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  1. Hello,


    It seems that something has disturbed the ASPI layer in your machine. ASPI is the Advanced SCSI Programming Interface used by optical drives, and it is layered between the drive and Windows.


    I seem to remember that Adaptec had a utility to check this, called ASPICHK. It can be found in many places, and here's one of them

    here (click)


    If your ASPI layer is disrupted it may pay to reinstall it. Check on the web for Adaptec's ASPI 4.60, and use something like FORCEASPI to reinstall it. (Version 4.7 is the latest, but 4.6 is considered the most stable)


    Forceaspi can be found here (click)

  2. post-208-1144282953.jpg


    Perhaps this might help.


    The apple thread. Lines on the page mean unread messages in the thread, and the orange box will take me to them. The paperclip means there's an attachment on the thread.

    Music Market. Unread messages, and the small square on the page means I have written a message in that thread.

    Best Brand. I've read all messages, written at least one, and there are several pages in the thread.

    System Startup. I've read them all, and there is only one page of messages.


    If your browser caches these pages you might not see the icons change immediately as you read the messages, but you will see the changes if you flush your browser's cache or restart the browser and come back here.




    When you check a post you've written the icon should show as an empty page with no orange box because you've read the whole thread.




    This new board is hosted on a totally different provider from the old one. There are some connection issues between the old myRoxio with the email addresses, and the new board. That should be sorted by a new system fairly soon. Please be patient.

  3. What makes the Taiyo Yuden so great?

    They seem to be "liked" by so many different burners, and they seem to burn and read reliably.


    In CD and DVD burning there is an acceptable range for everything. If a disc sits at one end of the acceptable range while a burner sits at the other end, then that burner may have trouble handling those discs - yet both are within the 'acceptable' limits.


    This is why knowledgeable folk advise you to "Find a blank disc which suits your burner, and stick to it."


    TY have good quality control (no flaws and manufacturing defects), are consistent, and work well with a great range of burners.

  4. One other thought, from browsing thru TROUBLESHOOTING COMPUTERS for DUMMIES by Dan Gookin -

    Be sure your Anti-Virus program is up-to-date, and run a scan with it.


    Also, get an anti-spyware program such as Spybot Search & Destroy, or AdAware, update the program, and run a scan.



    What has this to do with lasting effects from running Dell updaters over Roxio ones, Lynn?

  5. There's a woman in our town who dresses in leather and still entertains "gentlemen" with buggywhips. :)

    Not where I live and I have been run off the road by carriages with real horses. There called Amish.



    Bumper sign seen on Amish carriage - "Please do not step in exhaust"


    (The Amish are one social group we can't inadvertently offend on a computer forum)

  6. I have no hard evidence, just a strong feeling.


    Pressed CDs may be going as strong as ever - I don't know - but all of my disc suppliers (I go through a lot of discs which I buy from a number of different sources) say that sales of burnable CDs are way down, while sales of DVD blanks are soaring. I have heard that a number of manufacturers are preparing to switch from CDs to the newer high density media.


    My locality (as you might read elsewhere) is far from a teeming metropolis, and this end of the country is more agricultural than most. Things cost a lot more here than in the US. I'd expect our people to hold onto old technology longer than more industrialized places, so if we're showing a swing away from CDs I would expect the trend to be stronger elsewhere.


    That's my feeling. I could be wrong.

  7. Hello Steve,


    You may have upset the MP3 Fraunhofer codec that ECDC uses. It would probably be worth looking for a version of the Fraunhofer Radium MP3 codec on the Internet, and installing that. It should take care of your MP3s.


    If it won't recognize WMA files, you may need to do a repair of your Windows Media Player. Check and see if your current Windows Media Player will play them. If it won't, then it needs to be repaired.


    Just repair WMP, don't upgrade it. The later versions can and do kill Easy CD Creator 5.

  8. I can "download" from CDDB, information from the cd y want to burn, but when y finish the

    process (burn the cd) the names aren't there. How can y do it? My version of the program

    does have this feature?

    The information about names that you have in your project could well be there, and might now be written on your CD.


    If your drive is CD-Text capable, and you burn in DAO mode, and you have CD text checked in the burn dialog, then it WILL be there.


    The problem is that not many player programs can see CD-Text when it is written on the CD.


    A small and simple player which will show you if CD-Text has been written on the CD, is the HACP player.

    It's free, and you can get it by clicking here or many other places on the Internet.


    Run one of your CDs in that player, and see if the text was written.

  9. Is that new?


    DVDinfoPro has been saying whether a CD is "HD-Burn certified" or not for quite some time, and it's rare for the third-party utilities to be in place before the technology is released.


    It seems a little late to be introducing another writing method which is incompatible with all other current drives and readers, especially when the use and the production of CDs are dying out.


    With manufacturers busy working on the Blu-Ray vs HD-DVD situation, it is hard enough to persuade them to provide backwards compatability with CDs as it is.


    Convincing them to provide backwards and sideways compatability to a new version of a dying technology is going to be like pushing water uphill with a rake - especially if they have to pay a licence fee to Sanyo for the "privilege".


    And what about the existing CD and DVD readers and writers? They would need a Sanyo-licenced firmware upgrade, or else be discarded. I can't see it happening.


    I think Sanyo have left their run too late. I am slow to change my ways, but even I have joined the millions of others round the world who now save data to DVDs because it's cheaper than using CDs. I would not discard my current gear to buy a new and expensive double-density CD writer or reader when I can store more than 6 times as much on a DVD that reads on any STANDARD drive.

  10. thanks for the response, but when I went to reinstall ecdc, a message came up telling me there is no roxio product. Should I have a disc for this program or can I get it somehow off this website. I used roxizap, and now I don't have cd creator 5 anymore. My computer runs on windows xp and my drive is a HL-DT-ST RW/DVD GCC-448 1B, if that helps. Basically I need to know how to get cd creator back.

    thanks for dealing with us dummies


    Hi Keenan,


    After uninstalling and cleaning the machine you have to reinstall the original ECDC 5 program - it sounds from the "No Roxio Product" response that you just tried to install the updater without the original program installed first.


    Yes, you should have a disc for the program because it's not legally downloadable anywhere, and you need an installer CD to reinstall. You'll need to hunt through your computer gear to find it. I'm very glad you didn't uninstall a good working version of ECDC without the disc to put it back.


    If you never had a CD and someone installed the program for you, you may need to buy Easy CD Creator. It seems you can buy most versions on eBay, but if you have to buy one I'd suggest you go for version 7 or higher. You now have XP, and XP has changed so much since its first release that version 5 isn't now supported by it.

  11. If the tracks are .mp3, and instead of an AUDIO CD you have made either an .mp3 CD or a Data disc with .mp3's, Label Creator won't find it.



    That ain't necessarily so. In Label Creator 5 you should get tracks named for your MP3 files,

    voila . . .



    Label Creator should find even an MP3 data disc. I'm concerned as to why it didn't.


    FGH7BX, how did you make the disc that label creator couldn't find?

    Which program did you use to burn it, and was it a CD-Audio disc, an MP3 data disc, or one you formatted first and then dropped things onto???

  12. Hello,


    It seems that something has broken in your software (or something is interfering with it) and the updater isn't fixing it.


    Updaters aren't meant to fix breakages, so what you need to do is:

    -UNINSTALL ECDC through the add/remove programs menu

    -clean the machine with ROXIZAP, which you can get through the link in the pinned "Frequent Answers" post at the top of this page

    -reinstall ECDC, and update if necessary


    This won't fix things if something is interfering, but it will fix something that has broken.

  13. Hello,


    I hope you didn't pay much for it, because ECDC5 is old and not supported any more.


    A) Labelling - if you make your own compilation of tracks on an audio CD, it will NOT be recognized by any of the on-line databases. They store mainly commercial CDs, and the database compares the characteristics of your CD (number and duration of tracks and what order they're in) to see if it can be matched. Your CD won't be already in the database to be matched.


    :) Label Creator should be able to locate and read your CD, even if it is not in the databases. The on-line HELP system says:

    To get the contents of an existing CD:


    1. Insert the existing CD into your CD-ROM or CD-R drive. If you have more than one drive containing a CD, CD Label Creator prompts you to select the drive containing the CD you want to use.


    2. From the Add menu, select CD Contents.

    . . . so if the CD is an AUDIO CD and is readable you should be able to have it in any optical drive attached to your machine and Label Creator should see it once the disc has had time to spin up. I can't understand why Label Creator can't find a CD to read, unless you have a virtual drive created on your machine which is confusing it.

  14. Some problems are very recognizable and have well-known cures {Well, we know them :) }.

    Other problems can be very evasive, and sometimes rather than dissecting the system for a month to find the cause, it's easier to uninstall - clean up - reinstall the software.


    That's why it's a good idea to keep the installation disc safe, and keep a copy of all necessary updaters (since you never know how long they'll be available on-line).

  15. I guess the trust in Sony must have been counted BEFORE their sneaky rootkit software was exposed.

    I wonder where it would be now that users have discovered that Sony's CD install stealthed software on their PCs.


    Micro$oft? Well, they have a huge monopoly position so they have us by the short-and-curlies. Every now and then they twist their grip a bit and do something nasty to us, but that's expected. We know they're hostile, and we can TRUST them to do to us what we expect.


    I too think that Micro$oft can be trusted more than Sony. :)

  16. Hello,


    The entries you see in MSCONFIG/startup are actually from one or more places in your registry.


    The main registry key they come from is "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run" in Windows, but they can come from a few other keys.


    Which entries are duplicated? There are some services which normally appear twice in some systems, depending on the operating system, and they should be left alone.


    If there are some which shouldn't be duplicated but are, you can use MSconfig to "untick" one of the entries or if you're quite sure, you can remove one. To do that, you:-

    -run REGEDIT,

    -backup your registry,

    -navigate to the key where those values live, and

    -delete the duplicate.