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  1. I get the impression you're not starry-eyed over WGA either. At least the "real" one won't try to grab my banking info.

    Yes, you've got it :)


    I despise corporate bullies who think THEY own my machine, or think they know better than I do what I want / need / should have on it. I upsize that, with fries, for corporate people who lie to me.

  2. That's excellent Max.


    We used to have a fairly complicated "clean uninstall" proceedure that we users developed to clean out fragments left behind by Adaptec/Roxio uninstallers, but then Patrick developed Roxizap to automate the job and that program has been a blessing.


    Thanks for the feedback.

  3. In my case it's just a matter of principal I think, Frank.


    I don't like spyware, and I don't like trojans, and this software is both of those.


    My software is legitimate, but I protest at Micro$oft pushing trojan spyware onto my computer (and a beta version of it, at that) and I encourage other users to protest also, and develop ways to defy Micro$oft in this matter.


    I think we would be better off if they used all that effort to fix the bugs in the software, rather than try to "fix" their customers.

  4. Yeah, I got that but didn't download the pesky popup (just in case). For the moment at least, custom updates are still being offered . . . :)

    Yes, but when I asked for Custom I am offered only ONE download which consists of three items:

    -Microsoft Windows Installer 3.1

    2.5 MB

    -Update for Windows XP (KB898461)

    477 KB

    -Windows Genuine Advantage Validation Tool (KB892130)

    734 KB


    To get anything down, I have to accept all three. There doesn't appear to be any way I can separate the pesky popup out and decline to download it.


    That's not very nice, is it!

  5. Sounds like a much older technology, anyone remember "core"memory? Ferrite "doughnuts" with wires through them to read/write and sense the polarity. No power needed to maintain a state. However, it was a destructive read, so it had to be re-written after reading it.


    "Everything old is new again" as the song says.

    Here's some I prepared earlier (grin)




    Core memory


    Sorry about the size, but the little ferrite doughnuts are so small you'd miss them if I shrank the picture.

    I think that array represents about 1K bits. Can you imagine 1 GB of that stuff? :)

  6. Hi Max,


    Firstly, your drive can read okay. Thanks for mentioning it can read the old discs. The trouble seems to be with the writing side of things.


    There are two things which might cause this:-


    (a) Hardware failure of the write section of the system. This could be checked by trying one of the freeware CD writing programs available on the 'net. It is possible for the drive to be writing something, even if it isn't doing it properly, and if you can't write properly with another program that'll rule out a software problem.


    (:) a software failure.

    You have an OEM version of ECDC (5.01 S45) which was probably provided with a specific machine - the one which has died? A Dell?

    As bundled software it may have been adapted for the machine it was supplied with, and may have been tweaked for the Operating System it was bundled with, or might not have installed properly in Win98SE.


    I would suggest you first try cleaning the software out and then reinstalling. Use the Add/remove programs menu in Control Panel to uninstall, then use the Roxizap program [see the pinned Frequent Answers post at the top of the forum for Roxizap] to clean out the fragments. Finally, reinstall and try the program.


    The second suggestion takes a lot more time. Get the updater from Roxio's Support / Software Updates site, and apply that after you've tried the first suggestion. You'll want the Basic updater. You won't need any Driveup patch. The updater's about 11.6 MB I think, so it will take time to download.


    Please let us know how you go.

  7. After that one I had to log in again.Although I usually only delete cookies from sites I know I won't need them for.So,the last time I cleared cookies I didn't delete Roxio,likewise MSN.I use them constantly and don't like having to login every time I go to them.

    I tried it (I'll try anything once :) ) and ran into strife.


    Without the cookie I was requested to log on using my email address and password. I did that, but the software claimed the two didn't match. Of course they did!


    After fruitlessly trying several times to persuade the software about the truth of what I was saying, I gave in and hit the "lost your password" button. After filling in my email address again the script promptly emailed me a link to reset the password.


    I reset the password to what it already was and clicked the button to log in. That brought me to a page that seemed to be the equivalent of myRoxio, and it knew me. Hooray!


    I then had to get to the discussion forums. Clicking on the Support heading I found a link, and arrived at the forum front page, where I was invited to either go in as a guest, or to log in. I logged in using my email address and that same ol' password, and was told they didn't match. What??!!? Here we go again?


    I got crafty at this point and decided my Internet Exploder had cached that page with the mis-match message, so I pushed F5 to refresh the page and sure enough I found I was "in".


    The lesson:

    Keep healthy, flush your caches often

    Don't log out if you can help it, it can be "interesting" getting back in.

  8. Hi Jeff,


    Sometimes you can track down where the fault in your registry is, or what has broken, and fix it. However this often takes an inordinate time and a lot of resources to do.


    You might find it easier to uninstall ECD&DVDC through the Add/Remove programs menu in Control Panel

    -Then tidy up the debris left behind, with Roxizap

    -Then reinstall the application.


    That way you will have removed all the important bits and settings, plus whatever had been trod on, and reinstalled them all to factory settings.

  9. Next Steps

    I am about to embark on a debug process of unsinstalling and reinstalling to older versions and perhaps even reverting to the prior Ricoh MP5125A burner but before I do all that I am posting here to see if there is any advice. I reviewed the list of supported drives at (http://rpp.roxio.com/drives/?page=supported_drives<r=H) and found that the LG GSA-4163B is not listed and yet 4160B and 4162B are listed. I hope that the omission is only a web site omission.


    Hitachi-LG Data Storage RW/DVD GCC-4160B HL-DT-ST n/a

    Hitachi-LG Data Storage RW/DVD GCC-4161B HL-DT-ST n/a

    Hitachi-LG Data Storage RW/DVD GCC-4161N HL-DT-ST n/a

    Hitachi-LG Data Storage RW/DVD GCC-4162B HL-DT-ST n/a

    Based on the info in the compatibility list above I first plan to try re-installing ECDC 5 Platinum and updating to only version ... It's fortunate that I had saved ecdc_v5.3.1.154_plt_enu_SP4.exe in my downloads archive because that update version is not available at the Roxio web site today.

    Hello cbrazier,


    There is no purpose in doing what you are about to try. You seem to have totally missed the point that those Hitachi-Lucky Goldstar drives supported by version etc are GCC-4xxx models, not GSA-4xxx. They're a whole 'nother totally different kettle of fish.


    The GSA-4163B is NOT supported by Easy CD Creator 5.x and the supported drives list is correct on this point. Your drive is too new for the old software.

    The only GSA-41xxx model supported by Easy CD Creator 5 is the HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-4120B


    The question of whether or not you can get your ECDC5 working in SP2 is quite irrelevant, since ECDC5 does not support your drive.

    Having bought a new drive, you now need a new version of ECDC to go with it. This, alas, is the price of progress.

  10. Hi Coach,



    Does your truck's player read "CD text" ? (not many do).


    Does your CD burner support "CD text" ? (Not all do).


    If the answer to both questions is "yes" then you should

    -make sure the tracks are named in your project how you want them to appear on the player,

    -make sure CD Text is turned on in the checkbox during the burn dialog in Creator

    -make sure you burn in Disc At Once (DAO) mode


    That will burn CD Text into your music CD, for your player to display.