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  1. "Merlin, Inc. technical support. How can I help you?"

    "Yesterday I've bought your sword..."

    "Congratulations, sir, you've made the right choice!"

    "It doesn't work."

    "What does it mean - doesn't work?"

    "It doesn't cut the dragon's head."

    "Have you read the manual, sir?"

    "A noble knight have not to know how to read! But my armour-bearer have read it for me aloud twice."

    "Well, sir. Have you taken the sword out of the sheath?"


    "Is that really so? Check it again, please."

    "I've done it, I say to you!"

    "Okay, sir. Now check the edge sharpness."


    "You shouldn't do it with your finger, sir."

    "What the finger? I've done it with my tongue! I always check a sharp flavour of my dishes like that."

    "You see, sir, a sword has a bit different construction than your dinner dishes. The term 'sharp' means here..."

    "I'm not obliged to know you technical terms! I'm a user, not a hardware specialist. You'd better answer why doesn't it work!"

    "Did it work before?"

    "I don't know, I've bought it only yesterday!"

    "Okay, sir. Have you done anything with it?"


    "Are you sure?"

    "Well, I only took it out of the sheath."

    "Did you try to grind it yourself?"

    "What for?"

    "You know better, sir. Maybe you tried to install new spells on it?"

    "No, I use the default ones, which are supplied with the sword!"

    "Maybe it's the spoiling, sir? How long ago have you updated your holy water?"

    "I've downloaded the fresh version only two days ago!"

    "I see, sir. Then look if there are unscreened sources of black magic nearby. They may create hindrances for the sword."

    "What sources?! I'm in the desert!"

    "Don't be so nervous, sir."

    "I'm not nervous!"

    "Then why do you pant?"

    "Because the dragon is chasing me!"

    "Oh, so the dragon is near you?"

    "Yes, he is already QUITE near!"

    "Excellent, sir! Give him the receiver."

    "And what if he bites my arm off?"

    "Sorry, sir, but medical problems are beyond our competence."

    "Next time I'll buy a sword of Morgana, Ltd.!"

    "Well... okay, sir. Describe at least how the dragon looks."

    "Well, he is such... yellow... with moustaches..."

    "It's clear now. You should begin with that. It's a non-licensed dragon, a Chinese counterfeit."


    "Read the license agreement, sir. Merlin, Inc. doesn't guarantee any compatibility with non-certified devices."

    "And what shall I do?"

    "Don't use cheap no-name dragons anymore, sir."

    "Looks like HE is going to use me right now! Aaagh! No! Aaaaa..."

    "Sir? Sir, are you okay?... Well, in any case, Merlin, Inc. thanks you for custom!"

  2. 4.02a S1


    Okay thanks. 4.02a S1 is an OEM version of course, but there should still be only very minor differences between it and the retail version.


    To explain what's happening, versions of Easy CD Creator and its offspring up to version 6 use a look-up table to match the various burners with the right parameters and commands they need. Your drive is checked against the table, and if there's a perfect match the drive is "recognized" and burning goes ahead.


    The error you're getting shows the software isn't getting a match. Causes for this can be:

    1-the drive is broken and won't tell Windows what it is

    2-the drive is too new for the version of software / was not known to Adaptec/Roxio

    3-the registry has been damaged so the software can't find the table of drives


    I thought it would be #2, but your drive was known to all of version 4 so you won't need updates.

    I presume it won't be #1, because you delivered the drive ID string (IDE-CD R/RW 8x4x32) - unless you had memorized it :) Does the drive behave properly when reading discs? Have you any other CD burning software you can use to try out the drive? Did you see it in Device Manager?


    I'd like to be sure the drive is okay, but in the meantime we'd better check the Registry.


    Please run Regedit.exe. Press Ctrl-F (find) and search your registry for "device106" (without the quotes)

    If the registry's okay, you should find device106 and it should have a string value which looks like this:

    "IDE-CD R/RW 8x4x32,IDE-CD,R/RW 8x4x32,PHIL4XRW,cdrmmc.drv,128"

    This is the entry in the table for your drive. The device number stayed the same throughout version 4 and until 5.01.


    Lack of that entry or damage to the software will cause the error you're getting. Can you tell me if you can find the entry, and if it has the same as I've shown above?

  3. Hi Thomaslans,


    No problem, your message was quite clear. :) I understood. What is giving me problems is your drives.


    Now the SD-M1402 is not a worry. It's a reader not a writer, so it doesn't concern us.

    The IDE-CD R/RW 8x4x32 is a big problem for me, since it has been supported by Easy CD Creator since back before version 4, so if your software is version 4 it shouldn't need updates.


    Please check and tell me what version of Creator you have. Run Creator and select to make a music CD, then click the Help button, and go to About Easy CD Creator. Clicking there should bring up a box with the version number in it. What is the full number it shows, please?


    (If it's not updates, this problem could take a day or two to sort out. Don't despair, we'll be working on it with you.)

  4. Hello,


    I don't know of any separate "CD Record Utility" supplied with Easy CD Creator, however after reading those instructions I would say that Easy CD Creator IS the recording utility that they have supplied to you.


    Perhaps the instructions are generic, and with some of their packages they supplied a different bundle of recording software. This way, it doesn't matter whether it's ECDC or something else, they wouldn't have to reprint the instructions if they changed suppliers.


    It may save them time and effort, but it has a good potential to confuse the customer doesn't it!


    I would suggest you just go ahead and install the ECDC they have provided, and then start burning CDs. If you have any difficulties that can't be fixed by clicking on the Help button, please come back here for assistance.

  5. i am getting this error message as well.

    my story is this:

    my hard drive was about to die, so i took it into a computer shop and they were able to save my important files and set me up with a new hard drive.

    so then i found all the disks that came with my Gateway and started loading the programs i needed. one was Easy CD Creator. this worked fine from the day i got the computer to the day my computer messed up. the other day i tried to burn a cd and got the same error message.

    what should i do in this case?




    It is obvious from what you said that you haven't got a new drive.

    I think what you have done is you've gone back to software which is too old for the drive you've always had.


    You have reinstalled ECDC from your original CD, but have you updated it at all? It's very likely that your working version had been updated at some time to support your drive, and if you don't update the version you've just installed your drive won't be supported.


    You would need to run CD Creator in a data project and then go to Help / About ECDC to see what version number is displayed to be sure, but I'm guessing you have an install CD with one of the early shipping versions - probably 4.01.


    Now version 4.0 supported 390 different drives, and 4.01 supported 485, but after updates the final version 4.05 supports 1,022 drives. The odds are very high that your drive is one of the 537 which needed an update.


    I can confirm this is the case, if you'll give me your ECDC version number (from above) and your Drive ID which will see if you right click My Computer, select properties, Device Manager. Find the DVD/CDROM icon, click on the + alongside to expand it and you will see an icon and text information for each CD/DVD device installed. This text is the ID String. Please quote it exactly.


    In any event, you'll probably need to update. Roxio (US) doesn't carry v4 updates any more. Last I heard version 4 updates were still available from http://www.roxio.com/en/support/uk/ecdc/so...updatesv4.jhtml


    If you have a low version number you will need to update to 4.02 and then 4.05. If you're already at 4.02 or higher you go straight to 4.05.

  6. It's actually a lot more simple than that.


    Changes made in "my Roxio" are supposed to carry over to the forum boards, but that got broken when the forum changed addresses.


    Patrick has been trying very hard to get this fixed, but since the person(s) responsible don't work for him this hasn't been achieved yet. We remind him regularly, and he is just as frustrated by this as you and we are.

  7. Chernin told investors that it will allow News Corp. and others to also monetize content in the broadband, wireless, set-top box storage and other fields beyond HD-to-home


    "Monetize"! Well, that's a new name for highway robbery but it describes perfectly what they're about.


    For $25 I would expect to keep the disc, not just rent it for a night.


    Setting such high prices for this material just serves to make people feel justified in copying the material for their own use. I think people like Chernin know the price they set will stop the customer from hiring out the film again for a second viewing, and so they're cynically just going for as much money as they can get on the first and only time.


    Pitching prices at a much lower, reasonable level would encourage consumers to rent a copy again or buy one for their home library.

  8. Just a newbie question: Who decides on which posts are rejected or not? As far as I noticed, all the "Digital Gurus" have a prerogative for that.

    If a user has been placed on "requires moderator approval" because of the excessive number or the nature of his posts, then his further posts will not appear on the board until they have been approved by a moderator. That is all.

  9. When you said 50 GB on a dual-layer disk, did you mean a standard DL DVD, or a new specialized type of disk? Still, 50 GB seems like an impossible amount. That's more than standard hard drives :)


    Richard, read the article.

    You're displaying a lack of clues if you part-read something and then ask questions which show you didn't read it properly if at all. I'm sure you don't want to seem clueless.


    50 GB is the standard capacity of a DL Blu-Ray disk, which is what the article's about.


    Standard hard drives run at 250-500 GB at the moment, so 40 and 80 GB drives are becoming rarer on the stock shelves.

  10. Hello,


    Modified/created dates are properties which operating systems assign to files. An audio CD does not have/contain files. It has audio tracks, which are a totally different thing. Since it does not have files, then audio tracks can not have modified or created dates assigned to them.


    Now, some operating systems and some programs use a pretend filetype, a CDA (for CD Audio), to represent the tracks on an audio CD. These are not real files, but are just the way the operating system represents CD audio tracks. By the same token, their names are not "Track 1", "Track 2" etc. because theyare not files and do not have real filenames.


    In a file directory display, the created and modified dates, and the sizes of these pretend files contain nonsense values. They never contain the dates the tracks were burned or any meaningful data, and should be ignored. This is not a property created by Roxio software, but is a result of the way the operating system represents an audio track.


    I'm sorry, but the standard which controls the structure of audio CDs does not provide a way to record he date an audio track was burned, and Disk Operating Systems do not therefore display it.

  11. Lynn, this may be a stupid question but ... How can removing the labels also remove the recording layer? After all the are on oppositie sides of the CD. Personally I never use labels since I fell they can upset the balance of the spinning CD unless applied perfectly.


    Hi Walt,


    On a CD-R or RW the recording layer is put onto a strong plastic disc, a very thin reflective layer is put on top of the recording layer, and a layer of paint and/or laquer is put over the top of that to keep the air out.


    It's the paint/laquer and the reflective layer which get ruined so effectively and easily when you rip a label off.


    Once you've damaged the reflective layer, the CD don't play no more. The recording layer (dye or alloy) is usually undisturbed, but by this time the question is a bit academic.


    With a DVD the recording layer or laters are sandwiched between two plastic discs, so the data is protected a lot better from mechanical damage. Their main problem isn't surface damage, but stressing the sandwich and causing the two discs to separate (de-lamination).

  12. Hi Justin,


    Yes, everything's clear now thanks. I'm pretty certain you don't have a Roxio CD burning application (a separate program) on your system.


    You're burning with Windows Media Player 9. WMP9 has a Roxio burn engine as a "plugin", and that's what you've been peeping at.


    Okay, given that you're using WMP9, you should be able to upgrade your burner to one that's a bit faster without running into software trouble. WMP9 won't handle the newest, fastest, top-of-the-line drives but it should be able to deal with a drive model which has been around a couple of years.


    You can use other software than Roxio's product. That's up to you. However it isn't going to make that old drive go any faster, and if you get a real new drive you're going to find that (1) old software won't recognize the drive, (2) your old computer won't be able to feed data to a new drive fast enough to run at high speed, and (3) your old computer won't have the specifications to support the newest software.


    It's all a balancing exercise. If you can put up with slow speeds you can keep your old system. If you want real fast speeds with a new drive, you may need a new system.


    I think that's answered the question you asked, though the answer might make you glum. If I can help with any more info or suggestions, please feel free to ask.

  13. Hi,


    There are two modes of burning an audio CD. They are Track At Once (TAO) and Disc At Once (DAO).


    The most common way of getting an unwanted 2-second gap between tracks (or losing the last 2 seconds of the song) is to burn in TAO instead of DAO.


    Check the on-line Help in Easy CD Creator if necessary, and switch to DAO when you burn the CD.

  14. The pures lines

    ?? :)



    "The PURE lines . . ." It looks elegant, as if that's the factor which counts.


    My clunky old DVD writer already has black, cream, and silver faceplates so THEY're not new, and it also has a firmware upgrade function so I don't know what's new about that.


    Crafty little sods, though. Talking about BD-ROMS and BD-RE, they're trying to redefine all the terms you've come to know and love, just to prevent the purveyors of HD-DVD from using the same terms. And "HD BD-ROMs", now if that isn't calculated to confuse punters then I'll eat a CD label!


    Boxers to your corners, and let the fight begin.

  15. Justin,


    If as Lynn says, WMP9 has disabled Easy CD Creator permanENtly, what are you burning with?


    Starting from Windows without anything else running, do you have an icon to click on when you want to burn a CD? What application or menu comes up when you click that icon?


    Where are you getting that version number, 2.00.44, from please? How do you display the version number?


    I don't blame you for wanting to replace that old, slow drive. I have an idea or two, but I need the answers to those questions above before I can advise further.

  16. Hi Richard,


    Okay, it's a 4176B. Sometimes vendors use a catalog number which is similar to the drive ID, but it's the drive ID that the machinery reads and that's what counts.


    I'm sorry to report that the 535V drive update was published December 2004, which explains why it doesn't cover a drive from late 2005, so your drive isn't "recognized" by ECDC5 for burning DVDs.


    Now, given that ECDC5 can only write DATA DVDs and not video ones, and given also that Roxio gave up trying to support ECDC5 in Windows XP-SP2, you might want to get a later version from Roxio which will do all you want. The latest version is 8.05, although I saw 7.5 for sale on eBay a couple of days ago for $7, and 7.5 is an excellent and stable version.


    However if you want to get ECDC5 to recognize your drive in the meantime, that's quite easily done. We just hijack the registry entry for the 4120B.


    -With Version installed, run the registry editor (Regedit) and search for "device079" without the quotes. When you find a key called device079, hit F3 and search again. The second device079 key you come to should have this entry:-

    "HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-4120B,HL-DT-ST,DVDRAM GSA-4120B,DVD+-R/RW,cdrmmc.drv,178,,9"


    -double-click the highlighted "device079" and an edit box will open with that entry in it. Carefully edit that so that each 4120B is changed to 4176B. If you make a mistake in the edit, just Esc out of it and start again. When you have it right, click OK to complete the edit, and then exit from the editor.


    There you are. You can now write data DVDs with your drive.


    I hope all this helps.

  17. Given Micro$oft's recent edicts about motherboard upgrades requiring the purchase of new licences, where will that put Vista with dual processors?


    Will you need to buy dual licences?


    Would upgrading a motherboard then require TWO new licences?


    What about single processors with dual cores?


    . . .and what happens when the new 4-core chips are released?

  18. I have the latest updates for drive support (Version "V") on Easy CD creator Platinum. OS Win XP Home SP2.

    I have an LG GSA-6167B burner which is good for DVD and CD burning. I also have an old Sony CD burner installed.


    Your GSA-6167 may be good for DVD and CD burning, but not with ECDC 5.3.5v


    The highest LG GSA burner recognized by 535v is the "HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-5120D"


    What is the "ID String" of your burner?

    Please right click My Computer, select properties, (then hardware, if in XP), Device Manager. Find the DVD/CDROM icon, click on the + alongside to expand it and you will see an icon and text information for each CD/DVD device installed. This text is the ID String. Please quote it exactly.


    When did you buy this drive?