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  1. Hi Mac,

    I hope it's not an intermittent too, since they're a real cow to diagnose even when you're in the same room as the machine.

    The registry check is aimed at making sure the Roxio PxHelp filter is installed, and it must be if you're writing now so no point in checking.   Truthfully, the clues from your earlier messages are pointing in all directions so I have no idea what went wrong for a while there.   Fingers crossed it doesn't happen again.

    Down under we stamped out the virus in country, but every now and then we get leaks at the border which we need to jump on quickly.  Vaccines are starting to arrive, but it will be midyear before we can get to start on the general population.  Once everyone's done we can open the border again.

    Stay safe, Brendon

  2. You reinstall it from the original disc you have kept in a safe place


    You reinstall if from the backup you made and kept in a safe place if you bought a download


    You use a Data Migration Tool such as Easus Todo PCTrans Free which claims to transfer common applications from one computer to another, to try and migrate the software from your old machine to your new one


    You buy another copy of NXT 6 from Amazon or a similar marketplace.

  3. Hi Mac,

    No problem, glad we've got you here now.    Okay, I was trying to find out if you couldn't burn a particular type of CD - e.g. music or data - in case some particular part of the software had failed.  I'm guessing that you can't burn any type. Please correct me if that's wrong.

    Migrating your system from a rotary drive to an SSD shouldn't break this, but I'm thinking that perhaps you might have lost the writing system that Roxio uses.    To clarify, Windows has its own read/write system for optical discs and Roxio software inserts a filter in there to hook up to the Windows system.    I need you to check both of those for me if you can.

    The first is easy.  Please insert a CD with data on it and see if you can Open it in Windows Explorer.  If it's a music CD, see if you can play it in your usual manner.     If that works, the Windows system and the drive are both okay.

    Next, run CD & DVD Burning 2, go to Get Disc Information, and see if the display shows you the sort of information shown below about the drive, Selected Drive, Inserted disc, and sessions and tracks.     Please come back and let me know the results so far.



    A final check involves using REGEDIT.EXE and peeping at the contents of a registry key.   This can be quite daunting if you're not familiar with regedit, so please let me know if you're familiar with it or not and I can give more instructions if needed to walk you through that one.

    Regards, Brendon

  4. Hello Mac, are there supposed to be pictures in those huge gaps in your message?  If so, I can't see any.

    There's not much info there to work on.   Was the software burning CDs previously for you and it has now stopped, or have you never been able to burn CDs since you installed the software?   If it used to work, what have you changed on your computer?

    What type of CD are you trying to burn?  Data, Audio, from Disk Image?

    Is the CD you have inserted unchanged after your attempts, or is it shown as no longer blank?

    What operating system are you using, and what make/model of burner?

  5. Gidday.   Try this please.

    -Run Videowave, and either edit an existing project or create a new one.

    -Tap on "Add Photo/Video"1409043562_addphoto.jpg.56279b93e3e5258bd63808c933f54257.jpg

    -Click on the folder where your .MPG file is, locate and tap on the .MPG when the folder contents are displayed, and click "Open"


    -That should leave you with your MPG loaded in Videowave, where you can carry on editing it.  Was this what you're after?


    Regards, Brendon


  6. John AS

    Here is the contents of the first part of your file which downloaded and unzipped without error.   It is followed by a similar display of a JPG that I just made.  The Hex contents and address are shown on the left in each case, with the ASCII display on the right.


    As you can see,  your file is rather chaotic, while mine shows an orderly JFIF header.    It appears that your FlipAlbum software has changed (perhaps encrypted) the JPG.   You're reading the CD fine so Creator worked properly,  but Windows can't interpret the altered JPG files.

    Regards, Brendon


  7. Mr Dee,

    I've been working on your problem for a couple of days, and I think I have found the cause.   However I certainly don't have a solution for it! :(

    I tried making a DVD like yours with a WMV intro and a MOV movie.  Using Creator NXT 7's MyDVD it worked fine, but using Easy CD & DVD Burning 2's version of MyDVD I could not get audio from any of my software DVD players or my Blu-Wave player.    It was there in preview, but I could not get it to playback in the DVD or ISO that the Redbox MyDVD made.

    MediaInfo said there was an audio track there, but it was in PCM audio rather than the usual Dolby Digital AC-3 audio.



    I made a number of DVDs with each software, and regardless of the source files [WMV, MOV, MP4, AVI, etc]   NXT 7 always output AC3 audio, while Easy CD & DVD Burning 2 always output PCM audio.      I went through two dozen random DVDs from my commercial DVD collection, and they ALL have AC3 audio and NONE have PCM.    I have gone cross-eyed reading the results from search engines, but have not found any way to play these DVDs with their PCM audio.  :(

    We had quite some problems in earlier years,  with the company cutting off the useful bits of Creator (including AC3 audio)  to make the original  Easy CD & DVD Burning, but I think they may have outdone themselves with this version.  What use are the DVDs if you can't play the audio?

    If anybody reading this knows how to play these DVDs with audio on PCs and DVD players, please step in and tell us.   I can upload a small ISO to Google Drive (about 80 MBs) for a limited time (please PM me) if you want to poke a stick at it.

    Sorry Mr.Dee.




  8. I wonder if your "old version" is so old that they have shut down the validation server at Roxio which checks the CD Key.    They have done that with some earlier versions of Roxio Creator which required online validation, and as a result those versions of Creator can no longer be validated or used.

    If that's the case, the message "Can't connect to the internet " might be shown because the software can't find the server.

  9. Hello there Neale,

    Sorry to have to tell you this, but Take Two was a feature of Easy CD Creator 4 and 5.   It was not in Easy CD & DVD Creator 6, and it is not in Roxio Easy CD and DVD Burning 2 [which you call ECDC2, and which is merely a cut-down version of Creator NXT 7]


    There's no way you're going to get either version 4 or 5 running in Windows 10.   :(     I'm sorry, but if you ever use a specialized program like Take 2 or BackOnTrack to make a backup, you really need to store a bootable copy of the operating system with a running copy of the backup program installed in it.   Otherwise, if you update or "upgrade" your operating system and the old programs stop working, you can lose access to your backups.

    If you search on the Internet for .TK2 files you might be able to find and buy a commercial multi-file-reading program which will read your old backups, but is it worth the cost and effort?

    Regards, Brendon


  10. remember back when Metallica sued Napster, USC, Indiana University and Yale, demanding $100,000 per "copyright violation" and forced Napster to block more than 335,000 fans, saying it was " trafficking in stolen goods."   

    If Metallica have done this remarkable U-turn then you may be safe from litigation,  but your friend's burned BR discs are still of poor quality and you would still be better off discarding them and buying official Metallica discs.

  11. Hello RushFan,

    To sum up, a friend sends you pirated DVDs and Blu-Ray discs that he has burned.  You can play his DVDs okay, but you have trouble playing his BRs on either of your players.

    Given that you have similar results with two different players, it seems that your friend's BRs are of poor quality.  A writer uses different optical systems and discs for burning the different media so it's quite possible for one machine to output good DVDs and poor BRs, or vice versa.

    You could try buying a new player, but you would be better off discarding the pirate discs and buying genuine Metallica BRs if you want their music.  You would be guaranteed excellent playback, and avoid the expensive litigation that can come from publicly admitting to the piracy.


  12. Forgive me interrupting, but I would suggest that it's better to remove NXT7 before you install NXT8.    

    The new version will remove parts of the old, but it seems very easy for the software to get tangled.   Our friend MalateKid had problems installing 8 over the top of 7, and it took some work for him to sort the snarl-up. 

    If the versions are close together, "There be Dragons!!"   Uninstall the old first.