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  1. General Chat shows new entry when there isn't one. Seems to have started with the first entry that got moved. This One: What The Heck Is A Tsid Number


    You could be seeing a cached entry. If you're using Internet Explorer try pressing F5 on the page which is giving you problems, to dump the cache entry and re-read the page. If using another browser, refresh the page.

  2. There was an article in my newspaper this morning, talking about boycotts - the guy who first proposed one, and their effect.


    The article said that according to consumer advocate Ralph Nader (it's been a long time, glad he's still around) it only takes a 2-3% drop in sales to have a serious effect on a company, make it unprofitable, and vulnerable to hostile acts from its competitors.


    Perhaps it's time someone proposed a boycott on Sony products until they stop playing nasty and hostile tricks on their own customers' computers. I know I can do without buying any of their CDs and DVDs.

  3. Hi,


    You're more than welcome to any help I can give you, at any time.


    It's a pity we can't get right down to the bottom of that problem. I have found that JPGs sometimes get their bottom half cut off when I'm downloading them, but I've not heard of them getting their bottom halves sawed off when they're being burned. I guess we won't know, if you don't now have the originals.


    I've been quoted often for my saying about "never trust your only copy of a precious file to a packet-written disc" but I think it is also a wise idea not to get rid of originals until you are certain that backups are going to work or copies have copied properly. Computers are terrible creatures, and will misbehave if you give them the slightest chance to do so. (grin)


    Go well, and good fortune.

  4. Hi Jeff,


    You changed while we were on the old board, didn't you? (Nothing wrong with my LONG term memory - LOL)


    Last I heard changes made in 'my Roxio' weren't translating over to this new board properly. It was being worked on to get that fixed, but I haven't heard if that's done yet.


    Sending a PM to Patrick might be problematic, since the PM boxes are so small and he is in so much demand.

  5. Hello,


    This all depends on what the file is, and what application is making or maintaining the file, and whether the data have been "shaken down" to remove slack space before the file was saved.


    If your file has no spaces in it, then removing material should make it smaller. However if it is a database or some sort of array then removing part of a record could actually be creating a new record and the resultant file would be bigger.


    Knowing what your file was, or what made it might allow a better guess as to why this happened.

  6. I've not come across that before.


    If burning at 8x isn't working properly your machine should be reporting a disc fault - CRC error or similar - so if you're not getting an error reported then it's unlikely your 8x "isn't reliable enough".


    Perhaps we need to look at what's happening to the files?

    -do the originals display properly before they are sent to the CD?

    -if the copies are displaying strangely when shown from the CD, how do they display when copied back to the hard drive?

    -are the copies on the CD smaller than the originals? (are they truncated?)

    -if they are the same size, are their contents identical? (you can compare them in a command prompt window with comp.exe, using the command "COMP file1 file2")

  7. Looking at XP, I shudder to think what Vista will be like.


    There are still a heap of things I can do with Win98SE that nobody can do with XP.

    ME is short for "Multiple Errors", and I think XP might actually be an upgrade if you're running ME.


    Still, it's getting so you won't be able to run it on the new CPUs. It seems some of those being designed now will not run 32-bit code on the chip, but only in an emulator. (sigh)

  8. Hi KC,


    This is what's called "CD Text". It's interesting because not many readers will pick it up, despite it being so useful.


    To burn CD Text you need to:-

    -have a drive which supports it (not all do)

    -have the details entered in your project (either manually or through the CDDB)

    -have CD Text turned on in your burn dialog (there's a tick-box to check)

    -burn in Disc At Once (DAO) mode


    A small (and free) CD Player program which will read CD Text off the disc is the HACP player by Hans Nelisse. It's available at a large number of websites if you do a search on "HACP PLAYER"

  9. Cannot create a music CD-R.


    Yes, I’m serious. I am using Windows XP, 4 yr old top of line Dell, writing to a NEC DVD+RW ND-1100A [CD rom] drive. Been trying for 3 months. Thrown away 23 CD-Rs. They play fine in computer but I get “ERR” message in car CD Player and just nothing on my progressive scan DVD player. I close it out to play on all devices. Tried 3 brand name CD-Rs. I follow Roxio Music CD instructions to the tee. Tried using Windows Media Player and when I went to “Burn” (after recording track from my purchased CD to hard drive) I immediately get a message that Windows has incurred a problem it doesn't recognize. I use drive for everything else in the world and have no problems. I updated to Easy CD Creator Version No difference. When I look at the Drive properties, it says it supports CD-R. I feel a little foolish.




    There's nothing wrong with using a DVD+RW ND-1100A. That drive has been supported ny ECDC since version


    What did catch my eye is your remark "I close it out to play on all devices." I don't recall such an option in the music project of CD Creator. You're not FORMATTING the disc first, are you?


    Are you trying to record audio, or are you recording an .MP3 or .WAV file on the disc?

  10. Hello,


    I've not heard of this happening before, but I'll try to help.


    If it wasn't that you can read the DVD on other drives I would think that the burn had failed, but since you can read it elsewhere the obviously the burn was done the right way.


    DVD writers usually have tables of burn parameters in their firmware, and these parameters adjust things such as burn speed and power, depending on whether the drive recognizes the blank disc. As more disc brands and types come on the market firmware updates are issued by reputable manufacturers so their drives can recognize and handle more types of discs.


    With all that in mind, I'm wondering if your drive might be having difficulty with the type of DVD you're using.

    If it was a fault in the Roxio software (not impossible) then I would expect it to have shown with other people before now.


    -May I suggest you check with the drive manufacturer to see if a firmware update is available, and update the drive if necessary.

    -Try changing your brand or colour of DVD, or try changing the burn speed in case that makes a more readable disc.


    You haven't said, but I'd be interested to know if the drive can read other burned discs, or if it can only read silver, pressed, commercial CDs and DVDs. If the last is the case, it would seem the drive has something wrong with its read circuitry (hope not). Please let me know if this helps.

  11. Everytime I put a blank CD or DVD into any of my DVD/CD drives EZ CD Creator launches and this causes the system to freeze when I'm doing a buckup using Ghost. How can I stop the Project selector from launching everytime I insert a blank disc into the drive? I'm using ver, need to get newer version but for now I need to stop this auto launch issue, someone please help


    This has nothing to do with Direct CD.


    Best way to stop Project Selector launching is to stop it from loading when windows starts.

    Run the registry editor (Regedit) and go to the key at



    There you should see an entry for CreateCD50, the project selector, which should look like this:

    "CreateCD50"="\"C:\\Program Files\\Common Files\\Adaptec Shared\\CreateCD\\CreateCD50.exe\" -r"


    Delete that entry, and project selector won't load and run resident when you start Windows. It means you'll have to click on an icon when you want ECDC, but that's a small price to pay. Later updates killed this "feature" anyway.

  12. hello,

    this is my first computer with burning capability. i used roxio dvd creator 6

    to burn 4.5gb on a fujifilm dvd+rW 4.7gb

    disc. the files i burnt were a mixture of

    avi and wma.

    when i went to play it on my Govideo dv1030

    vcr/dvd player. I received the error "unknown disc". i checked the documentation for the player and it stated it would play DVD+RW discs.

    so my question is what should i do now?






    I think the problem is not what TYPE of disc (+ or -) you used, but what you did with it.


    Did you use one of the suite's video programs to make a VIDEO DVD out of those files? (it would turn them into a bunch of .VOB and .IFO files in a VIDEO_TS folder on the disc)


    Or did you make a DATA disc with those AVI and WMA files just stored on the disc, and not converted to DVD? (and if you did, did you FORMAT the disc and use Drag and Drop to transfer the files, or did you use Creator in a data project to write the files to an unformatted disc??)


    All players should play a VIDEO DVD

    Some players will play AVI files off a DATA disc (especially DivX certified players) but not WMA files.

    Many of the players which will read DATA discs won't read formatted "drag'n'Drop" discs


    Please come back and tell us what sort of disc you made, and with which program.

  13. Er ... ml ... I'm sure you meant to say


    2. Copy those files to a CD - R using DataProject rather than Drag to Disk


    This is ECDC, not EMC.




    To be fastidiously accurate he would have said "CD Creator" rather than "Creator Classic" since a data project isn't a program, but who wants to be pedantic?


    I'm sure the member now knows which program we're talking about. (happy smile)

  14. Bettz1943


    What is the "ID String" of the CD burner drive you now have in the machine? You said a CD ROM drive went out, but you haven't said just what you do have in there now.


    Right click My Computer, select properties, Device Manager. Find the DVD/CDROM icon, click on the + alongside to expand it and you will see an icon and text information for each CD/DVD device installed. This text is the ID String. Please quote it exactly.


    What is the actual version of ECDC that you're trying to install? Can you find some indication printed on the installer CD or in the various help and .ini files on the CD?


    If you can help us with that information we may be able to give you better advice.






    Nice to see you've made it here. I was beginning to think that Colinburnshome had taken over the cudgel from your part of the world.