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  1. With respect, Bruce, I guess you and I see Microsoft differently.


    I see no reason to thank a cynical Monopoly Corporation for the faulty software I have to buy from them at greatly inflated prices.


    If they had not been allowed to ruthlessly crush their competitors, pinch and plagiarize others' ideas, and sneakily embed their applications into their operating systems to prevent competition, I think we users would have been much better off.


    The computer software industry would be much more varied and competitive, there would be more choice for the consumer, and real development work would be done. There would be no room for smug complacency or products with built-in fishhooks, and because of the competition prices would have to be more reasonable.

  2. This, from Microsoft. Scroll down to the part about uninstalling the Genuine Advantage... You can't uninstall it. LOL

    Yes, they're getting very good at issuing (or sneaking it onto your computer) "Doggy Doo" software. Many of the "updates" and software such as Windows Media Player which enforces DRM, are examples.


    Once you've trod in this software there's no way you can get it off your shoes. You can't uninstall it, and ALL YOUR BASE ARE . . . .


    (It's rumored that one of their EULAs actually has that phrase buried somewhere in the fine print)

  3. Does anyone have an answer for me or any information on the subject? Thanks, Ruth

    Hi Ruth,


    Your reinstallation of ECDC5 has gone amiss somewhere, and because of that the updater can't find the burning engine where it expects to find it. (It could be really messed-up)


    Your best bet would be to clean Creator out and then reinstall it.

    -uninstall it using the Add/remove programs menu from Control Panel.

    -clean out the fragments with the Roxio uninstaller, ROXIZAP. (See the frequent answers posting pinned to the top of this forum for a link to get Roxizap)

    -reinstall using the excellent method detailed by Rich86 in his post today in the CD Creator Reinstall thread in this forum.

    (click here)

  4. That's nice Frank, but I've heard of several folk with genuine 'here's the licence label' XP where WGA has flagged their machine as counterfeit.


    It seems that in cases where it can't make up its mind the default action is to blow its trumpet rather than saying "I can't decide".


    This is probably the sort of Micro$oft behaviour I should be making a loud fuss about, but I have my Fussometer on the recharger at the moment. I still question the propriety of pushing out alleged 'anti-piracy' programs and insufficiently tested patches with their automatic updates.

  5. Anyone know how to get this invasive star out of the tray, outside of installing SP2?

    Restoring your system to a restore point before yesterday's updates should do it (It gets rid of that "Genuine Advantage" garbage from update KB905474).


    Then you need to work out which update causes this latest nag screen and avoid that update henceforth (post the number here so we can avoid it too).


    You've got the automatic updates set to off, which is a "good thing" and will protect you from some of the nastier patches Micro$oft are pushing out in their automatic updates lately.

  6. "Curiouser and curiouser" (Alice in Wonderland)


    You don't have any problems displaying big pictures and the files aren't being truncated during writing, but something is happening to their contents from about the 1.3MB point.


    I'll send you my email address in a Private Message (PM). Would you be prepared to send me an original picture file, plus a copy of the same picture file which has been messed up by burning to the CD, please?


    This way I can see what's happening inside the file, and perhaps we can work out how or why it's happening.

  7. True oh wise one - but has anybody noticed that Microsoft can manage to get patches out for hacks in its validation setup in a matter of days while they can take MONTHS to even acknowledge the program security has a flaw? :huh:

    I always ignore your persistent ringing on my front doorbell, but if you walk towards the back of my house I'm out in a flash demanding to know who you are and what you want. :)

  8. ajchatel,


    please answer these questions for me, if you don't mind:


    1) Do those large pictures display properly when you try to view the originals on your hard drive?

    2) Are the picture files burned on your CD the same number of bytes as the originals?

    (right click on the file, and look at "properties" to check this)

    3) If you copy a poorly displaying picture BACK from the CD to somewhere on the hard drive, does it then display properly?


    I'm trying to discover if the picture files get truncated (chopped) when you burn them; whether it's your viewer which has problems displaying pictures on the CD; or whether it just has problems displaying big pictures.



  9. Hello,


    When you run Creator 3.5 (which is an Adaptec product, handed over to Roxio, and Roxio has now been bought by Sonic) you should first be faced by a window with 4 "panes" in it.


    The top right pane is an Explorer pane. You use this to navigate round your system and select files to burn. You drag files or folders into the bottom or "project" panes to assemble a project containing the files you want to burn to CD.


    Once you've built the project, click on the red button to burn everything to disc.


    If you're running a separate copy of Windows Explorer you can simplify things by using the top right pane instead, but apart from that there's no easier way to burn your files to a standard CD. All the major burning software uses this same scheme - assemble a project and then burn it.


    There are programs which format CDs and then allow you to write a file at a time to them, but this "packet writing" method does not write standard CDs and has huge problems with reliability and trying to read/write on other systems so we advise you avoid this method.

  10. "zero day" means the day that it is first discovered and the day it is first used are the SAME day.


    Used to be there were a couple months between the two points.


    (And may mean that in this case, only the creator of the Trojan was workilng on Word, not the defense team)



    So the vulnerability was used the first day it was discovered? How would they know? I think it was just an excuse to use a 'kewl' phrase.


    And it really looks as if "leverage" just means "used" in this article.

    Why can't they use plain language? Do they think their story won't be interesting enough if it isn't mystified?


    Okay, here endeth the rant. We now return you to the scheduled program.

  11. Symantec Security Response discovered a new zero-day vulnerability and exploit affecting Microsoft Word 2003 that is being leveraged to carry out targeted attacks.


    The Trojan then sends information over HTTP to a specific IP address; however, it is possible for the attacker to leverage the Trojan to gain control of the affected machine and carry out additional attacks.


    Can anyone tell me please the meaning of


    "leveraged" in respect of what's done to the 'vulnerability and exploit'

    "leverage" in respect of what's done to the trojan


    This article looks very interesting, but what do these mean?

  12. Read hereSymantec's Bloodhound Technology


    Bloodhound is a technology that was developed by Symantec. It has the ability to detect various types of viral activity using heuristic algorithms. (techno mumbo jumbo for "symptom search") Think of it like going to the doctor - you may have a symptom like red spots on your back. It could be measles, allergies, or just mosquito bites. The doctor knows its not normal and by asking a few questions can get a better idea of whether or not its serious and how to treat it.


    Bloodhound works in much the same way, sniffing around looking for something that isn't quite right. Sometimes what it finds is no big deal, but usually its something harmful and sometimes it is extremely serious for your computer


    I'd suggest you give Nortons Antivirus the flick - it is giving false alarms and telling you that version 6 is a virus.

  13. I do have Real Player 10. Does anyone know if this conflict with ECDC 4 also applies to DirectCD? Sorry for the stupid question, but I don't know if refernces to ECDC just refer to the creator or also apply to DirectCD.


    Reason I'm still using this packet writing is that I do my 'extra backups' of data to a CD. Used to do zips, but every zip drive I've ever bought has failed sooner or later. So (realizing this is a Roxio board) if anyone has any suggestions for other easy copy/drag and drop, etc type way to burn, I'd appreciate it!

    Thanks all.

    The ECDC suite has two different burners as you've noticed, Creator and Direct CD. Versions of Media Player and Real Players started to use an Adaptec burning engine which Roxio OEMed out to them, and which conflicted with the Creator burning engine. As far as I know this doesn't clash with the Direct CD module, which is written by a different group of programmers.


    This hasn't been covered in the FAQ because there's a limit to how much you can include in one of those without it becoming "War and Peace" :) and because use of packet writing (Direct CD) or rewriteable discs is not recommended for backups.


    I know your pain with Zip disks, and the "click of death". :huh: It's a pity, because otherwise they'd be ultra useful.


    If you want quick and easy, Direct CD is useful it's just the method isn't so reliable and drastically shortens the life of CDRWs. You can use it on CDRs within its limitations.


    A reliable way to do daily backups is with Creator on a CDR. They can be read on any PC.

    -open a folder for the day's work, and write the whole folder (named with the date) to a CD as a session. Close the session but leave the CD open.

    -next day, IMPORT the previous session, and write another folder (new date) to the CD. Again, close the session but leave the CD open

    -do this as often as you want until the CD gets full, then file it or whatever and use a new CD.


    Something to remember if you get a new drive, it won't work with this old software since it won't be listed in the old Adaptec lookup tables. You'll need new software which might not read old Direct CD discs, so it would pay to read any vital data off them and put them onto a standard disc written by Creator before you go making any big changes.

  14. Hello,


    It seems likely to me that your drive might be failing. Any drive which can still use Easy CD Creator 4 has to be pretty old, and drive lifespan is quite limited. The reading part is fine, but the writing part could be failing. It may be time to swap out the drive if you can find another one old enough to run this software.


    However there is something more you can do before you point the finger firmly at the drive.


    The fact that your system is freezing is probably because Windows is waiting for the drive to return control after performing some instruction. If the drive has ceased to respond or there is something wrong with one of the drivers doing the communication between Windows and the drive, then your system can loop forever waiting for the response, and only the big button will break the loop.


    You've reinstalled the software, but did you remove all traces of it before reinstallation? Uninstallers will sometimes leave files or registry settings which are not replaced by reinstalling, so a broken file or registry key can be re-used and the problem isn't fixed.


    I suggest you

    -pop the hood of your computer and carefully reseat all cables and ribbon connections between the drive and the motherboard.

    -locate your Easy CD Creator 4 installer CD and copies of updaters

    -uninstall Easy CD Creator 4 completely using its own uninstaller and moving copies of any projects or labels you are keeping away from any Adaptec directories

    -get a copy of the Roxio uninstaller, Roxizap (see the messages pinned to the top of the version 5 forum for a link to that), and run it to remove all the important Adaptec files and registry entries from your system

    -reinstall and re-update the software.


    Once you've done that, get a new disc and try the system. You will have replaced ALL the software and registry entries, checked the connections, and ruled out a faulty CD. If the system still fails you'll really need to look hard at the drive.


    Go well

  15. My solution:


    -use a small partition for Windows like Cringely does, and install all my codecs, drivers, and stuff on it

    -back it up with Ghost and keep this nice clean backup image

    -avoid all interaction with Diabolical Digital Rights software


    When Windows gets bloated or falls over, restore the Ghost image (saves rebuilding)