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  1. How do you finish what DVD? What software are you running? What have you done with it so far? If you use the right software properly you should produce a DVD which will play on your DVD player. Tell us, so we can help you.
  2. Brendon

    Trying To Run Ecdc 5 In Windows 7

    I found it easier to run v5 under XP. (There's a pinned post in this forum on installing it). I avoided Windows 2000. Brendon
  3. Brendon

    Trying To Run Ecdc 5 In Windows 7

    Hello there Neale, Sorry to have to tell you this, but Take Two was a feature of Easy CD Creator 4 and 5. It was not in Easy CD & DVD Creator 6, and it is not in Roxio Easy CD and DVD Burning 2 [which you call ECDC2, and which is merely a cut-down version of Creator NXT 7] There's no way you're going to get either version 4 or 5 running in Windows 10. I'm sorry, but if you ever use a specialized program like Take 2 or BackOnTrack to make a backup, you really need to store a bootable copy of the operating system with a running copy of the backup program installed in it. Otherwise, if you update or "upgrade" your operating system and the old programs stop working, you can lose access to your backups. If you search on the Internet for .TK2 files you might be able to find and buy a commercial multi-file-reading program which will read your old backups, but is it worth the cost and effort? Regards, Brendon
  4. Brendon

    Roxio Creator NXT Pro 8 setup installation question

    The Roxio Install Logs saved on your machine will show where the process broke. Unfortunately you will need a qualified support member to interpret them. Contact Roxio Support HERE.
  5. Brendon

    videowave crash

    Roxio has a 30-day refund policy. If you bought it from them and they can't/won't help you to make it work, go back to them and demand a refund before the 30 days expires.
  6. Brendon

    How To Install just Roxio Sound Editor

    I just did a custom install of Audio Central 6 into a virtual Windows 7 and that worked - took a whole 18MB - but when you consider the fuss and space needed to install the virtual Windows I'm not really saving anything, am I. Sorry Chris. Brendon
  7. Brendon

    How To Install just Roxio Sound Editor

    Hi Chris, Alas, Roxio didn't provide a 'custom' install for Creator 2010 through 2012, so I can't see a way to have Roxio Sound Editor as a stand-alone program from any of the Creators you have. Brendon
  8. Brendon

    Burned BR's not playing in my machines

    remember back when Metallica sued Napster, USC, Indiana University and Yale, demanding $100,000 per "copyright violation" and forced Napster to block more than 335,000 fans, saying it was " trafficking in stolen goods." If Metallica have done this remarkable U-turn then you may be safe from litigation, but your friend's burned BR discs are still of poor quality and you would still be better off discarding them and buying official Metallica discs.
  9. Brendon

    Burned BR's not playing in my machines

    Hello RushFan, To sum up, a friend sends you pirated DVDs and Blu-Ray discs that he has burned. You can play his DVDs okay, but you have trouble playing his BRs on either of your players. Given that you have similar results with two different players, it seems that your friend's BRs are of poor quality. A writer uses different optical systems and discs for burning the different media so it's quite possible for one machine to output good DVDs and poor BRs, or vice versa. You could try buying a new player, but you would be better off discarding the pirate discs and buying genuine Metallica BRs if you want their music. You would be guaranteed excellent playback, and avoid the expensive litigation that can come from publicly admitting to the piracy. Regards, Brendon
  10. Brendon

    Passing on my previous Roxio DVD

    Forgive me interrupting, but I would suggest that it's better to remove NXT7 before you install NXT8. The new version will remove parts of the old, but it seems very easy for the software to get tangled. Our friend MalateKid had problems installing 8 over the top of 7, and it took some work for him to sort the snarl-up. If the versions are close together, "There be Dragons!!" Uninstall the old first.
  11. Brendon

    Disc print CD dimensions

    Which program are you using, Roxio Express Labeler [Create Labels] or Roxio Label Creator [Create Labels Advanced] ?? I don't think they have changed much, if at all, so if you tried Label Creator you might be back in familiar territory.
  12. Brendon

    VideoWave audio distorts after splitting track

    Thanks Lee. Have you applied the SP2 and restarted everything?
  13. Brendon

    I want a refund

    Hello Grahame, I'm not sure why you put your message in the NXT6 forum, but to be helpful I've moved it here for you. This forum is run by software users for software users, and we don't often see a Roxio representative come through. If you want to try for a refund you need to approach the people you bought the software from. Nobody here can get a refund for you. Roxio has a 30-day refund policy for software you buy from them, so you might find you're out of time for that. We other users will gladly help you with any technical problems we can answer. Regards, Brendon
  14. Brendon

    convert DVD to video for edit

    Thanks Johnnie. I have no idea why that refused to work for you. It can't be DVD protection because you've copied the VIDEO_TS folder to your hard drive, and Roxio doesn't write CSS and such things. It might even have something to do with waiting for midnight, dropping your trou, and turning thrice widdershins. (Who knows with this software) Please let me know how you go. Brendon
  15. Brendon

    convert DVD to video for edit

    Johnnie, since you need to get the video into Videowave, it should be easier to import it, rather than converting to MP4 and then importing it over again. How did you try to load the video? If you run Videowave and click on Add Photo/Video, then navigate to your saved copy of VIDEO_TS you should see something like this. Selecting ANY of the files in there should bring up this Import window. If your DVD has several sections you might have to pick and choose to find the part you want. You select the movie you want (I only have one here) and click OK. Your clip should be imported, and you can go to work on editing it if needed. If for some reason Videowave won't play ball and you want to convert DVD to MP4, try a Google search on "converting a dvd to mp4 for free" and you should get several suggestions. Please let us know how you get on, either way. Brendon