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  1. Hello,


    It is quite possible that the Roxio uninstaller Roxizap (see the messages pinned at the top of the V5 forum for details and location of this) might do the trick for you, but I have not tested it on a version 3 installation.


    There was never a 'clean uninstall' instruction written for version 3, but V3 and V4 were extremely close in structure so I think that the version 4 clean uninstall instructions should cover your needs quite happily, with perhaps only small changes.


    Here is a V4 clean uninstall file I prepared earlier. Please try it, and feel free to come back here with any questions.


    - - - - - - - -

    Note: This article applies to uninstalling/reinstalling Easy CD Creator 4 only, if you are using Easy CD Creator 5 there is a separate article available.

    Note: if you are running Windows NT or 2000, login as ADMINISTRATOR, not just a user with administrative rights.


    1. Click Start button and select "Setting" then "Control Panel" menu options.

    2. Select the "Add/Remove" programs icon.

    3. Select and remove all Easy CD Creator programs and remove all shared files when prompted.


    Next Clean Easy CD Creator completely from your system:

    1. Go to "Start" and then to "My Computer" and select it.

    2. Go into your C:\ drive (C:\ is default install drive, compensate accordingly if you installed in another location)

    3. Go into the "Program Files" Folder

    4. Look for a "Adaptec" folder and if found delete it

    5. Look for a "Direct CD" folder and if found delete it

    6. Go into the "Common Files" Folder

    7. Look for an "Adaptec" and/or "Adaptec Shared" folder and if found delete them.

    8. Go into the "InstallShield" Folder (C:\Program Files\Common File\InstallShield and rename the "Engine" and "IScript" folders to "Engine .ROX" and "Iscript.ROX"

    9. Go to "Start" then "Search", look in C:\ (or the drive where your operating system is located) and search for:

    Cdr4vsd.sys or .vxd

    Cdr4dll.dll or .vsd







    10. Rename any of those files you can find, changing their extensions to .ROX (Right click on the file name and choose "rename") You can restore the function of these files by restoring the original name if you need to, else they can be deleted when you're sure you don't need them any more.



    (Despite that, these steps are necessary to cleanly uninstall version 4 from your system)


    1. Click Start button and select "Run" menu option.

    2. Type "regedit" and click OK button.

    2a.Click on "Registry" and select "Export Registry File"

    2b.Give a filename and your registry will be exported to a text file of that name

    2c.If you ever need to restore the registry, come back to here, select "Import registry file" and import that file you made.

    3. Select Hkey_Current_User/software, highlight and remove the following key: Adaptec

    4. Select Hkey_Local_Machine/software, highlight and remove the following key: Adaptec

    5. Exit the registry editor.

    6. Perform system restart.


    - - - - - -

  2. Roxio sends out "Not for resale" copies of the full software to reviewers and as complimentary copies to "important" people.


    It looks like a recipient has set out to make a buck from a complimentary copy. That's a bit off, but not your fault. You just carry on . . .


    I wonder who the dude was.

  3. The exact wording of the Patch Error when upgrading from

    4 to 4.02 is: "Old File not found. However a file

    of same name was found. No update done since file contents do

    not match."

    Hello Elendur,


    That error is usually because you tried to update a standard ECDC with a DeLuxe updater or vice versa. Going from 4.0 or 4.01 to 4.02 you need to have the right sort of updater to match your installation. I suspect you might have got ecdc_v402_dlx_de.exe (the German DeLuxe updater) when you really need ecdc_v402_std_de.exe (the German OEM or standard updater) and that's why you got the error.


    It might pay to re-visit the UK site and see if there are any other types of updater available, or perhaps the site Rich86 mentioned. You need either ecdc_v402_std_de.exe (German) or ecdc_v402_std.exe (English) if you have a preinstalled OEM version.


    After you get to version 4.02, I think both the DeLuxe and Standard versions used the same updater to get to version 4.05 - the final version.


    Your drive was first supported by version 4.02d (the supported drive list is still wrong), so you will need to get to 4.02d or higher to have the program support that burner.


    If all your efforts fail please come back here and I'll work out a registry patch which should give you at least limited recognition for that drive.

  4. Hello,

    So you're getting buffer underruns when you try to do an "on the fly" copy, and you're wondering if a new drive will stop them or if ECDC5 can do that for you?


    That post you quoted, here actually has most of the answers already, but I'll go through your specific questions.


    Is the ability to fight the Buffer Under-Runs/Trackwriter Errors, etc. because of the Newer Drive OR the [software] that comes with it that can slow things down to match reading with writing?

    -To stop buffer underruns, YOU need to make sure you're not trying to burn faster than you can feed the burner. The software won't do this for you.


    -the fact that you can burn from an image without problem but have difficulty burning "on the fly" suggests your reader may be slow, and a faster reader/audio extractor drive might help this. But is it worth buying a new CDROM for an old system?


    -installing a newer burner will give you buffer underrun recovery, but won't let you burn any faster than your system can feed the burner. You're still better off making an image and burning from that.


    Still think I'd like to try new Lite-On CD-RW at only $21 (NewEgg) but wonder if ECDC 5-P would be able to [Coordinate the read-write speeds]

    You could get a new Lite-On, but it wouldn't help because

    (1) you'd have to edit the registry to get it recognized

    (2) it still won't burn any faster than your system can feed it

    (3) your system already seems to be working at its fastest limits, and they're not fast enough for you.


    Your system is an old one; it has a slow reader; it's running that buggy WindowsMe. If you did get a new Lite-On I'd honestly have to suggest you keep the Lite-On and replace the rest of the system.


    I'm sorry, but there's little point in flogging an old donkey. It isn't going to go any faster by grafting horses parts onto it. Stick with burning from an image until you can afford a new computer.

  5. Hi,


    I don't think you're onto a winner here.


    To make your system work, you're going to have to:

    -be able to specify a serial number when the CD is burned

    -have your software test for that specific serial number, and throw an error if it doesn't find the right number.

    -have a feature which will defeat disc duplication.


    I've just been trolling round in version 4, and can't find a way to specify the serial number of a CD you're going to create.


    However that's not really important, because even if you find a way to do that, almost any of the disc copiers "out there" will duplicate a standard CD together with its serial number without batting an eyelid. Any copies made would have the same serial, and your efforts would be for nothing.


    I think it's time to go back to the drawing board, sorry.

  6. But before Vista will display its showiest side, known as Aero, it will run a check to make sure the software was properly purchased.


    "Those who are not running genuine Windows will not be able to take advantage of the Windows Aero user experience," a Microsoft representative told CNET News.com on Wednesday.

    I wonder if it will be possible to duplicate that effect on a legitimate copy of Vista, and turn off the "Aero-bubbles."


    I want an operating system that's stable and does NOT have fancy, fluffy, resource-consuming features which are really only smoke and mirrors and snake-oil.


    I'm not interested in a tastefully decorated BSOD. I just want to see my application running properly.


    My vote would go for a small, tight, reliable O.S. rather than a big bloated blowsy one which wants to be all things to all people. (Same goes for optical disc writing software).

  7. I have read that sometimes when you have too many USB connections that the computer just does not have enough power to run all the uSB connections. I wonder if that ws the case ?

    It depends on what the connections are doing, Frank.


    If they're just signal and data they won't be much of a load. The maximum current draw per connection is supposed to be about half an amp. If the thing on the end of a cable is drawing power, like for example a 2.5" external USP-powered drive, then you can run out of power capacity quite quickly.

  8. It's not a hardware issue, so swapping your burner won't affect it. It's the driver layer between Windows and your burner drive.


    Did Aspichk say you had a good installation of the ASPI layer after you ran Forceaspi? If it didn't, you should completely uninstall your ASPI layer before running Forceaspi, so you get a good clean install.


    Leaving the main question to Brendon, I'd suggest getting a CD-RW or two to play with, so you don't keep making coasters. If the CD-RW doesn't turn out well, erase and reuse.




    If you're being persuaded to use CDRWs, you should read this, written by Guru Lynn.


    CD-RWs are a fine tool, but not a long-term tool. The same quality that enables them to be re-written will cause them to fade to blank over time. They can still be re-used, but eventually not even an ISO based program will retrieve them. There is no hard-and-fast rule as to how long they will last, but the more critical the situation the more you should worry about this.


    There are three kinds of CD-RW media

    standard (1-4x)

    "high-speed" (4-10x or 4-12x)

    "ultra-speed" (10x or 12x and up)

    There is different technology behind each of the three forms of CD-RW, and they are not compatable. If your burner's middle number is 4x or lower, it will only use standard; up to 10 or 12, it can use standard and "high-speed" RW's higher than that, it can use "high-speed" and "ultra-speed", and possibly standard.


    (To check what your burner can use, open any project, like MusicProject or DataProject, click on "Tools", click on "CD Drive Properties", click on the drive you want to check, and there is a drop-down box for "supported media". It will list CD-RW, CD-RW (High Speed), and CD-RW (Ultra Speed) seperately.)

  9. Hello,


    It seems that something has disturbed the ASPI layer in your machine. ASPI is the Advanced SCSI Programming Interface used by optical drives, and it is layered between the drive and Windows.


    I seem to remember that Adaptec had a utility to check this, called ASPICHK. It can be found in many places, and here's one of them

    here (click)


    If your ASPI layer is disrupted it may pay to reinstall it. Check on the web for Adaptec's ASPI 4.60, and use something like FORCEASPI to reinstall it. (Version 4.7 is the latest, but 4.6 is considered the most stable)


    Forceaspi can be found here (click)

  10. post-208-1144282953.jpg


    Perhaps this might help.


    The apple thread. Lines on the page mean unread messages in the thread, and the orange box will take me to them. The paperclip means there's an attachment on the thread.

    Music Market. Unread messages, and the small square on the page means I have written a message in that thread.

    Best Brand. I've read all messages, written at least one, and there are several pages in the thread.

    System Startup. I've read them all, and there is only one page of messages.


    If your browser caches these pages you might not see the icons change immediately as you read the messages, but you will see the changes if you flush your browser's cache or restart the browser and come back here.




    When you check a post you've written the icon should show as an empty page with no orange box because you've read the whole thread.




    This new board is hosted on a totally different provider from the old one. There are some connection issues between the old myRoxio with the email addresses, and the new board. That should be sorted by a new system fairly soon. Please be patient.

  11. What makes the Taiyo Yuden so great?

    They seem to be "liked" by so many different burners, and they seem to burn and read reliably.


    In CD and DVD burning there is an acceptable range for everything. If a disc sits at one end of the acceptable range while a burner sits at the other end, then that burner may have trouble handling those discs - yet both are within the 'acceptable' limits.


    This is why knowledgeable folk advise you to "Find a blank disc which suits your burner, and stick to it."


    TY have good quality control (no flaws and manufacturing defects), are consistent, and work well with a great range of burners.

  12. One other thought, from browsing thru TROUBLESHOOTING COMPUTERS for DUMMIES by Dan Gookin -

    Be sure your Anti-Virus program is up-to-date, and run a scan with it.


    Also, get an anti-spyware program such as Spybot Search & Destroy, or AdAware, update the program, and run a scan.



    What has this to do with lasting effects from running Dell updaters over Roxio ones, Lynn?

  13. There's a woman in our town who dresses in leather and still entertains "gentlemen" with buggywhips. :)

    Not where I live and I have been run off the road by carriages with real horses. There called Amish.



    Bumper sign seen on Amish carriage - "Please do not step in exhaust"


    (The Amish are one social group we can't inadvertently offend on a computer forum)

  14. I have no hard evidence, just a strong feeling.


    Pressed CDs may be going as strong as ever - I don't know - but all of my disc suppliers (I go through a lot of discs which I buy from a number of different sources) say that sales of burnable CDs are way down, while sales of DVD blanks are soaring. I have heard that a number of manufacturers are preparing to switch from CDs to the newer high density media.


    My locality (as you might read elsewhere) is far from a teeming metropolis, and this end of the country is more agricultural than most. Things cost a lot more here than in the US. I'd expect our people to hold onto old technology longer than more industrialized places, so if we're showing a swing away from CDs I would expect the trend to be stronger elsewhere.


    That's my feeling. I could be wrong.