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  1. Brendon

    Creator NXT PRO 8

    What error messages are you getting when you try to add a music track to your videowave production? Would you attach a screen shot please? What sort of music track are you trying to add, and have you tried a different one?
  2. Brendon

    Key Used Too Many Times

    Hello, I deleted your screenshot to protect your key number, although it has been showing for 3 hours and people may have copied it. Use of your key is counted when the installer "phones home" to Corel, and you are only allowed a certain number of installs. (20 in NXT7). After that you need to go to Support (link) and ask them to re-set your key. Regards, Brendon
  3. For users' information, NXT8 Service Pack 2 seems to cure the above problem that was found in NXT6, 7, and 8. See this thread.
  4. Brendon

    Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus

    Excellent! Thanks for letting us know that.
  5. Brendon

    convert DVD to video for edit

    Hello Johnnie, I don't have NXT 5 on my system now, but ideally if you have made a project and want to edit it later you will keep the project and all the source files intact and in the same place as they were when you made it. Since nothing is ever ideal and you've deleted the old project and perhaps even its source files, try this:- -put your DVD in your optical drive, and copy the Video_TS folder and its contents into a folder on your hard drive. (Ignore Audio_TS or Roxioplasma if you see them) -Run Videowave, start a new project, and go to Add Photo/Video. Add VIDEO_TS.IFO from your VIDEO_TS folder to your new project, and that should import your video. Then you should be able to make your new edits and subsequently your new DVD. Regards, Brendon
  6. I saw a thread on Reddit (HERE) which gives information about streaming video from a Synology NAS to a Samsung smart TV. I couldn't follow it well since I have different brands of NAS and TV, but that sort of discussion might lead you to what you're looking for. I hope so.
  7. Brendon

    VideoWave audio distorts after splitting track

    Aha!!! Thank you, Mud. I've noted that for when we get an NXT 8 forum and the Gurus get NXT 8 to work with. I guess it won't work on NXT 7 ? edit: Hoo! SP2 is 260 MB, and holds 5,925 dif files. It looks more like a major re-write than a minor fix.
  8. Using Windows 10, it's amazing what gets changed without your knowledge from week to week. Thank you for letting us know what the problem was and how you solved it. That's what this board is here for,
  9. Please read the message Steve Knis posted just above your own message, and follow his suggestion.
  10. I still prefer Creator Classic (grin) but I will need to get NXT 8 if I'm to help anyone who's having problems with it. Your son is in the front lines, I hope he stays safe too. Brendon
  11. Hello Jim, He works for the NHS? Bless him!! I have Creator 2012 Pro installed on a machine under 64-bit Windows 10 version 2004, and it seems to be going okay on the parts of Creator that I regularly use. (It would have been wonderful for it to have a custom install to avoid BackOnTrack etc, but beggars can't be choosers) I think you should be fine without having to retrofit Windows 7, but I'm still here if you need me. Stay safe.
  12. Brendon

    Cd Label Border Won't Print

    kd2mill, Thanks very much indeed!
  13. Brendon

    LP to MP3 ..recording level low

    Try the same solution, then.
  14. Hello Ray12, Firstly, may I say that I still consider Creator 2012 the last, best Creator that Roxio put out. I still use C2012's Creator classic in both Windows 7 and Windows 10 because I can, and because I think that the software went downhill after 2012 - getting bigger but doing less. Now a brief mention of some optical disc formats. Standards exist (in the beginning) so everyone is pointing in the same direction. That lasts for a very short time, before every man and his dog starts inventing their own standards and once more we're pointing every which way! Microsoft developed an Image Mastering API called IMAPI, which supports three of those standards for optical disc writing: ISO 9660, Joliet, and Universal Disc Format or UDF. An optical disc has a HEADER area and a DATA area. The files live in the Data area, and indexes live in the Header. Happily, you can put several different indexes up the front so you can access those files using ISO 9660, Joliet, or UDF, thus bridging these different file systems. This way, if you write a disc in the original ISO 9660 but your player software expects to see Joliet, you can include a Joliet index and play your files. It's how you can play one type of disc when your car expects a different sort. Now, as to the advantages/disadvantages of those various standards? Sorry, that's outside of my field. You would really need a free grey rainy afternoon, a good printer and Internet connection, lots of coffee, and much discussion with Mr.Google for that. Remember also that the standards are constantly updating and evolving too, so the deeper you look the more branches you will see on the tree. I hope this helps your understanding. If it leaves you with important questions, please ask them and I'll try to answer. Brendon
  15. Brendon

    DVD BLU RAY Jewel Case Labeling

    Actually, NXT 3 was the last version to have the "real" MyDVD in it, and 4 onwards have the Corel version. Things have gone somewhat downhill.