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    Convert .gi file to MP4?

    Hi Pitbullfan01, Not knowing what sort of disc your .GI file is an image of, I can't tell you how to convert the unknown contents to MP4 I'm afraid. Here is how Imgburn behaved with a little sample data disc image I made long ago with Easy Media Creator 10. -I usually have .GI files set to run with ImgBurn if I double-click the file. If you don't, then run ImgBurn and use the button at the top with the magnifying glass icon to browse for, and load your .GI file. -Then, with a suitably-sized disc in the drive, click the green arrow near the bottom. The disc will be burned, and you can see the contents through File Explorer in the usual way. Mine was a little data disc. Audio CD or video DVD will look a little different. Brendon If your ImgBurn isn't working like this, would you please tell me [1] what sort of disc the .GI file was made with, and [2] What are you seeing when you try the process I described?
  2. Brendon

    Convert .gi file to MP4?

    Imgburn is safe, small, and free, and will burn your Global Image files direct to disc for you. HERE (link)
  3. Thanks for coming back to the forum with your solution. DivX used to be integrated with Roxio software years ago when Rovi owned both of them, but both companies have different owners now.
  4. Hi Ian, You've got the same error with NXT3 and NXT8, have you tried installing any non-Roxio software that uses MSI? [The Ookla speed test app at https://www.speedtest.net/apps/windows uses it if you can't find anything else handy] If you're getting the same error when trying to install with two or more different MSI installer sets, your Windows 10 may be broken or maladjusted. I'm not an expert on the Microsoft Installer (MSI) but I got pages of responses from my Google search for "Windows won't read .MSI files", and there might be some solutions there that help. Regards, Brendon
  5. Hi Brabian, Excuse the delay please - I'm in a different time zone. I am exploring some cunning plans, so I'll send you a private message. Brendon
  6. Brabian, It looks as if something has been corrupted in your installation. What shape or form are your source files please? Are they a folder full of files like this, or a couple of large (> 1GB) .exe files?
  7. Keep an eye on the date. Roxio offers a return for a refund for any reason up to 30 days. If you are nearing that time limit and they STILL can't let you to download the software, you might be better off to demand the refund before it gets too late.
  8. Brendon

    Roxio Photosuite Platinum 8 and Windows 10?

    If you feel strongly about it, I suggest you write and tell Roxio your thoughts. This is a User Group board, and Management is rarely seen here.
  9. Brendon

    Roxio Burn Uninstall Only

    I can't find a way to uninstall just the Secure Burn module. Another user recently did this by doing a complete uninstall and tidy-up, then a custom reinstall without Secure Burn. Just uncheck the 'features' you don't want. If you don't have either the inclination or sufficient installs left to do that, I see in Task Manager there are two processes running which make Secure Burn run. They are Roxio Burn (32 bit), and Roxio Burn Launcher (32 bit). The launcher calls the program when you insert a CD/DVD. Disabling those two processes would prevent Secure Burn from running and getting in your way. Regards, Brendon
  10. Hi, I don't think anyone on this board will know the answers you need. Those drivers do indeed appear to come from Roxio. Here are the title lines from emBDA64A.inf which is identical in NXT6 and NXT7, and can be found in C:\Program Files (x86)\Roxio Creator NXT Pro 8\EMBDA64A\ along with .SYS and other files. ;------------------------------------------------------------------ ; ; emBDA64.inf -- This file contains installation information for ; Roxio USB 2.0 Video Devices EM28xx. ; ; This installation is for Windows XP, Vista and 7 (x64). ; ; Copyright (C) Roxio Technology, Inc. 2002-2011 ; ;------------------------------------------------------------------ You might not need those drivers if you're not running any Roxio USB devices. NXT8 has a slightly different .INF file, so Roxio might have newer versions. However these questions are way above my pay grade [$0] because I'm not an employee and I don't know. I'm sorry, but you'll have to contact Roxio Support to ask for a fix, via the Support button at the top of this page, or https://www.roxio.com/enu/support/default.html Best regards, Brendon
  11. Brendon

    Roxio Secure Burn, Recursion too deep

    I'm sorry, but I can't help with that problem. The Gurus on this board are enthusiastic fellow-users of the software who can help solve problems most times, but we're not Roxio/Corel employees so we're limited to the software we can get hold of.
  12. Brendon

    Roxio Secure Burn, Recursion too deep

    Darn it!! I think you might be talking about WinZip Secure Burn Enterprise 5, which is one of Corel's Volume Licensing products. If that's the case, I don't think we can help you here because none of the Roxio Gurus have that product. Can you confirm that's the software you're talking about, please?
  13. Brendon

    Roxio Secure Burn, Recursion too deep

    Which version of Creator's Secure Burn are you dealing with??
  14. Brendon

    Copy DVD Issues

    Tony, your NXT 6 does seem very mixed-up and erratic. Your idea to Repair is a good one, but "Repair" is a couple of steps in on this software. If you go to Control Panel > Programs and Features, selecting Creator will bring up an Uninstall/Change button Click that, and the Roxio Setup wizard will load If you click the Next button the wizard will allow you to Repair or Remove the software. Hopefully this will restore your suite to proper operation. If it doesn't, I'm afraid that you will need to Remove the software, tidy up, and then reinstall it from the beginning. Regards, Brendon
  15. Brendon

    How to associate .iso file to Creator NXT 8

    Hello Chanseng, I think the Windows 10 default association is actually Windows Explorer, since Windows 10 is supposed to "mount" any ISO file you double-click and create a virtual drive from it. I'm guessing that ImgBurn has grabbed the association from Explorer. You can shift the file association over to NXT 8 if you wish. First go to an .ISO file, right-click it, and go to Open With and then Choose another app In the window which appears, first check the box at the bottom to Always use this app . . . then select Roxio Creator Application if it is there. Click OK, and you're done. If the Roxio Creator Application hasn't appeared in the list yet, you need to go find it. To do this, select the blue More Apps link. This will show you a bunch more applications to choose from. If the Creator Application isn't in the list, select Look for another app on this PC You're nearly there. An Explorer window will open into C:\Program Files. Navigate instead to C:\Program Files (x86)\Roxio Creator NXT Pro 8\Roxio Central (or NXT 8 if you don't have the Pro version) and look for roxiocentralfx.exe Select that .exe file, click Open at the bottom right, and you are finally done. Your ISO files will all have a Roxio "R" on them, and double-clicking on one will bring it up in Burn Disc Image. Was that what was wanted? Brendon
  16. Have a look at this site: LINK They seem to offer Gamecap drivers in 32 and 64 bit versions for Windows 7, 8.1, and 10. I found the site on a Google search. I don't know how good they are, but they might solve your problem. Brendon
  17. Hi Uli, Sorry, but his software will only handle unprotected CDs or DVDs, as Cdanteek was suggesting in his reply to your first post. While the 'fair use doctrine' in the US would allow you to make limited use of copyrighted material such as making a copy of a work (that you've bought) for your own personal use, in the US the 'Recording Industry' got around that by getting the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) made law so that breaking protection is a crime. (Crafty of them!!) In any event, because of that law, Roxio's software isn't allowed to break DVD protection and can't copy protected discs - and almost all commercial DVDs are protected with one or more protection schemes. If you bought this software directly from Roxio, they say they will refund your purchase price for any reason, within 30 days. If the software won't do what you bought it for, I suggest you apply for a refund as soon as you can. Best regards, Brendon
  18. Thanks. I'll get this thread shifted to the Easy CD & DVD Burning forum where it belongs. The link in General Chat will take you there for a little while. I have a drive with this software installed, so I can run it when needed. Can you tell me what steps you're taking to do whatever it is you want, and where/how it's not performing as expected, please? Your Operating System would also be useful to know. Brendon
  19. Which Roxio product are you speaking about, Mr.Stumpf? There are a large number of Roxio products with names starting with "Easy . . . ." and it's very hard to point you in the right direction if all you can tell us about it is " Does not work and is not easy ".
  20. Brendon

    Windows Controller Error

    What ROXIO software are you using to try and drive that device?
  21. If you have the time to try it, get some MP3 or WAV files with embedded images and use the MP3/WMA option to make one of those discs. See if your player will (1) play the files, and (2) display the art.
  22. Hello again AgentAlbert, The Red Book Standard for audio CDs allows only for CD Audio and CD-Text on a disc. The disc, artist, and track names can be recorded as CD-Text but there's no provision for CD-Art on a standard audio CD. I'd be really interested to know the Make/Model of the player in your car, and if the car connects to the Internet. Usually player software in PC or 'connected' car queries a database when you insert the disc, and if it recognizes the CD it will send the Art back for display. Unknown CDs you make for yourself won't be recognized, so they don't get a result from the database. NXT 2 offers to let you make: -audio discs [standard discs, as above] No art. -MP3/WMA discs [Data disc with MP3 or WMA files stored] Sometimes these files carry Art embedded. -DVD music discs [music with menus, plays on DVD players] Actually a DVD soundtrack with a picture instead of a video. Does this help clarify things?? Brendon
  23. What error message are you getting? Can you post a screen-shot of it here please? What are you doing, or what are you clicking on when you get this error message? What Operating System are you running?
  24. Brendon

    Import Roxio Creator NXT 5

    How are you importing your VHS? How is the VHS machine connected to the PC? What menu item in NXT 5 are you using? Is whatever you are doing actually saving your VHS video? It's very hard to work out where the problem lies without lots of details, so please feel free to tell us all.
  25. Brendon


    I see it has been said that this month's Patch Tuesday (on May 11th) Microsoft will release the Extended Security Updates (ESUs) for Windows 7 and Server 2008/2008 R2. If you are still using Windows 7 it might pay you to try updating your system after May 11 to get these security updates, as well as any other Windows 7 updates the Windows Updates site can be persuaded to give you.