you an install each time you used this technique.
  7. Brendon

    no sound on DVD

    Keep and use a copy of the installer you downloaded, and do the repair from that. The setup stub phones home, and decrements your install counter while it downloads another copy.
  8. Brendon

    BurnerState_WritingFormat failure

    Glad you got the cause. Thank you for outlining what you found.
  9. Brendon

    BurnerState_WritingFormat failure

    AVCHD is a Blu-Ray format, isn't it? I think that if you tried to write that output to DVD you would get a "WritingFormat Failure". It could be that you'll need the Blu-Ray plugin for NXT 7 (can be purchased here) and a Blu-Ray writer to put your AVCHD to disc.
  10. Brendon

    Roxio NXT 7

    Buongiorno Lamberto, I have been trying for days to see the same as you, but your small sample MTS file always works properly on my machine every time. -I understand that your NXT 7 Videowave first loaded your MTS files properly, but then after a while would not load them any more. True? -you tried NXT 6 Videowave, and that first loaded your MTS files properly, but then after a while would not load them any more. True? I'm thinking that you must have the right drivers and CODECs, because Videowave loaded those files properly at the start. It looks like something is stopping the load process on your computer, after it identifies the MTS files. Here's what should happen in a second or two: -The file selector or Windows first sees how many files you have, and starts to identify them. (Shows hourglass) -Then it identifies the MTS files, and shows that MPGE symbol -Then it decodes the files (or most of them) and shows a thumbnail picture on each file. (See that 00000.MTS is your file) Questions: [1] First, NXT 7. How long did Videowave work properly before it stopped loading the MTS files? Did you change/install anything in your computer before it stopped working? [2] NXT 6. Same questions. Also, does the NXT 6 computer have same operating system as the NXT 7 one? Regards, Brendon
  11. Brendon

    Roxio NXT 7

    Lamberto, Thank you for the sample file. I downloaded it and tried it in the Videowave trimmer. It loaded straight into Videowave without needing to be converted, and trimmed properly. It seems to be a standard file, and I can't see why it won't load into Videowave on your computer. Regards, Brendon
  12. Ranril, You have posted to a long dead thread in the NXT 5 forum saying vaguely that you have solved some sort of a problem you had with a pop-up when running NXT 6. Please understand that posting off-topic, and necroposting is discouraged here. You've been here a while, and I'm sure you won't want to create confusion. Thanks. If you have a problem with NXT 6 that you have solved, please start a thread of your own in the proper forum. Brendon (Moderator)
  13. Brendon

    Roxio NXT 7

    That's interesting. I downloaded all the .MTS samples that were available here. [https://standaloneinstaller.com/blog/big-list-of-sample-videos-for-testers-124.html] I added a couple of .MTS files I made by converting MP4 clips on an on-line converter, here. [ https://convertio.co/mp4-mts/ ] All the files were seen by Videowave's file selector, although the two that had been converted had 'prohibited' signs on their thumbnails. Each of the files loaded and ran in Videowave - even the converted files. There were some strange effects - the lion-sample one has weird speed, and P6090053 was pitch black, but I think that's down to the individual clips rather than an inherent defect in Videowave. In any event, I'm getting different results from myguggi, and it doesn't seem that Videowave is unconditionally broken. Lamberto, can you attach a couple of small MTS files from your camera so I can try them, please? Brendon
  14. Brendon

    Roxio NXT 7

    Hi Lamberto, Firstly, may I suggest you change your log-in name to something else than your email address. These forums are scanned by all sorts of 'bots which harvest addresses, and I would hate to see yours harvested and sold to someone who will pester you with lots of spam emails. Videowave in NXT 7 claims to deal with .MTS files, and a large number of other formats. Here is the file input area . . . Since I don't have any .MTS files to test with, would you please attach one or two small ones (just a couple of seconds will do) to a reply, so that I can test that Videowave itself is faulty and not just something wrong with your machine? Regards, Brendon
  15. Brendon

    ROXIO NXT 7 ...Anyone?

    Understood now. Thanks very much.