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  1. Sean,

    I'm sorry, but Roxio don't maintain a page where you can re-download their software.   I believe their distribution is contracted out to another company who send you a time-limited personal download link when you purchase.  

    You only have a limited time to download your purchase.  You have to keep a copy/copies safely stored somewhere in case you need to reinstall, and you can't go to the seller to get another copy unless you buy it.

    Regards, Brendon

  2. Personally I think that Creator 2012 is better than 2017's NXT Pro 6, and NXT Pro 8 is the current version, however . . .  :)

    You should find WinDVD 12 Pro in your "Content" DVD or download.   It is the DVD Player application in this suite.


    There are also, if I remember correctly, TWO service packs that you should download and apply to Creator.   Your Roxio Software Manager should download those for you.

    Regards, Brendon

  3. Hello,

    The Roxio installer makes some quite detailed log files, and stores them on your 😄 drive.   In my Windows 10 system they're in a folder C:\ProgramData\Roxio Log Files\Roxio NXT Pro 8

    Inside that folder there should be one or more folders listed by the date and time you tried your install - one for each attempt.   Finally, inside the latest of those dated folders there should be a bunch of install logs for all the various parts of Creator.   The one we are after is called   EMC_210_Install.log

    Please grab a copy of EMC_210_Install.log and ZIP or RAR it to compress its size (Ask here if you need help doing that)   Then reply here, and drag that ZIP file into your message to post it.

    We are not Roxio employees, but there's a good chance that one of us might be able to work out from the log why the install failed.  It's certainly worth trying.

    Regards, Brendon

  4. Shane,

    "like pulling teeth" is British idiom which has come over to American.

    24/03/2021 — If you say that making someone do something was like pulling teeth, you mean it was very difficult and they did not want to do it: Getting her to tell me about her childhood was like pulling teeth. SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases. Causing difficulties for oneself or others.
    Cdanteek is suggesting that it is very difficult to get you to explain what has happened to you in a way we can understand.  So far you've asked us
    " Why would a mid ninties jvc video snap "  -WHAT IS A JVC VIDEO AND WHAT SNAPPED?   -WHAT IS A " Telly video combination tent unit " ??
    We would like to help you, and if it's something to do with Easy VHS to DVD Plus you've certainly come to the right place, but please explain to us what you were doing;  with what;   what a "tent unit" is; and what "snapped" in it?
    Regards, Brendon

  5. Hi Paul, sorry to have been so long.  Mine has gone from build 868 to 907 and is still working okay so it doesn't look like a Windows update that has upset your Program Compatibility Assistant (PCA).  I don't have any compatibility settings engaged, just ran it straight out of the box.


    I've spent some time now trying to get my PCA to protest about RoxioCentralfx.exe,  but it won't.   Does that "Learn More" button on the error box tell you anything?


  6. Mr Rodriguez,

    Firstly, you have joined a conversation which finished 12 years ago.   Spine, the original poster, has not been here for at least 8 years.   Posting to a long dead thread is called "necro-posting" and is not useful nor encouraged.

    Secondly, this forum is for Creator 2009.  You have a cut-down reduced-function version of Creator NXT which came out around 2013, so there's quite a difference between your software and Creator 2009.  Your software is known as the "Redbox version" and there is a forum for that software here (link) which might be helpful for you.   (The current Redbox is version 20)

    I think that if you want to handle BluRay discs you will need a full version of Creator NXT 8 (not cut-down) and probably will also need to buy the Blu-Ray add-on as well.  You should check with Roxio sales as to what you need and what it can do.



  7. Johnnie,

    In Videowave the Add Content panel should look like this:


    Are the buttons actually missing, greyed-out, or not operating for you?  (Probably not too important, but it might indicate how broken it is).


    I've not seen this fault reported before - NXT 8 is perhaps too new.   A repair shouldn't hurt it, and might well fix it.    You should turn off your anti-virus measures before starting the repair, along with any other programs that don't need to be running.

    To run a Repair, go to your Control Panel, Programs and Features, and locate Roxio Creator NXT 8 or NXT Pro 8 (whichever you have).   Click on it and on the "Organise" line at the top of the list of programs an "Uninstall/change" button should appear.


    Click that, and the Roxio setup wizard should run.  Click Next


    Select Repair, and follow the prompts.   After everything has finished and the hue and cry has died down you'll probably have to restart the machine.   Remember to restart your anti-virus again, too.  A good thing about Repair is that it doesn't cost you an "install" from your install counter at Roxio HQ.

    Best regards, Brendon

  8. You don't say which application you're using when trying to burn your DVD - Secure Burn or MyDVD ?  I'll guess MyDVD.  Please correct me if needed.

    Code 2147500035  is the decimal value for Error 0x80004003, COM Exception Encountered Unexpected Error, whatever that means.

    BurnerState_Aborting failure, is probably more useful but even then it's delightfully vague - Thanks Microsoft.

    Since there's something going wrong when you're trying to burn to disc, can you find out if the error is happening while the disc is being assembled, or when it tries to actually burn to plastic?    When you're ready to burn, tell the software to Save Project to an ISO Image by clicking on the floppy disk icon next to the flame "burn" icon.   If it can successfully make an ISO, then you know the disc assembly is fine but something's wrong with the burner - or vice versa.    If you can successfully make an ISO, then you can test the burner by using the Burn Disc Image selection on the Creator main menu.   If you can't make an ISO with the video content you're using, try a test run with different source video to rule out your source material being the cause of the problem.

    Please try that and let us know how it goes.   Saving to an ISO won't waste another blank DVD.


  9. Happy news!   Mac went off investigating unusual Windows settings, and sent back this message:

    " windows folder protection was blocking access to my music folders so I've allowed it and all is good. "

    It seems that Windows 10 had set folder protection to On for his music folders, denying access to the player, RxSMPlayer.  To remove the block you have to go to Settings > Virus & threat protection > Ransomware protection and then click a link "Manage ransomware protection".  Once there, locate and click a link "Allow an app through Controlled folder access" > "Add an allowed app"  and then find and allow your recently blocked app.

    "Manage ransomware protection" ? It reminds me of some plans in The Hitchhiker's Guide, which were "on display in the bottom of a locked filing cabinet stuck in a disused lavatory with a sign on the door saying ‘Beware of the Leopard.' "     Windows 10 strikes again!

    Anyway, that's where the setting is if you run into this problem.   Thanks for your detective work on this, Mac. :)



  10. Hello Mac,

    I've been giving this one a lot of thought, but I'm limited by not being able to put the machine on my bench and poke a stick at it.    Distance doesn't help diagnosis.

    I was about to suggest that perhaps the only thing left is to do a clean uninstall/reinstall of the Roxio software to ensure there's nothing broken inside it, but you've anticipated that and done it already.  

    So it doesn't seem to be in the Roxio software.   It's unlikely to be an issue with Windows 10 - I'm running it in version 20H2 up to date, and it's fine there.      What about your anti-virus?  Can you disable it or try a different one?   I've really run out of ideas.  :(


  11. Hi Mac,

    Thanks for your answers.   The filter (PxHelp) I mentioned in an earlier message enables disc I/O, and is not involved with audio.

    Your Roxio Sound Editor uses its own output routines, and seems to be okay.   

    The Music Disk Creator uses a Sonic Media Player, RxSMPlayer, and it seems that is either broken or being interfered with by something in your machine.   Did you change anything at all prior to that happening?



  12. Hello Chris,

    Sorry to be so late to the party, but this one has taken me all day (thanks to the excessive speed of Windows updates ?)

    My backup drive held Windows 10 version 2004 (19041.330), and it handled MP4 files nicely.


    I spent all afternoon and much of the evening updating Windows 10 (like watching paint dry!!!), and a few minutes ago I finally arrived at version 20H2 (19042.844).    I don't know why Windows updates wait for ages after downloading before they start installing, or why they take so long to install.

    Anyway, NXT4 is still behaving, and handling MP4 files just as it was before.   I'd show  you another screen clip, but it's the same as the first, so there's not much point.    So it seems it's NOT Windows 10 or its updates per se, that's stopping yours from handling MP4s.

    Looking for CODEC lists, I found a site which said

    "Codec Information Through Windows

    Go to Help -> About Windows Media Player, then click on the Technical Support Information link at the bottom. This will open a webpage that lists several bits of information including installed audio and video codecs."

    You have to run Windows Media Player (eeew!) to do this, but I did, and got this result for my machine:


    If it's any help to you, these appear to be the video CODECs I have installed, and my NXT4 is processing MP4 files properly.

    Regards, Brendon


  13. Mac,

    -what are your playlists, and what program in Easy DVD & CD Burning 2 are you trying to use to play them?

    Are the playlists groups of song files you are feeding to some player, or are they special list files such as M3U files or something similar see LINK  which contain music filenames and locations, and which you feed to some sort of player which then goes and gets the files and plays them?

    What program in the Roxio suite are you using as a player?


  14. 1 hour ago, mac121 said:

     Basically what is happening is there is no sound when i try to play any of my playlists.

    Sorry Mac, that leaves me with more questions than answers.

    -what are your playlists, and what program in Easy DVD & CD Burning 2 are you trying to use to play them?

    Are you having problems with your Internet connection? [that or system instability are the only reasons I can think for only half a reply showing]


  15. Hello Mac,

    Not sure what's happening on your computer - you had about three huge pages worth of blank space after your message, too.

    What do you mean by 'lost audio in Roxio'?   The program won't preview music you put into it?  It writes CDs that have no music on them?  The sound editor doesn't show a signal?   It shows a signal but won't play it?   Please describe the exact problem.

    Your previous problem "can't burn music CDs" came right before we could get into it.   That doesn't sound like program corruption because corruption doesn't just fix itself.   It sounds more like the machine is unstable or other programs are interfering.

    I'd suggest you don't try any more big interventions until we work out what's happening.   Easy CD & DVD Burning 2 allows a limited number of re-installs, so uninstalling/reinstalling is considered the nuclear option.   'Repairs' are free.

    Give me more clues, my friend.


  16. 14 hours ago, Amy L3 said:

    I have another question, so when I add my videos to make my dvd, it doesn't allow me to change any font size or text on the main page of the dvd where it shows the video titles.

    Sorry, same answer: Creator NXT 8 has a very limited version of Corel MyDVD which does not allow you to make these adjustments. 

    Many of us were dismayed when the owners made this change, but they don't discuss these changes with us software users.

  17. Easy Media Creator 10 had a full-featured Roxio version of  MyDVD which allowed you to vary the quality of your product so that you could squish more time onto a DVD.


    Creator NXT 8 has a very limited version of Corel MyDVD which does not allow you to make these adjustments in quality.  All you can change is the size of your target disc,  so you are stuck with the one setting and the results you are now seeing.  :(  There is no way to make MyDVD behave like the earlier version.


  18. Hi Mac,

    I hope it's not an intermittent too, since they're a real cow to diagnose even when you're in the same room as the machine.

    The registry check is aimed at making sure the Roxio PxHelp filter is installed, and it must be if you're writing now so no point in checking.   Truthfully, the clues from your earlier messages are pointing in all directions so I have no idea what went wrong for a while there.   Fingers crossed it doesn't happen again.

    Down under we stamped out the virus in country, but every now and then we get leaks at the border which we need to jump on quickly.  Vaccines are starting to arrive, but it will be midyear before we can get to start on the general population.  Once everyone's done we can open the border again.

    Stay safe, Brendon