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  1. Hello,


    Direct CD used to be very good for the job you're trying to do, back when disk drives were "dumb" and did only what they were told.


    In those days they did exactly what the software told them to do (if they could) and they all formatted discs the same way.


    Now disk drives have been made "smarter", and they each do their own thing regardless of the instructions they're given. The result is what you've found - rarely are two of them the same.


    The best thing you can do is "erase" your CDRWs. A quick erase should do it without having to do a full erase. That should bring back and discs you have "lost".


    Then use CD Creator in a data project to write a "session" of files on a disc. Close the session but not the disc. This should allow you to transport the files to the other machine, and write another session with that other machine if you want to for transport back to the first machine. There is advice in the help files for writing sessions.


    When the disc gets full you can erase it again and re-use it.

  2. Darkvador,


    Have you inserted your blank disc and allowed time for the drive to spin up and read it?


    My machine shows max CD speed only until the disc has been recognized, and after that it will let me set the speed normally.


    If I have inserted a DVD the burn speed indicator will change from CD speeds to the DVD speed as soon as the disc has been recognized.

  3. I tried googling HP DVD/CD Writer 200j, and there isn't a "perfect match", which means you have not given us the actual id string. A quick glance at the results offer the possibilites it uses plus media but not dash media; or that it might be a "combo" drive - that is, CD-RW/DVD-ROM - and doesn't burn DVDs of any kind. Without the actual id string - see the FREQUENT ANSWERS post referred to earlier for how to find it - it's impossible to do more than guess.




    It's a "HP DVD Writer 200j". It writes DVD+RW and DVD+R, according to



    The HP DVD Writer 200 series were sold as 200e (external) or 200i (internal) but the actual drive carried the 200j identity string.

  4. Codec-download.com is one place to go to get codecs, but really you are best off if you can work out which codec you need. Then you can do a web search and go get that codec, rather than having to get a whole supermarket trolley full of them.


    It would seem that you don't have a codec for the file you tried to add, so what was that file? Examination of that should give an idea of the codec you need.


    There is a codec information appliance program called GSpot. (I believe the G is for Graphics). It can be found at http://www.headbands.com/gspot/ or at a number of other places on the Internet.


    If you run this program and then drag the video file onto the GSpot program GUI, in mostcases you'll get a lot of information about the video file. GSpot will tell you if you're short an audio or video codec, and most times will tell you which one you need. Try it, it's free.


    If you get stuck, come back here with more information and we'll try to help you.

  5. Bruce, you're showing your prejudices (grin). Bit Comet is a program, not a site.






    when you say the new HP-R will work but the old one won't, have you looked at the discs with a utility such as DVDInfoPro? [it should have installed with EMC8]


    If you go to the Media button you can get all sorts of interesting stuff on the disc in your drive. Comparing the results from both types of disc might show some significant difference between them.

  6. General Chat shows new entry when there isn't one. Seems to have started with the first entry that got moved. This One: What The Heck Is A Tsid Number


    You could be seeing a cached entry. If you're using Internet Explorer try pressing F5 on the page which is giving you problems, to dump the cache entry and re-read the page. If using another browser, refresh the page.

  7. There was an article in my newspaper this morning, talking about boycotts - the guy who first proposed one, and their effect.


    The article said that according to consumer advocate Ralph Nader (it's been a long time, glad he's still around) it only takes a 2-3% drop in sales to have a serious effect on a company, make it unprofitable, and vulnerable to hostile acts from its competitors.


    Perhaps it's time someone proposed a boycott on Sony products until they stop playing nasty and hostile tricks on their own customers' computers. I know I can do without buying any of their CDs and DVDs.

  8. Hi,


    You're more than welcome to any help I can give you, at any time.


    It's a pity we can't get right down to the bottom of that problem. I have found that JPGs sometimes get their bottom half cut off when I'm downloading them, but I've not heard of them getting their bottom halves sawed off when they're being burned. I guess we won't know, if you don't now have the originals.


    I've been quoted often for my saying about "never trust your only copy of a precious file to a packet-written disc" but I think it is also a wise idea not to get rid of originals until you are certain that backups are going to work or copies have copied properly. Computers are terrible creatures, and will misbehave if you give them the slightest chance to do so. (grin)


    Go well, and good fortune.