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  1. VitoMacDoc, The requirement means exactly what it says - the Internet connection is required to install the software. It's an anti-piracy measure, as your key is checked on the Roxio servers during the install, and can only be used a limited number of times. If you just purchased and downloaded the software from Roxio, you should apply immediately for a refund. Regards, Brendon
  2. Brendon

    Large File problem

    Hello Johnnie, It doesn't seem to be in any of the manuals, but I think I've found the problem. The problem is that Video Copy & Convert (VC&C) cannot convert to a DL DVD. Back when the software was written, video files bigger than a DL disc weren't seen in the wild so they haven't been allowed for. So, it works like this: 1] Files up to single layer size (about 4.2 GB) are copied to SL disc 2] Between SL and DL size (about 8.5 GB) they can be converted to SL, or copied to DL - Your Choice 3] Bigger than DL, they are converted to SL. There's no option to convert to DL. (This is what has happened to you.) I think Creator's "Make a DVD" process will properly compress your 10.5 GB file as it makes a DL disc or ISO, but I can't try it out first because I don't have a huge 10.5 GB file. You'll have to try it. Brendon
  3. Brendon

    Large File problem

    > How can I get this movie to fit on a DL disk because on a 4.3 size disk the quality is only good for the rubbish bin Understood. I'm checking with others to see if VC&C can handle double-layer discs, and if so how to tell it to go to the larger size. I'll come back to you the moment I get an answer.
  4. Brendon

    Large File problem

    Johnnie, You can't get a 10.5 GB ISO. You can't have an ISO bigger than will fit on the disc. The figures I used in my first post were very rough , and in fact your 10.5 GB file is going to have to come down to smaller than 7.9 GB. Single layer DVDs can hold around 4,700,000,000 bytes (4.3 GB). Double layer DVDs can hold around 8,547,000,000 bytes (7.95 GB). There should be somewhere in the settings for Video Copy & Convert to tell it you want a DL iso - I don't have VC&C on my machine or a huge file to experiment with, but I'm sure someone else will step in to help if you can't find the setting. The 4.2GB ISO you have may look rather rough, but your 10.5 GB file should look much better once it has been rendered down to below 7.9 GB to fit on a DL disc. Regards, Brendon
  5. Brendon

    Large File problem

    I think I understand your question better now. Will Video Copy & Convert make my 2h:24m, 10.5 GB file into a Video DVD without compressing it? The answer is No. The software will have to re-render your video down to the standard frame size of 720 x 480 and reduce the data rate so that it can fit on your DVD. The only time it can copy the video over without re-rendering, is when the source video is already at DVD standard. It seems you'll have to just try it and see if the quality is acceptable. Convert to an ISO, and then you can later burn more copies without having to do the conversion all over again each time.
  6. Brendon

    Large File problem

    Hello Johnnie, If you reduce your 10.5 GB file to around 8.5 GB to fit on a DL disc, you'll be reducing it to about 81% of its original size. That shouldn't affect its quality too much. As you pointed out, some of your intended recipients won't be able to read a BD disc so do you really have another viable option? What are you planning to give them, a video file simply stored on a DVD, or a proper Video DVD? I don't quite follow your last question. What would you be doing with the file in Video Copy & Convert? You're going to have to either chop 20% off in an editor to cut it down to size, or re-render it at a different size or bitrate to fit on the disc. Regards, Brendon
  7. Brendon

    NXT 6 not loading.

    There are two service packs available for Creator NXT 6. The largest one, SP1, installs LabelCreator. The smaller one, SP2, makes between 80 and 90 small changes to the program files. However, if your Creator has stopped opening then something has broken and a bunch of little tweaks aren't going to fix it. This is why you need to do a Repair Reinstall, as Redwagon says. (This will also remove the Service Packs). After you've done the repair and got Creator going again, then you should apply the Service Packs again.
  8. Brendon

    VHS to dvd3 plus install from dvd does not work

    Chuckrath, In a number of earlier operating systems the default action after inserting a CD was to engage "autoplay" and run the program that the CD was set up to run. This was used by some unscrupulous folk to infect a machine when CDs were carrying viruses, so to protect users against that the default Windows action was changed and autoplay is not engaged. It sounds likely that this is what has happened with your Windows 10 machine. The drive has detected the disc, but won't run it automatically. If this is the case, you need to log onto your optical drive and find the installer program. It will be an executable program (.exe) probably called SETUP.EXE. (Depending on your Windows settings you might not see the ".exe" part of the file name) Locate it and double-click on it, and that should start things going.
  9. Brendon

    ROXIO NXT 7 ...Anyone?

    Hi Mike, There is no Fraking Manual! I'm sorry, but I think the last discrete manual was the one for Creator 2011, in that same year. Nowadays it seems you have to work with the online help, such as it is, and intuition. (And us eager but enthusiastic amateurs here.) Regards, Brendon
  10. Brendon

    Roxio Disc Encryption

    Even if the encrypted disc was made with Creator Classic in EMC 7, 8, or 9, the answer is still the same.
  11. Brendon

    Roxio Disc Encryption

    Sorry, you don't! (-unless you're the NSA, FBI, or one of the myriad alphabet agencies who have cryptanalysts capable of cracking the encryption.) The encryption of Roxio Secure Burn is designed to be secure.
  12. Brendon

    Key has been used to many Times.

    Chrisowaty, I believe that Rox_Ralf was reassigned to another role some months ago, and he's no longer here. You will need to contact Roxio Customer Support here, and ask them to re-set your Key. Regards, Brendon
  13. Brendon

    Optical icon is WAY too TINY

    Whew! I had to do some fast learning. I don't have a high-dpi display and GPU (1920x1080 is best I can manage) so I can't poke a stick at it to see what happens, however after reading Antonielli's article and dissecting his .manifest files (which all seem identical, so I don't see why he offered 4 different downloads) you might be able to do things by dumping one of them in the Roxio Secure Burn folder. The executable file is Roxio Burn.exe, and it's found in C:\Program Files (x86)\Roxio Creator NXT Pro 3\Roxio Burn Here's the menu structure "writ large" so you can read it, in case you can't enlarge it with the manifest file Don't bother with the "Do More" item, it just tries to sell you the very latest version. Hopefully this will get you further along the way, or even produce the result you want. I think the burn menu wasn't really written for hi-dpi displays. Regards, Brendon
  14. Brendon

    Optical icon is WAY too TINY

    Pfingers, Glad you're familiar with Scale and Layout, but I'm a bit perplexed here. Your icon size should follow the Scale and Layout % value, so at 200% it becomes twice as big. If yours is set to 300% the Burn icon should be 3x bigger than normal. Things should be getting a bit huge at that setting - are they not??
  15. Brendon

    Optical icon is WAY too TINY

    Pfingers, Which operating system is your new laptop running, and what is the Resolution of your screen (e.g. 1920 x 1080 etc) Is this the icon you're talking about?
  16. Brendon

    no CD drive on my new laptop

    Hi Cheryle, Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus is not just software (and therefore downloadable). It's a combination of hardware (the Video Capture USB device) and the software required to run it. Here's the Getting Started Guide for it which can help you understand the product. Easy_VHS_to_DVD_GSG_ENU.pdf This product dates back to around 2012, and I don't think Roxio sells or supports it any more. However if you still want one after all this, I think Amazon may still have some. If your new laptop is running Windows 10 you'll need to check with someone that the software will work under Win 10 (I haven't used it in Win 10) Since the software's supplied on a disc you will then be back to your first problem. You'll need to get a friend to transfer the software from your disc to a USB drive so you can load it on your laptop, and you won't be able to write your VHS material to DVD. Regards, Brendon
  17. Edward, DON'T FORMAT THE CD! There be DRAGONS! Stick with the standard "Mastering" system. Easy CD Creator employs the Mastering system, but it also gives you a choice to use a system called Direct CD instead. Direct CD formats your disc and then allows you to drag and write individual files onto it, as long as you have the right software running on your machine. The formatting itself wastes 133 MB on a 700 MB disc, and there are many complications caused by it which increase the likelihood of sudden loss of files when the disc fails. Now, back to your drive(s). Your system says you have two optical drives, an Atapi CD-R/RW 10x8x32 recorder, and a Mitsumi FX800S player (read only). It's reporting different addresses on the bus, and appropriate different speeds, abilities, vendor, and firmware versions. Computer systems don't get to make that stuff up, so there has to be another drive in there somewhere. How I wish I was there looking over your shoulder so I could poke a stick at it! I can't do much more for you from 2200km away - I think you need to approach your local Users' Group. Someone needs to examine that machine in person, and there's bound to be several members who could transfer the files to a CD or a USB stick for you. Please do it soon, because this puzzle is really nagging at me.
  18. Back again, No way I could install W98 on a real machine because I can't find real-time drivers for the more modern optical drives in there and the installer insists on using a CD drive. Meantime, would you please run yours in Data Disc, and then go to Tools > System Tests. You should see a screen like this: Now mine is only showing the one optical drive, D. Does yours show both D and E? If it does, how do they both react to you inserting the blank CD and one with data on it? Can you see any way you can choose to use one drive instead of the other to write a data CD? Brendon
  19. JCN, Growing impatient with the professional Tech Support, you have come here. After writing a tome and " thanks in advance for any ‘contributions’! " you leap straight down the throat of the first volunteer who asks a question of you, and start hurling abuse at anyone or anything you can see. If that's the way you respond to efforts to help you, I can see why people are reluctant to engage with you. The Gurus on this bulletin board are not paid Roxio support people, they are users of the software who volunteer their own personal time and experience to try and help others with problems. If you can't accept that, and treat other people here with respect, then this board is not for you. Please moderate your behavior or walk away right now. Brendon (Moderator)
  20. Brendon


    Robteg, have you seen this page over on the Corel site? They suggest burning the movie as a data disc.
  21. Well, your past came back to haunt you! (grin) I think you need to try another disc. Perhaps a CD-R? My postal offer still stands if you can't find any in town. Meanwhile I managed to get hold of an ACER OEM disc for ECDC4 and have installed it under Win98SE on a virtual machine, but the VM only allows one optical drive so I can't test what I want. I remember way back when I was running ECDC4 on my old P4 with twin drives, there were ways you could test and write to one drive or the other. I just can't see how to do that in the VM with one drive, so I'm going to try installing on a spare HD in a real machine. Can you see any way to direct ECDC to drive D or E: on your machine? (I'm wondering if the writer has confused itself with the extra drive letter)
  22. I'm chasing this one round in several directions, but it's hard given the enhanced age of both your software and hardware (and me). Can you tell me which version of ECDC 4 you're running? If you go to Help, there should be an "About" button in there saying somewhere between 4.01 and 4.05. There are differences between MAC and PC discs. Please read this topic, which also concerns a Fairstar vs. a Mac. I think it would pay to erase elsewhere or try a different disc. I can airmail a couple over to you if you're stuck, but expect the mail to take a week. (Mouse over my picture at the left of this post to send me a private message with address if you need to) ECDC 5 used the operating system's resources to read discs, but employed an Adaptec/Roxio PXEngine to write them. The PXEngine had to be properly installed for the burn button to be active. I'm trying to locate my old ECDC 4 software to see if version 4 did the same thing. The display of two optical drives is perplexing! I immediately thought of a registry error or drive emulation, but if Device Manager says there are two and they each show different firmware, that says two drives to me! Can you (1) pop the case lid and peep under the bonnet? (2) Is the 'Insert Notification' box in Device Manager properties checked for the second drive? [perplexing is the polite word]
  23. Brendon

    Some Jpgs From Samsung S7 Won't Load

    NXT 7 is out, and it is the same. If you're holding your breath please wear the masks which have dropped, and resume breathing.
  24. Hi Edward, I'm sorry, but I can't see a quick solution. Your system isn't complaining because it thinks the CD is too full, but because for some reason it isn't seeing a disc it can write to. If the 'Start' button isn't active it means that Creator hasn't got a 'ready to write' signal back from your CD recorder, and without that signal you're not going anywhere. I assume that this setup used to write CDs before. Why is this happening now? Check the CD, and the drive connections and optics. -can your Mac write/read files on the disc? If so, the disc is okay. -can your PC see the list of files the Mac wrote? If so, connections and read optics are okay. If it passes those tests but you still can't light up the Start button, I think the writing part of the PC's recorder may have died. To continue you would need to get another old CD drive (from last century, that ECDC4 would recognise) to replace the current drive. If we get to this point you might consider other ways to get your precious photos off the machine. There's no point trying a USB portable CD or pendrive because Windows 98 won't look at the USB. If your machine has an Ethernet port (rather than a telephone port for dial-up) you could email the photos to yourself. Floppies wouldn't work unless you had another machine to read them in. If all else fails, you may have to get someone to pop the hard drive out and read it with another machine. Best regards, Brendon
  25. Brendon

    Some Jpgs From Samsung S7 Won't Load

    I just went and checked out Slideshow Assistant in Creator NXT 6. It's still the same NXT 7 hasn't been released yet, but I wouldn't hold your breath hoping it might have been re-jigged at this late stage.