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  1. I'm chasing this one round in several directions, but it's hard given the enhanced age of both your software and hardware (and me). Can you tell me which version of ECDC 4 you're running? If you go to Help, there should be an "About" button in there saying somewhere between 4.01 and 4.05. There are differences between MAC and PC discs. Please read this topic, which also concerns a Fairstar vs. a Mac. I think it would pay to erase elsewhere or try a different disc. I can airmail a couple over to you if you're stuck, but expect the mail to take a week. (Mouse over my picture at the left of this post to send me a private message with address if you need to) ECDC 5 used the operating system's resources to read discs, but employed an Adaptec/Roxio PXEngine to write them. The PXEngine had to be properly installed for the burn button to be active. I'm trying to locate my old ECDC 4 software to see if version 4 did the same thing. The display of two optical drives is perplexing! I immediately thought of a registry error or drive emulation, but if Device Manager says there are two and they each show different firmware, that says two drives to me! Can you (1) pop the case lid and peep under the bonnet? (2) Is the 'Insert Notification' box in Device Manager properties checked for the second drive? [perplexing is the polite word]
  2. Brendon

    Some Jpgs From Samsung S7 Won't Load

    NXT 7 is out, and it is the same. If you're holding your breath please wear the masks which have dropped, and resume breathing.
  3. Hi Edward, I'm sorry, but I can't see a quick solution. Your system isn't complaining because it thinks the CD is too full, but because for some reason it isn't seeing a disc it can write to. If the 'Start' button isn't active it means that Creator hasn't got a 'ready to write' signal back from your CD recorder, and without that signal you're not going anywhere. I assume that this setup used to write CDs before. Why is this happening now? Check the CD, and the drive connections and optics. -can your Mac write/read files on the disc? If so, the disc is okay. -can your PC see the list of files the Mac wrote? If so, connections and read optics are okay. If it passes those tests but you still can't light up the Start button, I think the writing part of the PC's recorder may have died. To continue you would need to get another old CD drive (from last century, that ECDC4 would recognise) to replace the current drive. If we get to this point you might consider other ways to get your precious photos off the machine. There's no point trying a USB portable CD or pendrive because Windows 98 won't look at the USB. If your machine has an Ethernet port (rather than a telephone port for dial-up) you could email the photos to yourself. Floppies wouldn't work unless you had another machine to read them in. If all else fails, you may have to get someone to pop the hard drive out and read it with another machine. Best regards, Brendon
  4. Brendon

    Some Jpgs From Samsung S7 Won't Load

    I just went and checked out Slideshow Assistant in Creator NXT 6. It's still the same NXT 7 hasn't been released yet, but I wouldn't hold your breath hoping it might have been re-jigged at this late stage.
  5. Brendon

    A couple of questions re burning .iso & label creator.

    It wouldn't work if only Creator (the big multi-menu thing) was running. The only way I could get it to work was to run Roxio Burn, so this box was visible down in the bottom right of the screen. Then I had to right-click on the ISO and click the flaming disc option Doing that loaded the ISO into Roxio Burn and I then had to click the flaming disc which appeared on the right end of Roxio Burn. Seems a great way to complicate what had been a relatively simple process in NXT4?
  6. Brendon

    A couple of questions re burning .iso & label creator.

    Yes, "Burn disc image" and "Burn with Express Burn" are Microsoft's software. To get to Roxio's software you now have to either go and run it manually as I suggested, or you might use Roxio Secure Burn from further down the right-click menu. > Choosing to burn with Roxio does nothing from the same menu. To use Roxio Burn from the right-click you now have to have it already running and visible when you right-click on the ISO, and then you have to click the burn button (flaming disc) on Roxio Secure Burn to start it burning. > I image my drive so as long as restoring said image doesn’t also count then that’s fine. No, imaging doesn't count. The counting is done when the software 'phones home' to check your serial number when you're installing. > It’s a shame that features are removed yet it’s never stated on the Roxio website. Yes!
  7. Brendon

    A couple of questions re burning .iso & label creator.

    As to your .ISO burning question, you haven't mentioned which Operating System you're running. If you're still on your old Windows 8 Pro then I can't be sure what Creator NXT does in that OS, but in Windows 10 there's quite a difference between NXT4 and NXT6. If you right-click an .ISO file with NXT4 installed, you will see that the default action (what happens on a double-click) is set to Open, and you will find that a double-click opens the ISO with Roxio Creator. This is set up by the NXT4 installer. However the NXT6 installer doesn't do this. The default action is left at Mount, and a double-click will attempt to mount the ISO. See the picture below. NXT4 on the left, NXT6 on the right. Now you should also see options similar to, or same as those shown on the right above to burn the ISO if you don't want to go and manually run Creator's 'Burn Disc Image' or the separate 'Roxio Burn' application. Brendon
  8. Brendon

    NXT 6 upgrade

    NXT tends more towards the massive program than Creator 2012. I still prefer Creator 2012.
  9. 'If the recent update for the Roxio Gamecap HD Pro final' is WHAT??
  10. Brendon


    . . . .Or you can tell us where you are in the process e.g.-never installed or -already installed and want to reinstall or -partly installed and confused. plus what form of installer you have -disc or download plus what sort of machine and operating system you have . . . . and then we'll have an idea of what your problem is, and how we can help you with it. There are a number of folks here wanting to help you.
  11. It is your operating system which is sorting them. To get it to sort in the order you want, add numbers to the front of the filenames so they sort like this:
  12. Brendon

    Gracenote music ID limit

    We have not been told one way or another, but I suspect there are no such plans.
  13. Brendon

    Mydvd remembers a past project

    I'd be very careful about that one. I looked in mine, and there's 107 *.DMSD theme files installed in the MyDVD\Content\DVD\16x9\Themes branch.
  14. Not a silly thing to do, Mike. (Should be a regular thing rather than last resort, though. - smile - There's nothing so secure as a full system backup) That's what I would have done if I had Power Director, but since I was without I've had to leave it to you gents.
  15. Brendon

    MyDVD alternatives...

    I don't think that you'll get an argument from anyone here, Mike. Alas, when Corel acquired Roxio it seems they decided to replace the fully-featured Roxio software with their own 'lite' version. Perhaps it made sense to them? Time will tell.
  16. Brendon

    I should have listened...

    Glad to hear that worked, Mike.
  17. Brendon

    I should have listened...

    Did you buy it directly from Roxio? Unless they've changed their policy recently you can return it within 30 days for a refund without having to justify the return, if you bought it directly from them.
  18. Brendon

    Exporting splits

    What sort of file is it, and Which module of Creator NXT 5 do you have the file loaded in?
  19. Brendon

    Roxio Media Import ATSC (New TV Standard)

    That seems a bit sexist, however I'll assume the male-only reference was inadvertent. You have already read in a thread you contributed to some months ago, that we on this board are not Roxio Technical Support nor are we employed by Roxio. We are enthusiastic users who come here to try and help each other. Roxio people don't often come here. With that in mind, you may wish to send your message to the Corel Corporation where there is some chance it will be read by the people you're addressing, rather than posting it here where it won't be seen by them. Alternately, if you are still using Roxio software after getting your refund in 2014, you can send your message directly to the Roxio people by clicking on the Feedback button in the software. Regards, Brendon.
  20. Brendon

    Cannot add .jpg files to a video production in Videowave

    That's true about standards, but in most cases other people have already made the choice for you. In this case (as Jim pointed out) if you're making a DVD you're limited to 720 x 480 (NTSC), or for BD 1280 x 1024, so regardless of the native size of your image the software is going to resize larger images down to the standard size losing some of the original detail. (In some cases if the native size is too large the software will crash and give you a black slide.) The Microsoft article was interesting, but if they're going to offer varied export resolutions in Powerpoint why not use a button instead of a registry hack? Remember that increasing the export resolution doesn't increase the detail, just makes the lumps bigger. Regards,
  21. Brendon

    Cannot add .jpg files to a video production in Videowave

    Thanks, that seems a useful site. As far as pic size goes, please remember that picture size is constrained by the DVD or BD standard. So no matter what your source size is, Videowave is forced to downsize the images to the appropriate standard dimensions. That's something we can't change. Regards, Brendon
  22. Brendon

    Cannot add .jpg files to a video production in Videowave

    Nope! Running Videowave from NXT 6 Pro, and results are the same. Samsung uses a not-very-common Intel-type EXIF marker when it inserts metadata into photographs taken singly, but uses the more popular Motorola-type EXIF marker in its 'Burst mode' photographs. (I don't know why they use two different 'standards') Videowave in NXT 6 Pro still recognizes only the Motorola standard marker, and rejects JPGs with the Intel type marker. Re-saving the rejected JPGs with common editing programs will reset the Intel marker to Motorola. Regards, Brendon
  23. Brendon

    Cannot add .jpg files to a video production in Videowave

    Hello. This problem with photos taken by the Samsung Galaxy has been dealt with before. I'm surprised that the other members here didn't remember it. It's a matter of the EXIF markers saved by the Samsung Galaxy in photographs it takes. The earlier thread is found here, and the information you seek is very near the end of the thread. Best regards, Brendon
  24. Brendon

    track info

    Um, you're not exactly giving much detail there about your problem Caliber. What are you trying to do, how are you trying to do it, and what are the results you're getting please?
  25. Brendon

    ISO Burn Issue

    Oops, Mick. 2CH files are used in SACD audio, and I think your friend has given you an SACD ISO. Super Audio CD is a disc format which was introduced in 1999 and was going to replace CDs eventually, except it flopped and died, and is nowadays used only by a few "audiophiles". (See the Wiki HERE) You need a special player to play SACD ISOs, as they use a coding called 1-bit DSD while CDs use 16-bit PCM. Creator 2016 might burn the ISO to disc, but it can't convert DSD to PCM for you. Someone might know of a separate (commercial?) converting software. Regards, Brendon