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    Hello, Did you try 'burning' your production to a disc image? Did the process complete? What were you doing when you got that BurnerState_Aborting error? (I still run Creator 2012 under Windows 10 - it's better than NXT) Brendon
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    Code 2147500037 is the decimal value for Error 0x80004005, unspecified error, so that isn't much use to you. BurnerState_Aborting failure, which you didn't mention, is probably more useful but even then it's delightfully vague - Thanks Microsoft. Since there's something going wrong when you're trying to burn to disc, maybe you can find out if the error is happening while the disc is being assembled, or when it tries to actually burn to plastic. During the burn dialog can you tell the software to Burn to Disc Image instead of an actual disc? If it can successfully make an ISO, then you know the assembly is fine but something's wrong with the burner - or vice versa. Try that and let us know how it goes.
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    Thanks Dave.
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    Grampadave, The BackOnTrack 19.0.55 in Creator NXT 6 is NOT the "BackOnTrack Online" that is referenced in Corel's Knowledgebase, so don't waste your time in the Corel KB. Go to the program's own 'Help Center" which is embedded in the software and reached by the Help button. Generally, a One-Click Backup is a one-shot task. In the Advanced Backup section, the program says you can do a Full backup or an Incremental one (See the Help). Please note that even though the Advanced Backup says it allows you to backup hard disks or partitions, it will not let you restore them. You can only pick files or folders to restore from them. Hope this helps, Brendon
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    Roxio NXT 7 Issues

    I think your system has a problem. Upgrading a version of Roxio Creator won't fix that problem, so you're seeing the same error. If you bought NXT 7 from Roxio, why don't you apply for a refund quickly within the 30 days they allow, and come back to us in the NXT 6 forum to see if we can help you fix the problem and get NXT 6 going properly?
  6. Brendon

    Video Copy and Convert Problem

    That's fine, Ted. I'm just finishing rendering "Ted's Talk" here It's very fiddly, trying to set the start/end points accurately, isn't it. I'll leave you with it. Glad it worked for you. Brendon
  7. Brendon

    Video Copy and Convert Problem

    The sound was rather garbage at the start, but I found it okay further along the video. It's much better to have a local copy to work on - much faster. Do keep us posted.
  8. Brendon

    Video Copy and Convert Problem

    Hi Ted, I hope you managed to stop the action and regain control of your machine without mishap. Since you haven't told me your desired start and finish points, I wasn't able to do the editing for you. However I have downloaded the video with Jdownloader, and I've trimmed it down to a half-hour segment in Creator NXT 7. It seemed to work fairly simply. Here's how, in broad detail: -download the clip as an MP4 from Youtube. Keep the MP4 and later delete the other files which came down with it -run Videowave (Edit Video-Advanced), create a new production, and load the MP4 -down on the Timeline, right-click on the video and select 'Trim'. Pull the start and end pointers to where you want them on the timeline, and click OK. You can preview and adjust the selection, and when you're happy with it, go up to Output > Export As > Video clip. -click on Create Video file. The machine will take some time and will copy the segment you've selected to a fresh MP4 in your 'Videos' directory, leaving the original untouched. The copied half hour took about ten minutes and 125 MB on my machine. -If you run into any snags you can't fix with the help files, please feel free to come back and ask for a hand. Brendon
  9. Brendon

    Video Copy and Convert Problem

    Hello Ted, YouTube indicates it's actually "only" 1.50 GB and the MP4 file is only 1.2GB. I don't know where VC&C would download it to on your machine, since I've never been able to make it work on mine However I've got it almost downloaded using JDownloader, but our Internet backbone is very busy with the country in lockdown and mostly everyone at home. Aah! There it is. 1280*720 (16:9) @29.274 fps, 1.12 GB. Seems to run well. Would you know the actual start/finish times in mins&secs of the section you want? I'll go see if can trim it with something in Creator NXT. Brendon
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    Video Copy and Convert Problem

    Hello Tedcloak, The 'Web Video' routine in Video Copy & Convert has not worked for me for years. I would be very happy if anyone can tell me they have it going reliably, and explain how they do it. Back in 2013 our late Gurus Jim Hardin and GrandpaBruce agreed in this thread that The last version, in which it actually worked "most of the time", was Creator 2010. How did you get on with the download you were attempting? You might have had to crash out of it to prevent a machine lockup. I think your best idea may be to download your video some other way, and then see if you can trim it down with Video Copy & Convert. I have found that JDownloader lets me easily download YouTube videos to MP4, but you can choose any download manager or method which works for you. Once you have it down, you may run into big problems with its size - as you said a six-hour clip is enormous, and I don't know how big it will be or whether you'll be able to download it all or whether Video Copy & Convert will let you handle or edit such a big file. You're certainly not going to get it onto a DVD without some extreme compression. If you'll show me a YouTube link to the video I might be able to get an estimate of size, and we can perhaps see which way to go from there. Brendon
  11. Brendon

    Video Copy and Convert Problem

    Tedcloak, I'd like to help you. Please explain further. Your message is a little incoherent. What does " but I can't get it. But I'm getting a video that I'm not playing. " mean? Brendon
  12. LeeTXJD97, Calm down, and mind your manners please! I don't know what you're used to, but attacks on a moderator will not be tolerated here. The Gurus on this board are not employed or paid by Corel, but continually spend many hours of their own time without reward, trying to help you and other users of the software with problems that arise. That said, we have been tasked as Moderators to make sure that this bulletin board is not used to assist people to break copyright laws, or behave in any way that would reflect back on Corel or make that company liable in law. Moderator Cdanteek was acting within his brief when he pointed this out to Mud. Your compliance will be appreciated. Thank you. Brendon. (Moderator)
  13. Brendon

    Transferring Roxio to my new computer

    You may have trouble trying to install or run Easy Media Creator 10 under Windows 10. It came out in 2007-2008. Attempt to install it at your own risk. Your new Easy CD & DVD Creator 2 is a (much-reduced function) version of Creator NXT 7, and NXT 7 is designed to be run under Windows 10.
  14. Brendon

    Video Wave Audio "Fuzzy"

    Or perhaps some 'feature' of your current machine that isn't found on your OLD Dell Optiplex system?
  15. Brendon

    NXT PRO 6/Windows 10 Ultimate FAIL

    Hello Paul, I have NXT 6 Pro running under Windows 10 pro x64 (the latest) and apart from a small display problem on the main menu it still all seems to be running properly, so it's not just a case of NXT 6 Pro being incompatible with updated Windows 10. You said you "can't do anything" with the software. What happens when you try? You also said you can't uninstall it. What happens when you try? Since the installer key for Creator NXT 6 is limited in the number of uses it will allow you, the best course if the software stops working is to Repair it rather than uninstall, if you can. Have you tried that? Repair doesn't affect the installs left on your installer key. Another way to uninstall suggested by some of the Gurus here is to download and install the free Revo uninstaller, then use it in Moderate mode to remove all traces of the Roxio software. Regards, Brendon
  16. All fixed. Thanks for all your help. It seems that failing to install DirectX was the problem. I contacted Roxio support too. They had me clear out all the temp folders, stop the firewall and antivirus and sent me different link to install from. Lo and behold, it worked. I hope my next Roxio install is easier. Dan
  17. Brendon

    DVD-R won't play on DVD player

    You haven't answered Cdanteek's question, have you. To make a suggestion, since you seem to have access to a machine running Creator 2011, why not do this? -Run C2011 with your DVD in the drive. Go to the top left of the main Creator menu, where there are buttons for File, Tools, and Help. Click on Tools and run Get Disc Information. Then paste a screenshot of the results of Get Disc Info into a reply here. It should look similar to this (This one is from my Creator 2012 - I wouldn't be without it) and will give us much information. Regards, Brendon
  18. I got the log file, and it shows when the installer started to install DIRECTX_FEB10, DxLauncher.msi failed with a 1603 error and everything rolled back. Suggestions, anyone?
  19. Hello Dan, Have you approached Roxio Tech Support with your problem? I don't think error 0643 has been mentioned on the board here for years, when it involved some sort of tangle with .Net framework. Support should have the information to fix your problem, if they refer it to a higher level. In the meantime, while you're waiting for a response from them, a search through the install logs might throw a little light on what's happening. I'm willing to try if you'll send me the log. In Easy CD & DVD Burning 2 you should find a set of install logs in C:\ProgramData\Roxio Log Files\Roxio Easy CD and DVD Burning 2\ There should be a series of folders there, named for the date and time of each install event. Please copy the most recent one, ZIP it up, and send it to me by email. (I'm sending my email address to you by private message). Please retain a copy of the ZIP file, since Tech Support will likely want a copy of it if they're on the ball. Regards, Brendon
  20. Brendon

    Cannot add .jpg files to a video production in Videowave

    I checked for this problem when NXT 7 was published, and there was no change. I was hopeful that they might catch up and fix the problem in NXT 8, but NXT 8 did not turn up last year.
  21. Brendon

    CD art export to photo

    I hope it goes well for you.
  22. Brendon

    CD art export to photo

    Sorry Zoz, there's no way you can do that with this software. It's simple, inexpensive, CD labeling software from about 2007, 2008. Using "Export Current Layout As Image" with display settings at 'Normal-100%' output is at 96 DPI, as you mentioned. My disc image shows as 445 pixels in diameter in the saved JPG. Using Label Creator's View > Zoom 200% I can almost double the size, but the output is fuzzy. There is no control available in Label Creator to increase definition. For your project you need to edit at 300 DPI or better, not just magnify a 96 DPI picture in all its splendid fuzziness. You need a proper graphic editor, not a cheap label maker. Regards, Brendon
  23. Brendon

    CD art export to photo

    Okay, you've said it's for a pro CD release but why not explain what you're trying to do - and what you're trying to do it with? What is a "layout export" and which Roxio program makes one? We do want to help you, but we need something to work with.
  24. Brendon

    8004520c Error while Encoding movie

    Thank you James Haven, but you failed to tell us what version of Creator this works for? What version are you running under Windows 10?