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  1. Could there be some sort of adverse reaction going on with my Norton AntiVirus software?


    Additionally, what switches? should be set in Device Manager for the drive? i.e. should DMA be On or Off? etc.

    I think there is some interference generated by some other software. I don't know if it might be NAV because I won't use that antivirus, but I haven't heard any complaints about NAV doing this.


    I think that it's more likely to be some other music program which is breaking Creator's engine. Do you have Music Match, a Real player, or Windows Media Player installed? Have you updated any of them recently? What versions of each do you have installed?


    DMA setting shouldn't affect recognition of the drive, just the speed of operation. It's simple to try it on and off if you want to, but shouldn't matter.


    Back to nuts and bolts:

    -are you getting this 'no supported drive' error when trying to write any disc, or are CDs okay while data DVDs show the problem?


    -if you have version 5.3.5v installed, can you tell me the version number of the three files CDENGINE.DLL, CDRPWD.VXD and CDR4VSD.VXD on your hard drive? Size of each file in BYTES (not kB) would help, too, so I can check what's happening in there.

  2. Benito,


    There are some remaining links to the now removed software, in your menu system.

    They are *.lnk files, and will probably be in

    C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Roxio.


    When you locate them you can delete them all, and their Roxio directory, and you'll be tidy again.





    Other than that, I was reminded of


    This masculine conception / Is nearly universal:

    If force won't cure a sticky drawer / Then perhaps a curse'll.



  3. I'm afraid "you pays your money and you takes your chances". Nothing is guaranteed since the company ceased support for it and sold the engine.


    Adaptec or Roxio sold/leased/licenced the Adaptec burn engine to other companies, and one implementation of it is likely to conflict with another because although different, they each use identical filenames or registry key values.


    The method (short of leaving them all strictly alone) which seems to produce the best result is to take out ALL software using that engine, and then to reinstall the one you want to keep.


    Good luck.

  4. "I have done the unistall and used RoxiZap, then re-installed and did the upgrade to 5.3.5 with the additonal running of driveup5.3.5V.exe and still get an error message saying no supported drive installed."




    If you're getting that message, the problem is one of identification and not performance. A dirty lens or a failing laser does not produce that error. It is caused by Easy CD Creator failing to get a match between its internal drivetable, and the identifier of your drive.


    Your drive is listed in the drivetable for version 5, and you do not need the DriveUp patch because that's only for new and unlisted drives. If ever you need to uninstall/reinstall in the future, just use the big updater, and forget about the DriveUp. (It won't hurt anything, it's just a waste of time for you)


    Your drive should be recognized, so the two main possibilities that come to mind are a broken registry or recognition file (not very likely) or a broken drive interface. The interface is easiest to check first.

    Right click My Computer, select properties, Device Manager. Find the DVD/CDROM icon, click on the + alongside to expand it and you will see an icon and text information for each CD/DVD device installed. This text is the ID String. Please check that it says "SONY CD-RW CRX1611" (without the quotes, and with two spaces between CD-RW and CRX1611.


    If that checks out okay, please come back here and I'll work out a way for you to check the recognition file.


    If the recognition file checks okay, then it's likely something is interfering with the program but we'll deal with that if we need to.

  5. Brendon,


    I will take your offer to get the regedit if you don't mind. Thanks

    No problems, Luis.


    -You need to have version, with the 535V DriveUp patch applied. That builds the right structures in the registry. What you're now going to do is modify the entry for the ND-3530A so it applies to the ND-3550A


    1) Run Regedit, the Windows Registry editor

    2) press ctrl-F to find something, and look for "device312" (without the quote marks)

    3) when you find it, it should relate to a Philips burner. Press F3 to step to the next find.

    4) You should now be at an entry dealing with the ND-3530A. It will contain the value . . .

    "_NEC DVD_RW ND-3530A,_NEC,DVD_RW ND-3530A,DVD+-R/RW,cdrmmc.drv,178,,9"

    5) doubleclick on device312, and an edit box will open containing that value.

    6) edit it carefully to replace 3530A with 3550A in each of the two places it appears

    7) click OK to complete the edit, and exit out of the editor


    That's it, though you might need to restart Windows to force the Registry to be re-read before you try to use it.


    Please let us know how this works for you.

  6. Hello Clyde,


    You posted your message in the "general chat, no Roxio stuff" forum, so it was moved here.


    Roxio doesn't listen here. This site is populated by customers like me who help each other. I can't comment on how easy the Roxio/Sonic site is because I haven't been there for a long while. However I just hopped over there to their front page, clicked on SUPPORT, and found myself facing a lot of FAQs and support articles without having to log in anywhere.


    Can I help you with your problem?


    I understand that you've been using version 6 Basic for years, and then went and bought the version 6 retail version. Now you need to uninstall Basic, but you can't because you've lost your Basic CD. Is that a fair summary of the problem?


    I would suggest a double-pronged method of uninstalling 6 Basic and banishing the fragments. The first part should do a quick but effective cleanout, and the second part will remove any installer fragments from your system. This should leave you a pristine system where you can install your retail version without let or hindrance. Here's how:


    1) go to the top of this forum, and have a look at the pinned message which was posted there for your information. In that message you'll see a reference to the Roxio uninstaller, ROXIZAP. Click on the link given there, and download that utility.


    Run Roxizap, and it will immediately remove all the parts of this Creator which might prevent a reinstallation. You may go around the hard drive and manually delete any Roxio directories which escaped the flamethrower, but you shouldn't find much left after Roxizap.


    2) Go to HERE and get the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility from Microsoft.


    Read that MS page thoroughly, and use the Cleanup Utility to remove any installer fragments left behind by version 6 Basic.


    -Your drive should now be very clean with respect to the old version, and installing the new one should be a snip.


    Please let us know here, how you get on.

  7. Someone has been selling "Not For Resale" copies there lately.


    These are discs sent out to reviewers and such people. They can't be registered, and they aren't supported.


    Unfortunately, you're not going to know if that's what you're getting until you've paid, and it has arrived in the mail.

  8. I am trying to make a Bootable CD and am not sure about "Emulation Option".


    Hi Linda,


    In emulation mode a bootable CD behaves as if you're booting from a floppy disk with CD drivers enabled, so the program wants an image of a bootable floppy disk.


    You can get bootable disk images of all sorts from here (click on this link), and that page Lynn refers to should help from there.

  9. Thanks Barry,


    Did you know the Drive ID already, or did you go and query it in Windows? If you got that drive ID from Device Manager, then that means Windows is seeing your drive properly.


    However if Creator is telling you "no compatible recorder in this system" then either Creator is not communicating with Windows properly, or for some reason Creator can't read and refer to its own table of recognized drives. It normally matches your drive with the table, and gives you that message if it can't get a match.


    If Device Manager is seeing the drive but Creator isn't, then it's almost certain that Creator has been broken by something. An update or Service Pack for Windows, or Media Player, or perhaps a music program? (Often Windows does updates without telling you).


    Without knowing what broke it, your best course is probably to remove Easy CD Creator and then reinstall it - as long as you still have your installer CD.


    -uninstall ECDC by using the Add/Remove programs menu in Windows Control Panel

    -use the Roxizap uninstaller (see the Frequent Answers post at the top of this forum) to clean out fragments

    -reinstall with your installer CD


    That should install ECDC back in its original condition for you.

  10. Hi Barry,


    If you're being told "no compatible recorder in this system" then it's very likely that Easy CD Creator isn't seeing or acknowledging the drive in the first place. The reason for that can also have a bearing on why Creator won't start automatically when you put a blank disc in, so we had better start at the start and work through it.


    Please tell me what operating system you're using, what version of Creator, and what is the "ID string" of your drive. (Finding that ID will also tell us if Windows is seeing the drive properly).


    -Run Easy CD Creator in a data project, click the help item on the top toolbar, and select "About Easy CD Creator". A box will open. The full version number is shown in there.


    -Right click My Computer, select properties, (then hardware, if in XP), Device Manager. Find the DVD/CDROM icon, click on the + alongside to expand it and you will see an icon and text information for each CD/DVD device installed. This text is the ID String. Please quote it exactly.



  11. i downloaded and installed that program. its said, installed. what do i do?

    There are instructions with it, but basically you need to drag the AVI you've got problems with onto the open GSpot program so GSpot can analyse it for you.


    The video section at top right will tell you what codec the AVI uses, and if you have a compatible codec installed. Clicking on the Render button will tell you if Direct Show says it can play the file.

  12. I get the impression you're not starry-eyed over WGA either. At least the "real" one won't try to grab my banking info.

    Yes, you've got it :)


    I despise corporate bullies who think THEY own my machine, or think they know better than I do what I want / need / should have on it. I upsize that, with fries, for corporate people who lie to me.