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  1. I just tried to eject the disc from the Drag-to-Disc menu and it ejected it. Apparently, the program knows that there is a DVD disc in the drive, but it won't register it to open the contents folder or burn something on it.


    The eject routine is unconditional, and doesn't need a disc in the drive for the command to execute.


    A dirty read lens will produce the symptoms you're seeing

  2. Hello Martin,


    If this setup worked well on your old Compaq, then it is unlikely that you're using the wrong type of cord.


    It seems more likely that your new Fujitsu's line-in is either not as sensitive as the Compaq or else does not match the impedance of your old Hi-Fi amp sufficiently.


    If none of the volume controls you can find on the computer will improve the amount of drive the computer's sound card is getting, then you might need to look at an additional amplifier stage or an impedance matching device between the hi-fi and the computer. You can't get a decent power transfer across the link if you have a severe impedance mismatch.

  3. Yup, it is those files that tell the program to switch languages.


    There are still some screens that will be in whatever other language, tho. Wish I had Brendon's answer saved.



    It's here - about six messages up this thread. If it's the answer for people who have used the wrong updater that you want, here it is . . .


    The foreign language you're seeing is supplied by foreign language localizer (.LOC) files.


    An ordinary uninstall doesn't kill these files, and nor does running an English updater, so they stay there and are read and used next time you install.


    Do a search on files with the extension .LOC in the Adaptec/Roxio parts of your hard drive, and rename any you find to a different extension, like perhaps .ORI (original) which isn't used by anything else.


    You could find 12 or 15 in a full installation. Renaming them takes them out of service and should return you to English. You can delete them once you're satisfied everything is running sweetly.


    There are a few bitmapped screens which don't rely on the LOC files and will stay in the foreign language. Running the English updater will fix those bitmapped screens.

  4. Hi Bruce,


    If I shut XP down untidily I always get that demand to check my file system when I next boot. It counts down from 10 seconds and then does what looks like a chkdsk. (It's interesting, because it's blue on my analog output, but green on the digital one). If I let it do its thing it goes away but if I keep cancelling the "checking file system. . ." it will keep appearing at boot time, until I let it go through the check.



    So what my7551 was saying was when he gets to a certain place in Videowave, Videowave reboots the computer. The rest of the thread so far has been about what XP does as it restarts, which is a red herring.


    Can we forget the restart procedure now, and get back to what causes the reboot?

  5. I don't think that anyone could convince me that a full frame, 1920X1080 @15Mbps HD 2hr video can fit on anything other than a blueray disc AND the quality still be acceptable.


    Since a Blu-Ray single-layer disc holds 25GB, and a HD DVD one holds 20GB, do you think that the 5GB difference is going to be critical?

  6. Yeah, uh, every time I try to burn a CD, I keep getting:





    The trackwriter error is caused by the buffer underrun.


    Have you clicked on the HELP button in ECDC4 and had a look at the help offered for buffer underruns?

  7. the ID string is OPTORITE CD-RW CW4802

    the version was originally 5.01 and the update was successful and now it says i have version 5.02c

    The only CD Burning programs I have are what is on windows media and Winamp's intenal burner.

    Hello George,


    Your OPTORITE CD-RW CW4802 was not recognized for burning by Easy CD Creator 5 until version 5.11h - that's version 5.1 with the Driveup_v511h drive update patch.


    You'll not burn a CD properly with that drive if your version is under 5.11h, so you need to update as Rich suggested to - You won't need any of the 535 DriveUp patches.


    You might be in trouble if you have a late version of Windows Media Player installed, but then again you may get lucky since you're doing the ECDC update after WMP was installed. (Don't later upgrade WMP though - that's asking for problems).

  8. It WON'T be a disk size problem.


    Turn off your firewall/popup stopper/SP2 security bits as Sknis suggested, and clean out your temp folder (just in case) as Tbrewst suggested, although 2GB should be enough space to get the downloads and throw a party at the same time!


    The talk about which partition utility is best is irrelevant to your download problem.

  9. Hi Frank,


    The only "self-powered" enclosure I've seen is a 2.5" one, for the reasons Dave gave. It requires you to connect two USB plugs to separate hubs to get enough power to run the drive.


    The owner said it was useful to give him a chance to re-use a notebook drive he'd removed during an upgrade, but was not practical or economical if he was going out to buy a new drive and enclosure.


    I'm using two external 3.5" drives with different enclosures. Both are excellent, and I put my own drives in them. One is a plastic case with a built-in fan, and the other is an aluminium one which doesn't need a fan. They both have mains-powered supplies.


    My externals are USB 2.0, and I get about 25 MB a second transfer rate from them. I've tried a firewire one, but apart from the ability to daisy-chain them it didn't seem to have much advantage. It certainly wasn't noticeably faster in practice.


    I have WD 200s in both enclosures, and have had no problems accessing or partitioning the full space of the drives.

  10. Hello Red Terror,


    The TS-H552B is NOT known to Easy CD Creator 5 for burning purposes, but the TS-H552A was added to the recognition table by update 535U.


    If you're up to the latest (535V) you could try a small registry edit, and hijack the 5225A's entry in the table. It's very simple, watch this. . . .


    -Run regedit.exe

    -ctrl-F (find) "device299" (without the quotes) The first one found should be a Philips drive. Press F3 (find again)

    -the next device299 should be the entry for the 5225A

    "TSSTcorp CD/DVDW TS-H552A,TSSTcorp,CD/DVDW TS-H552A,DVD+-R/RW,cdrmmc.drv,178,,9"

    -Click on the device299 name, and an edit box will open with that entry ready for editing.

    -carefully edit H5225A in both places where it appears, to read H5225B. If you mess up, press ESC and start the edit again.

    -click OK to complete the edit, and then exit out of regedit.


    That's it - you've grabbed the 5225A entry, and your 5225B should now be "recognized" by Creator and Disc Copier. Direct CD uses a different scheme so you won't have Direct CD, but that is no loss.

  11. Also, one thing I might add is how the burner is designed. As I remember the operative word was "CAV" or something like that as opposed to another way (was it linear or something like that) ? that the burner does it's job. The differences can change the burn rate depending on what type of burn you are making as I recall. That's been a while back, so I could be way off base about that.

    No, CAV/CLV isn't relevant here, so I'll take that to PM rather than distract the thread.

  12. Hello George,


    What is your burner's ID string? Right click My Computer, select properties, Device Manager. Find the DVD/CDROM icon, click on the + alongside to expand it and you will see an icon and text information for each CD/DVD device installed. This text is the ID String. Please quote it exactly.


    You updated Platinum to 5.02c? What version was it before, please?


    If you have updated, we need to see if the update was successful. What version does Creator show now, please? Run Easy CD Creator in a data project, click the help item on the top toolbar, and select "About Easy CD Creator". A box will open. The full version number is shown in there.


    You say the computer recognizes your burner - windows will read any standard CDROM interface without recognition issues, but EasyCD Creator 5 needs to know your drive to issue the right commands for burning CDs.


    What other CD burning programs do you have on the system please? Some other programs interfere with Easy CD Creator 4 or 5 and kill them.

  13. Hello Al,


    Drive to drive copying is called "on the fly" copying, and isn't recommended because of the problem you're seeing.


    You're suffering "buffer underrun", and if you had an old burner this condition would kill your copy every time. The ability to recover from these is a feature of newer drives.


    What's happening is that the system [reader drive and software processing] can't get data off the CD and into your writer fast enough, and your writer's data buffer is running dry. When this happens the writer stops until the buffer fills up some, and then restarts and immediately sucks the buffer dry again, and round we go again. The effective speed when this happens can be way less than 1x.


    You haven't said if it's a data CD or an audio one you're copying, but typically audio takes twice the time to process that data takes. Also, some readers can't "extract" audio as fast as others. Further, an error reading a less than perfect disc may cause an attempt to re-read and this will slow things down even more.


    In any case, there are two things you can do to stop this happening:

    1) Slow the burn to 4x. You might be able to sustain that speed, whereas you can't sustain an 8x burn, and the result will be faster than stopping and starting with an underrun all the time.

    2) Use your fastest extracting drive to make a disc image on the hard drive (it can take as much time as it needs) and then burn from that image, as fast as your burner can go. This will work, whereas method 1 might not.

  14. Hi again Reid,


    Thanks for your reply. Sorry, I didn't mean what put that value in the registry, I meant what key did you copy the value from. You answered that, from the "run" key we named. No problems there, thanks.


    My problem is that the form of what you typed isn't duplicated on my machine. Here is the sort of thing I see . . .


    The top slice is from Windows XP(SP2)[where I don't have ECDC] and the bottom slice is from Win98 where I do have ECDC. There's no %%DELETE_VALUE%% to be seen in either one.


    You should have MSCONFIG.EXE, it's part of XP. (Just go to Start / Run and, type msconfig and press enter) but if you haven't got it here's another way to fix this. I'm afraid you DO NEED to manually edit the registry this time, but I'll show you the safe way to do it.


    1) Back up the RUN key. When you have it highlighted in blue like mine, go to the Regedit toolbar File / Export. . . and export a copy of that key. It will be saved in a small text file. Give it a name and say where to save it, and it will have a .REG extension. e.g. call it "run" and it will be saved as RUN.REG.


    -if you need to fully restore that key to its original state, just double-click on run.reg, answer "yes" and the key will be fully restored.


    2) Find the CreateCD entry, the one with "CreateCD50.exe" in it. (It's the fourth entry in my Win98 picture) highlight the name entry next to the [ab] box and delete that line with the Del key.


    3) Exit from Regedit, and restart the system. You should find the the project starter won't start when Windows starts any more. If you have Direct CD installed but don't want it to run, deleting the Direct CD entry from this key will stop that running, too.


    I hope that's clear, but if it's not then please come back and ask more.