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  1. Hello,

    This is an English language bulletin board, but I am guessing that you are saying the size of the text in some of your Roxio displays is too small.

    If that is true, please go to your Windows settings and look to "change the size" of your text.   Make sure "Scale and layout" is set to 100%.


    If you cannot find this setting, please come back here and tell us what Operating System you are using, so that we can lead you to the setting.

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  2. We dealt with a question on Creator LJ three years back.  HERE.  It's an OEM version sold by Sonic to a bunch of OEM computer manufacturers.

    I'm afraid that my recommendation is still the same as I gave the user then:

    " You need to go back to the OEM who sold your computer to you - Fujitsu, NEC, Toshiba, Dynabook or whoever - since the gurus here don't have a copy of this software to examine and operate, we can't solve your problem. "

    You appear to have deleted the program rather than uninstalling it, and so there are lumps of the program and installer left embedded in your machine.   Unhappily the version I got hold of checks for a BIOS driver used on the OEM machine, so it won't run on any of my machines.   Therefore I can't suggest names for the files that are giving you this problem.  That's what you'll have to ask from your supplier who bundled the program with your machine.

    Usually when Windows shows you errors like this you have to fix them.  You can't often tell Windows to be quiet.

    Regards, Brendon


  3. Hello,

    I'm sorry, but grandpabruce died in March 2019 from illness caused by his Service overseas.  He is missed.

    Our links to the Roxio Knowledgebase articles were all broken when Corel took over Roxio, but some of them can still be found in the Roxio section of the Corel Support database, HERE.  They don't have the original KB numbers any more, so I can't nail down the article that Bruce pointed to.  However, in general the Knowledgebase seems to suggest that a 'clean uninstall' was the recommended way to deal with certificate file problems.

    In your case it looks as if an installer is still present and needs to be removed.   Which version of Creator were you running, and how did you try to uninstall it?   Is your Windows 7 in 32-bit or 64-bit?




  4. Hi again Jinker,

    We were hoping Roxio might release a new version of Creator around September/October last year as usual, but they didn't do a 2019 version.

    In the Genie Duplicates Finder you need to tick the box of every file you want to delete.   Your suggestion of 'click to keep' would be an improvement.   I haven't tried to see if Ctrl-A  would tick all the boxes, since NXT is on a different machine.


  5. Hi Jinker,

    I tried the Roxio Genie Duplicates Finder.   It's not the sort of utility I would expect to find in an optical media creation suite, and there are no instructions for use available so you have to follow your nose and hope you get it right.   

    I certainly wouldn't buy a $130 or $100 suite to get this little utility.  I don't think I would use it again.

    Regards, Brendon


  6. EMC10 uses a system that Roxio called the PX Engine to recognize and link with your optical drive(s).  I think yours may have been broken by something.

    Please read this topic.   Start at the 6th message on that thread, written by Guru cdanteek, and follow his instructions precisely.   His message contains a zipped PXEngine installer, and instructions on how to run that installer with the "/pxhelponvista" parameter.  (Even if you're not running in Vista)

    Using this to reinstall your PX Engine should fix your problem.   It has helped a large number of users.

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  7. Trevconda1,

    I think I know where you've tripped on this - you've converted your Quicktime videos with the old MPEG audio instead of MPEG 4 audio.  If that's the problem, the fix is fairly simple but you will need to adjust VLC player and convert again.   Please try this:

    -Run VLC player and start to set up convert

    -After selecting the standard video profile as shown, click the spanner icon to edit the profile


    -click the Audio Codec tab and then the Codec pulldown to change from MPEG Audio to MPEG 4 Audio ( AAC ) as shown. Then Save this change.


    Now you can go back to the Convert screen and carry on converting your Quicktime videos and VideoWave should like them.  

    Please let me know if this works for you.


  8. Tim,

    Thanks for that information.    I'm getting the same response from the Feedback page. :(     I'll see if I can find out when the page will be back open.  Thank you also for that .HEIC photograph.   


    Videowave filters files at two levels.   Firstly it checks to see if the file extension is on the list of filetypes it accepts:


    and if they aren't in the list then the files don't even show in the Videowave selector box when you open a folder, and you get a flash of a prohibited sign if you try to drag them in with Windows File Explorer.

    Then, if the filetype is allowed VideoWave  tries to show a thumbnail of the file.   If something prevents that (e.g. it uses a codec that's not installed) then VW shows a 'prohibited' thumbnail.

    prohib.jpg.95208d2a1ae693e3d07b30080035eb2d.jpg .HEIC files aren't in the list, so VW won't have anything to do with them. 😕

    However,  on my unmodified Windows 10 system, MS Paint and Windows Photo Viewer will display files in the .HEIC format, and free programs such as IrfanView and CopyTrans HEIC  can be used to convert the .HEIC files to one of the formats in the VideoWave input list.

  9. No problem - I red-lined the product key for you when I saw it.    I also took off the tags with your email address, because there are 'bots which troll all the public bulletin boards collecting visible email addresses and spamming the owners, and you don't want that.

    Now, once you've got them to reset your key do you still need a hand to solve the install problem?   If so, can you tell me what Operating System and computer type you have, and describe what happened when you tried to install?    The two of us should be able to get it going for you.



  10. George, never post your CD key on a bulletin board.  You should keep it private and protect it, because without it your software is unusable.

    Your key for  NXT 7 can be used for installing the software 20 times, but after that it becomes inactive to prevent it being used by everybody. 

    An inactive key can be reset by Tech Support, and you should approach them now to get them to do that for you.


    Regards, Brendon

  11. Hi Richard,

    I've been doing some more digging into this.  

    The third and fourth versions of this Easy CD & DVD Burning software were based on Creator 10 (EMC 10).    Users of EMC 10 have reported the error you're seeing, and I have located a couple of possible fixes for that.   One of the fixes might let you do a proper installation of your older software, if it's one that's based on EMC 10.

    Waiting for the name and version number from you please.


  12. Hello Tim,

    I haven't heard if Roxio is intending to add support, but would you please be so kind as to let Roxio know of this change?  The more people who approach them the better!

    Up at the top of the main Creator menu is a Help Button.  The drop-down that shows has an item Provide Feedback to Roxio.   If you would tell them using that feedback box the information should get to the right place.

    Thanks very much.  Brendon