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  1. I also saw that my drive, a SONY DW-D26A, isn't on the list of supported drives!

    How come it was supported in version 5?

    Your drive was first supported by the "V" driveupdate patch, which was issued after version 6 came on the market.


    The published list of supported drives isn't complete or accurate.

  2. Hi Sisterscape,


    Partitioning is the initial setting-up of your drive - what FDISK used to do for you. Every new drive has to be partitioned before you can use it. What you're discussing here is splitting the drive up into several partitions rather than just one.


    I've heard nothing to suggest that splitting the drive into several partitions will cause or prevent drive failure, and I can't see any reason why it should. That aside, it's really a matter of personal preference based on what you want to do with the new drives.


    In general, smaller partitions are easier to do the housekeeping on. If you are trying to find a file, you don't need to pack a lunch before setting out to find it. However you can run out of drive letters if you have a lot of partitions, and too many can complicate keeping track of things. You have to find your own balance.


    Like Dave, I prefer to keep the partition I boot off small where possible. It's a lot easier to back up frequently with a utility such as Norton's Ghost. (I'm not sure what your local computer guy would use a 10 MB partition for.) After that I make 'em as big as they need to be.


    Splitting external drives makes defragging quicker, too. Rather than spending a week defragging, just move all the files into an empty partition and you're done.


    I do think that if you have more than one drive you should learn to use a partitioning utility. I prefer Partition Magic, but there are good free ones out there. XP's disk management menu will give good basic functionality, and it's built into the operating system.


    Once you can handle that, you don't have to worry so much about dividing drives. You can change things as you need to. I wonder how much that Kim Kommando person really knows if she can't handle partitions.

  3. OS: Win2000 Professional 5.0.2195 SP 4

    Error Message: There are no supported CD Recorders available.

    ECDC Version:

    You may just have a recorder which isn't recognized by your We can't tell, because you didn't say what the recorder is.


    Right click My Computer, select properties, (then hardware, if necessary), Device Manager.

    Once in Device Manager, find the DVD/CDROM icon, click on the + alongside to expand it and you will see an icon and text information for each CD/DVD device installed. This text is the ID String. Please quote it exactly.

  4. Hi,


    When I create an 'iso' file an additional file with the extension of '.001' is created. Do I need this when I burn the 'iso' file to DVD?




    It rather depends on your operating system. Some won't allow a file over 2 GB so the ISO is split because of the operating system's limitations/rules.


    When I'm backing up a drive with Ghost, the image produced is always split into chunks of 2,097,142K.


    If an application has the sense to split a large file into chunks you should be able to trust it to use all the chunks when it comes to writing them to a DVD.

  5. I don't think Fiats have ejector seats, Paul. :)


    Looking closely at that photo, I wouldn't be surprised if the pole was taken out in the collision or if the wrecking crew didn't cut it off with a gas-axe or similar.


    The other vehicles in the background all seem to be wrecks, and that would be an odd place to site the pole. I think they might just have loaded the whole thing onto the back of a truck and taken it back to the yard for examination. You'd certainly have to install a new pole and camera housing before a camera could go back in there, so you wouldn't lose much by cutting it off.

  6. Hello,


    You haven't said which version of Windows Media Player you have, or when you added it to your system, but it must be a fairly recent one if it has CD burning abilities.


    Easy CD Creator 4 is not compatible with versions of WMP which have CD burning plugins installed. The reason for this is that WMP uses a slightly different version of the Adaptec CD burning engine from the one used by ECDC4.


    This would not normally be a problem except that the two versions are so close they use some of the same filenames and registry keys with different versions and contents. That causes a catastrophic muddle.


    Pick an application you want to use for burning CDs, (ECDC4 or WMP, but not both) and use only that application. You may find it impossible to sort the muddle and get your application of choice going again, but your best chance probably lies with:

    (1) uninstalling both applications if possible

    (2) running the Roxizap uninstaller to clean out broken fragments

    (3) reinstalling the one you want to use.


    Good luck.

  7. Actually, Windows update does allow the user to select or unselect any update if they first choose CUSTOM. Most user don't want to be bothered with such trivial things. So they get updated with what ever Microsoft sends.

    Does Windows Update say that this particular updater will install a scanner on your system, scan the system, and send a report back to Microsoft ?

    If it doesn't, your point is moot Gary. There's no benefit in being allowed to choose if you're not told what you're choosing.

    If people are to lazy to choose CUSTOM, then they have no reason to complain.

    Whew! I don't think even a Microsoft spokesman would keep his job if he said that.

  8. Fancy that now!


    Hands up those customers who were told by Microsoft that their machines would be scanned by Microsoft when they downloaded security updates over the last 15 months?


    Did Microsoft ask the user's permission to install this scanner and do such a scan?

    Did Microsoft's phone-home scanner tell users it had discovered malware?

    Did they delete the malware, or just leave it there festering on the user's machine?


    Isn't a malware trojan something which sneaks in attached to a legitimate program, and performs some action which you hadn't intended to happen? Apart from their claim that it should act 'to your Genuine Advantage' what makes this software any different from other trojans?


    It seems to me they missed a great opportunity to scan the user's operating system for signs that it wasn't "genuine" under the guise of downloading "upgrades".

    What? They did do that? Oh, sorry, forget I mentioned it then. :)


    I wonder how many of the systems with rootkits belonged to purchasers of Sony's Sneaky CDs?


    It's getting dangerous out there. I think I'd better increase my security settings in Internet Exploder.

    What's that box I tick? "Trust anything which comes from Microsoft" Yeah, that's the one.

  9. What is the best way? Convert to MPG and save to a disk or use backup and span multiple disks?


    Maybe get an external Hard drive?


    I certainly wouldn't convert to MPG since the way they're usually done, AVIs hold compressed video while MPGs are uncompressed. Your AVIs will likely expand like popcorn in conversion to MPG.


    A utility such as VirtualDub or Nandub can split AVIs (without recoding) into chunks which will fit a DVD, if you need to do that. I've also used VirtualDub to join split AVIs back together.


    External drives can be very handy and are relatively cheap now.

  10. microsoft has only released this Full packed redistributable that has all the 9.0a, b ,c instide and what ever other kind of BS they push a few days ago, i dont know why but they did.... so i just posted what was sent to me....


    Ummmm, could it possibly be that they did this bacause version 9.0c now requires you to prostrate yourself upon the altar of Windows Genuine Advantage ??


    This download is available running genuine Microsoft Windows. Click the Continue button in the Validation Required section above to begin the short validation process. Once validated, you will be returned to this page with specific instructions for obtaining the download.


    Sneaky buggers, aren't they! :)

  11. Any suggestions/solutions are welcomed!



    I have an idea about your problem, but I'm not certain since I've managed to assiduously avoid Win NT so far (grin). But I'll get a few minor points out of the way first.


    -your CRX320E was first supported at version 5.3.5l, so you do need the DriveUp patch to get your drive into the "recognized" table.

    -Roxizap is not phased by file system, and can be used in NTFS (which most XP users have) or FAT which Win9x users have, so if you need it you can use it.


    Now, the main problem.

    That CDR4 problem has been seen mainly where people are using other software which uses a different version of CDR4 (such as Windows Media Player 9). In those cases we've been recommending a good clean uninstall/reinstall (uninstall via the control panel menu, then use Roxizap, then reinstall).


    However this problem popped up specifically with NT in a post by ssobaski on 04-26-2003, and it might be relevant to you. He was having trouble with Creator 4, but this part of the system isn't so different in version 5, so you might be having the same problem.


    May I suggest you read ssobaski's post and see if you can do what he did, and if it helps. I'm sorry I can't be authoritative about NT, but I refuse to pretend I'm clued up on it when I haven't used it.


    Once you get things moving past the CDR4 problem you'd need to apply the driveup patch 535V to get recognition for your drive.


    If that doesn't fix things, you could try the clean uninstall/reinstall.


    Please let us know how it goes. Here's the relevant part of ssobaski's post about "Easy CD Creator Engine initialization has failed: (could not load CDR4)" . . .


    Today, I finally stumbled upon the source of my system's problem and I thought I should post this for anyone else still working with "classic" versions of ECDC 4 or DirectCD 3.0. I discovered that within my Win NT system devices (viewed by clicking on the Devices icon in the Control Panel), the Device "Cdr4vsd" was not automatically starting upon System Bootup. When I highlighted the device in the pulldown Device menu and clicked "Start", then went to run ECDC 4, it loaded and ran perfectly. To permanently (I hope) resolve this issue I changed the "Startup" setting for "Cdr4vsd" from "Boot" to "System", then rebooted my system. This seems to have resolved the load problems that I encountered with both Easy CD Creator 4 and Direct CD 3 on my PC. So, for anyone else pulling their hair out in the future over this problem with a similar system and version of the software, I thought that posting this might be helpful. Best regards to all of you in the past who have posted to this discussion group. While it didn't totally resolve my problem, it certainly helped me narrow down the possibilities.

  12. Hi,


    I hope you don't mind, but I've deleted your address from your message to save you being "harvested".


    I think the only way available to you to change your email address is via "myRoxio".


    Go to http://www.roxio.com, and look for the myRoxio link under "Quick Links"

    Click on that and log in with your username and password when prompted

    Click on "Update your myRoxio member profile" and change the address in the page which follows


    If that doesn't do what you want done, please come back here and I'll make further enquiries for you. The system is in the middle of a lot of change just at the moment.

  13. Well, we could give you an Essentials player now, or a Suite player in a month or two, or you can wait until August for the DeLuxe player.




    I'm afraid none of them will be as good as the prototype we built in our beta laboratory, and they won't play DVDs or CDs like the previous version did.

  14. With respect, Bruce, I guess you and I see Microsoft differently.


    I see no reason to thank a cynical Monopoly Corporation for the faulty software I have to buy from them at greatly inflated prices.


    If they had not been allowed to ruthlessly crush their competitors, pinch and plagiarize others' ideas, and sneakily embed their applications into their operating systems to prevent competition, I think we users would have been much better off.


    The computer software industry would be much more varied and competitive, there would be more choice for the consumer, and real development work would be done. There would be no room for smug complacency or products with built-in fishhooks, and because of the competition prices would have to be more reasonable.

  15. This, from Microsoft. Scroll down to the part about uninstalling the Genuine Advantage... You can't uninstall it. LOL

    Yes, they're getting very good at issuing (or sneaking it onto your computer) "Doggy Doo" software. Many of the "updates" and software such as Windows Media Player which enforces DRM, are examples.


    Once you've trod in this software there's no way you can get it off your shoes. You can't uninstall it, and ALL YOUR BASE ARE . . . .


    (It's rumored that one of their EULAs actually has that phrase buried somewhere in the fine print)