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  1. As a general rule, Microsoft never recommends third-party updates because, without rigorous quality assurance testing, it is impossible to know what impact the unofficial fix might have on applications mandated in regulated industries or in-house applications.


    . . . and Micro$oft's software has rigorous quality assurance testing ? ?


    These patches are required because their rigorous quality assurance testing failed abysmally!

  2. Roxio Markup file, using .RXS file extension. (from Filext.com)


    When recording sound with the Roxio Audio Central, individual markup files for each track in your playlist, containing information about the edits and audio effects applied to their associated tracks are created. These markup files are in Roxio Markup Sound (.RXS) format and can only opened and played in AudioCentral with its associated .WAV file. Sonic Solutions bought out Roxio’s consumer software division on 20 December 2004.

  3. I'm impressed by the way they maintained the integrity of the passenger compartment. The rest of the car has disintegrated, but the compartment has saved the driver from his stupidity and is even intact enough for the door to be opened.


    That crash should have been fatal at half the speed.

  4. Alisana,


    Hi, The ID you have, "TSSTcorp CD/DVDW TS-H552B" seems right, and is what I'd expect for that drive. It's a Samsung DL recorder.


    You say it will read DVDs okay, but fairly recently is failing to recognise blank CDs. You also mention it won't read audio CDs, which I understand refers to pressed (not burned) silver commercial pre-recorded discs.


    If this is the situation, I'm afraid you DO have a hardware problem with the drive. More specifically with the CD reader assembly I think.


    If I can explain briefly there are TWO optical systems in a CD/DVD writer, one for CDs and a finer one for DVDs. It is possible for one to fail while the other stays working, and your DVD system still seems to be working while the CD side has failed. The two optical systems share a bunch of electronics. Since the electronics are still working for DVDs, it's likely your problem is in the CD optical system or pickup, not the electronics.


    When you put a disc in the drive a command is sent to the drive to spin up to speed and read/identify the disc and then report back what it finds. If the reader has failed, your entire system can be locked up waiting for the report from the drive - which never comes. You have to restart the system to regain control of it. The symptoms you've reported seem to fit.


    If the failure is a broken or loose connection it is possible for the assembly to work for a short period at irregular intervals. In a case like that it's quite possible for you to write a table of contents before the connection goes adrift again.


    If your drive is still under warranty you should return it to Gateway for a warranty replacement. If it has just come out of warranty (I'd have to raise my hat to the Gateway people - how do they time their warranties so tightly!!) you will need to buy a new drive if you want to continue. I'm sorry.

  5. <snip>

    and after one or all of the above occur(s), I get the window stating that the program has to close due to a problem with mfc71u.dll.


    At one time Roxio tech told me to copy mfc71u.dll from my windows/system folder to windows/system32 folder. It worked ! NOT!


    The same above tech stated the above problem is really Microsoft's fault because they developed, wrote, and/or is part of one of their system files that they produce.


    I give up! No more EMC. None of their solutions work even on a clean install on Win XP Pro. What really nurns is when you search their knowledge base I could find no mentiom of this problem. I have 2 other programs that use this file also - Studio 10 and my ATI driver.


    James, the fact that you have two other programs using that DLL may well be the clue to your problem, and might also explain why the problem isn't common enough to get into the knowledgebase.


    If you have several different versions of a DLL file installed on your system you can confuse Windows quite badly when it attempts to load both versions into the same part of memory. The solution is usually to pick the latest version (by version number, not date) and put that into the system32 folder, renaming or removing all other versions. This removes that problem with that DLL. The key is to have only one DLL with that name installed, which the tech didn't tell you.


    I think this might be the problem you're having. The solution is worth a try - if it works you're happy, and if it doesn't work just replace or rename the DLLs to their original positions/names and your system is back where it was.

  6. Don't know about your Seagates, Frank. It was the old ST-506 interface drives which had the problem.


    They put Seagate 10G in X-Boxes (even if they are too small) so either they have a better reputation now, or [being made in China] they're very cheap.


    I'm not sure that having North Americans adopt the Japanese warcry ( SoSumi! ) so often was such a good idea. The only ones getting rich are the lawyers, and the criminal justice system gets slowed by all the civil suits.

  7. Seagate had a problem with their Singapore factory quite a long time ago, where the platter surface lubricant went gummy and heads stuck to the platter as the drive cooled. The problem was called "stiction" and in bad cases the platter would fail to spin up, or else would rip the head off its tiny stalk.


    I went to WD then, and have 4 of their drives here now, totalling a TB. They are good drives, and I knew how much they held when I bought them.


    Don't all drive vendors count in millions (1,000,000) instead of Megabytes?

  8. Device manager info:

    DVD/CD Rom Drives: HL-DT-ST CD-ROM GCR-8481B



    I was able to save pictures to a CD-R disk before. We upgraded the hard drive a few months back. I thought that may have been the problem and I just needed to reinstall roxio. That didn't work so I thought it may be because we recently installed the DVD drive. I haven't tryed to burn music. But, It definately says the drive is read only when I try to write pictures there.


    I'm not sure what other info would be needed here. Thanks

    I'm afraid the only useful info here would be where you put the drive which you removed when you recently installed the DVD drive. You have taken the burner out.


    The error message is correct. Both the drives you have in the machine now are READ ONLY. Neither of them is a writer, I'm sorry.

    The 8148B is a lucky Goldstar 48x CD reader.

    The SOHD-16P9 is a Lite-On 16x DVD reader and 48x CD reader.


    You will need to (re)install a writer in order to save to CD-R again.

  9. I have easy cd creator platinum and wanted to know how to have roxio be associated with .iso files.

    When ECDC is installed it usually automatically associates itself with the files it is "interested in". It will grab the extensions .CIF and .ISO, and thereafter ANY files with those extensions will cause Creatr50.exe to run. You should check and see if it has done that. The filetype is "Easy CD Creator image file" in Explorer's associations section (view / folder options / file types for Win98, or tools / folder options / file types for XP).


    This file association can be taken over by other programs which deal with disc images, and usually the easiest way to restore the association (unless you're experienced in these things) is to reinstall Easy CD Creator.

  10. I just tried to eject the disc from the Drag-to-Disc menu and it ejected it. Apparently, the program knows that there is a DVD disc in the drive, but it won't register it to open the contents folder or burn something on it.


    The eject routine is unconditional, and doesn't need a disc in the drive for the command to execute.


    A dirty read lens will produce the symptoms you're seeing

  11. Hello Martin,


    If this setup worked well on your old Compaq, then it is unlikely that you're using the wrong type of cord.


    It seems more likely that your new Fujitsu's line-in is either not as sensitive as the Compaq or else does not match the impedance of your old Hi-Fi amp sufficiently.


    If none of the volume controls you can find on the computer will improve the amount of drive the computer's sound card is getting, then you might need to look at an additional amplifier stage or an impedance matching device between the hi-fi and the computer. You can't get a decent power transfer across the link if you have a severe impedance mismatch.

  12. Yup, it is those files that tell the program to switch languages.


    There are still some screens that will be in whatever other language, tho. Wish I had Brendon's answer saved.



    It's here - about six messages up this thread. If it's the answer for people who have used the wrong updater that you want, here it is . . .


    The foreign language you're seeing is supplied by foreign language localizer (.LOC) files.


    An ordinary uninstall doesn't kill these files, and nor does running an English updater, so they stay there and are read and used next time you install.


    Do a search on files with the extension .LOC in the Adaptec/Roxio parts of your hard drive, and rename any you find to a different extension, like perhaps .ORI (original) which isn't used by anything else.


    You could find 12 or 15 in a full installation. Renaming them takes them out of service and should return you to English. You can delete them once you're satisfied everything is running sweetly.


    There are a few bitmapped screens which don't rely on the LOC files and will stay in the foreign language. Running the English updater will fix those bitmapped screens.

  13. Hi Bruce,


    If I shut XP down untidily I always get that demand to check my file system when I next boot. It counts down from 10 seconds and then does what looks like a chkdsk. (It's interesting, because it's blue on my analog output, but green on the digital one). If I let it do its thing it goes away but if I keep cancelling the "checking file system. . ." it will keep appearing at boot time, until I let it go through the check.



    So what my7551 was saying was when he gets to a certain place in Videowave, Videowave reboots the computer. The rest of the thread so far has been about what XP does as it restarts, which is a red herring.


    Can we forget the restart procedure now, and get back to what causes the reboot?

  14. I don't think that anyone could convince me that a full frame, 1920X1080 @15Mbps HD 2hr video can fit on anything other than a blueray disc AND the quality still be acceptable.


    Since a Blu-Ray single-layer disc holds 25GB, and a HD DVD one holds 20GB, do you think that the 5GB difference is going to be critical?