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    Video Wave Audio "Fuzzy"

    Or perhaps some 'feature' of your current machine that isn't found on your OLD Dell Optiplex system?
  2. Brendon

    NXT PRO 6/Windows 10 Ultimate FAIL

    Hello Paul, I have NXT 6 Pro running under Windows 10 pro x64 (the latest) and apart from a small display problem on the main menu it still all seems to be running properly, so it's not just a case of NXT 6 Pro being incompatible with updated Windows 10. You said you "can't do anything" with the software. What happens when you try? You also said you can't uninstall it. What happens when you try? Since the installer key for Creator NXT 6 is limited in the number of uses it will allow you, the best course if the software stops working is to Repair it rather than uninstall, if you can. Have you tried that? Repair doesn't affect the installs left on your installer key. Another way to uninstall suggested by some of the Gurus here is to download and install the free Revo uninstaller, then use it in Moderate mode to remove all traces of the Roxio software. Regards, Brendon
  3. All fixed. Thanks for all your help. It seems that failing to install DirectX was the problem. I contacted Roxio support too. They had me clear out all the temp folders, stop the firewall and antivirus and sent me different link to install from. Lo and behold, it worked. I hope my next Roxio install is easier. Dan
  4. Brendon

    DVD-R won't play on DVD player

    You haven't answered Cdanteek's question, have you. To make a suggestion, since you seem to have access to a machine running Creator 2011, why not do this? -Run C2011 with your DVD in the drive. Go to the top left of the main Creator menu, where there are buttons for File, Tools, and Help. Click on Tools and run Get Disc Information. Then paste a screenshot of the results of Get Disc Info into a reply here. It should look similar to this (This one is from my Creator 2012 - I wouldn't be without it) and will give us much information. Regards, Brendon
  5. I got the log file, and it shows when the installer started to install DIRECTX_FEB10, DxLauncher.msi failed with a 1603 error and everything rolled back. Suggestions, anyone?
  6. Hello Dan, Have you approached Roxio Tech Support with your problem? I don't think error 0643 has been mentioned on the board here for years, when it involved some sort of tangle with .Net framework. Support should have the information to fix your problem, if they refer it to a higher level. In the meantime, while you're waiting for a response from them, a search through the install logs might throw a little light on what's happening. I'm willing to try if you'll send me the log. In Easy CD & DVD Burning 2 you should find a set of install logs in C:\ProgramData\Roxio Log Files\Roxio Easy CD and DVD Burning 2\ There should be a series of folders there, named for the date and time of each install event. Please copy the most recent one, ZIP it up, and send it to me by email. (I'm sending my email address to you by private message). Please retain a copy of the ZIP file, since Tech Support will likely want a copy of it if they're on the ball. Regards, Brendon
  7. Brendon

    Cannot add .jpg files to a video production in Videowave

    I checked for this problem when NXT 7 was published, and there was no change. I was hopeful that they might catch up and fix the problem in NXT 8, but NXT 8 did not turn up last year.
  8. Brendon

    CD art export to photo

    I hope it goes well for you.
  9. Brendon

    CD art export to photo

    Sorry Zoz, there's no way you can do that with this software. It's simple, inexpensive, CD labeling software from about 2007, 2008. Using "Export Current Layout As Image" with display settings at 'Normal-100%' output is at 96 DPI, as you mentioned. My disc image shows as 445 pixels in diameter in the saved JPG. Using Label Creator's View > Zoom 200% I can almost double the size, but the output is fuzzy. There is no control available in Label Creator to increase definition. For your project you need to edit at 300 DPI or better, not just magnify a 96 DPI picture in all its splendid fuzziness. You need a proper graphic editor, not a cheap label maker. Regards, Brendon
  10. Brendon

    CD art export to photo

    Okay, you've said it's for a pro CD release but why not explain what you're trying to do - and what you're trying to do it with? What is a "layout export" and which Roxio program makes one? We do want to help you, but we need something to work with.
  11. Brendon

    8004520c Error while Encoding movie

    Thank you James Haven, but you failed to tell us what version of Creator this works for? What version are you running under Windows 10?
  12. Brendon

    Cant find Roxio Burn 4 with encryption

    Kept you up to 1am or so? (grin) Okay, so the NXT7 installer took away the earlier version of Burn, and then installed its own version? Weird! When I installed my NXT7 it was on a virgin never-Roxio hard drive, but Burn installed fine. However, if it's working well for you now I won't say any more. Have a good night. Brendon
  13. Brendon

    Cant find Roxio Burn 4 with encryption

    Morning Clive, (evening at your place) This has me perplexed. I have exactly the same version and build number as you, but mine includes Roxio Secure Burn. See it there, 3rd from the bottom in the list? Ticking everything on mine "requires 3518.36 MB" whereas yours needs only 3484.22 MB. Please note that the "Upgrade" refers only to the pricing of your software. You get the standard retail package, but for a slightly reduced price. I haven't heard of the Company removing Roxio Burn from the package (not that they would tell me), and I would expect the Build or Version numbers to change if they altered the package. Those numbers haven't changed. Something you can check. The download for this software usually comes as three folders: Would you please look in the Pro 7 folder and see if the ROXIO_BURN_0400 sub-folder is there with the Burn installer files in it? If it's there you have the software and it's an Installer problem, not a case of "your software doesn't have that feature" as you were wrongly told. Regards, Brendon
  14. Brendon

    Re-Use old Roxio Programs

    Hi Smokytoo, I can't see anything in the EULAs to prevent you from giving another person your old software and license. May I suggest that anyone who could use your old software should send you a private message by mousing over your name at the left of your post and then clicking on the Message envelope icon which will show? That way you can arrange transfer between yourselves and not show private details to the public. Regards, Brendon
  15. Brendon

    Cant find Roxio Burn 4 with encryption

    Hi Clive, grab a coffee - here comes a long message. It looks like Roxio Burn didn't install, for some reason. Perhaps you installed it over the top of an earlier version?? I haven't come across this before, and I don't know why it didn't install. Best idea I can think of at the moment is to try and Repair it. You only get a limited number of installs allowed, (20 for NXT 7) so completely uninstalling it and then reinstalling is the final option. A Repair doesn't take away any of your limited number of installs. This process looks more complicated than it really is, and I don't know how much help Roxio Support might give you, so I'm preparing a walk-through which I hope will help. Please read through it until you understand what to do, before you actually start it. Ask questions if you need to. Try Roxio Support if you want, I'm just an enthusiastic user and not a Roxio employee, so I won't be offended. You didn't say what Operating System you're using, so I'll assume it's Windows 10. Please tell me immediately if it's something else. Repairing Creator. The installer records where it got the Roxio programs to install, and if you ask for a Repair, it expects the install package to be in the same place where it was so it can get the files it needs. You will need to put the Roxio installer files wherever they were at install time - DVD back in the drive, or file folder back where it was - so the installer can find them again for the repair. PLEASE DO THAT NOW. Okay, ready? Let's go. -go to Start, click on the Settings cog, and type "control panel", then click on "control panel" -click "Programs and Features" and look for "Roxio Creator NXT Pro 7". Click on that and you should see "Uninstall/Change" appear on the line somewhere above it. -Click on that and it should start the Roxio Setup program. -Click Next, and you should see this screen. Click Repair. -You should then see this screen. Click Repair again There are no installation settings to change at this point, so click Repair and the process should start. Hopefully it will run right through, and at the end you will have the program suite reinstalled - including the missing Roxio Burn module. Whee! Some celebration! It's done! But wait, if it doesn't just run to the end there may be more. If your installer folder wasn't exactly where it originally was, the installer will get lost at this point, and you will see messages like this: Don't Panic! At this point you have to look down the whole length of the "Source" line and work out what file the installer is looking for. Browse to where that file is, and tell the installer. Repeat this 6 or 8 times until all the important bits have been found, and the reinstall is finished. Now, if the repair worked that's fine! If it didn't work, my next suggestion is to completely uninstall the software, clean up any remnants you can find, and then reinstall from scratch taking a careful note of things as they happen, and especially any error messages. Any questions? Regards, Brendon
  16. Brendon

    Cant find Roxio Burn 4 with encryption

    Hello, In a normal installation you'll find there is a Roxio Burn shortcut icon created on your desktop. It should look like the first icon in this group. The shortcut has the target "C:\Program Files (x86)\Roxio Creator NXT Pro 7\Roxio Burn\Roxio Burn.exe" /STARTMENU when you're running 64-bit Windows 10. Expect the same target without the (x86) if you're running 32-bit Windows. You should find the Roxio Burn executable at that location. Roxio Burn can be configured through the "Tools" button on the front page of the Creator NXT menu app. and when it's running, you'll see the operating icon in the bottom right corner of your screen. Please look for Roxio Burn.exe in one of the folders I described, and let me know what you find. Regards, Brendon
  17. Brendon

    Easy audio capture problem

    I tried, but it's a paysite. Back to you. Can you attach a small soundless MP3 file here, Jim?
  18. Brendon

    Roxio Creator 2009 Compatiibility

    You're welcome Jim. I'm just sorry I didn't have a work-around for you. Brendon
  19. Brendon

    Roxio Creator 2009 Compatiibility

    Hello Jim, Creator 2009 was released in 2008, and was designed to run under (gasp) Vista or XP. Your wife may have registered it previously - registration in those days was mainly a way of preserving your CD key against loss. Nowadays under the new owners, registration is a precondition to using their software. I don't know of anybody who is successfully running Creator 2009 under Windows 10. I don't think it will run under Windows 10. Depending on what you want to do, if you can't find free software to do the job you might look here at the Roxio store to see what you need. The latest offering is Creator NXT 7, or if your needs are simpler there is Easy CD & DVD Creator 2, which is a cut-down version of NXT 7 at a third of the capabilities and a price to match that. Best regards, Brendon
  20. I have it running on a machine here at home under Windows 7. What are you having difficulty with, or how can I help? Brendon
  21. Brendon

    Bad install media for Roxio 2011

    Hi, The first move would be to clean the disc and blow dust out of the burner drive, but if that still doesn't work I think I might be able to help. I'm sending you an email. Regards, Brendon
  22. Brendon

    mydvd version 6.2.0

    Dave, STV357 posted his query in July 2007 and received a reply the same day. He has not logged in since then.
  23. Brendon

    Learning center not working

    Thanks Jim. Go well.
  24. Brendon

    Opening old project files

    I've spent a day on this. Got Roxio Creator 9.0.117 DE installed under Windows 10, and everything seemed to run except MYDVD. When called this program showed a notice about profiling the video card, but when I clicked the OK it paused for a few seconds and then went back to the Home menu. I got Creator Premier 9.1.573 installed on another machine, and everything seemed to work except MyDVD. This one showed me the profiling message once, and then every time I tried to run MyDVD the Home menu would blink out for about 5 seconds but MyDVD would not run. I got that same result on three different machines with different video cards, so I don't think the video cards are at fault. So, sorry but if I can't run this version of MyDVD under Windows 10, I can't help you. Brendon