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  1. 11 hours ago, Richard H said:

    That said,  I also have the original Easy CD & DVD Burning software.  It used to work until I recently had to reinstall windows 10.

    Umm, the original Easy CD & DVD Burning was a cut-down version 6 from 2003.  I suspect you have a version of  Easy CD Creator - the full software - perhaps a version of Creator NXT or Creator 2012?   

    Can you tell me the full name of your other software, and the version number please?      I'm sorry about all the similar names Roxio have used, but getting the right one to fix is crucial.



  2. I'm sorry the process isn't so straightforward any more.   As an outsider, I think it's because the company has changed hands so many times, and different ownership has pulled the software in different directions.

    Keep persevering, and you're welcome to any help we can give.


  3. 10 hours ago, Richard H said:

    I've used Easy CD & DVD Creator for years to record DVD slideshows with photos and videos together from trips. 

    Hello Richard,

    You have Roxio Easy CD and DVD Burning 2.  Is that correct?  (Please check 'About' your software)



    I suspect that you've been using Videowave in the full Easy CD Creator program suite for making your photo & video slideshows.   That program is found under Edit Videos - Advanced, and  allows you to make slideshows with photos and video clips together.

    I'm sorry to have to tell you, but the Easy CD & DVD Burning suitelets are cut-down, cheap versions of Easy CD Creator with many of their most useful features deliberately removed.   The latest iteration, Roxio Easy CD and DVD Burning 2, is a castrated version of Creator NXT 7.

    None of these cut-down versions has Videowave:(


    If you bought the product for this feature I suggest you consider returning it for refund.   Roxio has a 30-day return policy if you bought the product from them,  so if you bought it from them act quickly now.  If you bought it elsewhere, contact that vendor.



  4. Good morning Joyce, (well. it's morning here)

    Would you please have a read of this thread elsewhere on the board.   It takes a bit of reading, but it sets out what we (us users) managed to work out about this metadata problem.    The solution is to re-save the photos that Videowave is rejecting.  

    A way to use Powerpoint to do that is mentioned in this thread, which might be useful if you have Powerpoint.


    I hope these help you.  Stay safe.


  5. Hello Joyce,

    In earlier versions up to Creator NXT 3, Videowave and MyDVD were integrated in the one structure and a project you made could be passed off to MyDVD to burn in a fairly seamless manner.

    Unfortunately (for us) NXT 3 was the last version of Creator to have Roxio's MyDVD.  When NXt4 was released, Roxio's MyDVD had been quietly killed off in the night and was replaced by a lightweight Corel program which they called MyDVD (hoping you wouldn't notice the difference).

    Videowave saves its project files with the .DMSM suffix.     Roxio MyDVD saves its project files with the .DMSD suffix.    The new ersatz Corel MyDVD saves its project files with the .MyDVD suffix.     You can't use older Roxio MyDVD projects with Corel MyDVD.


    What you have to do now (presuming you have a newer version), is to completely finish your production in Videowave and then find and click on the "Prepare for Authoring" button.


    This gives you a dialog box to adjust settings, and then renders your production to an .MPG file.  You can then close Videowave and prepare to burn the .MPG to disc.

    At this point if you want to burn the production to a DVD without a clunky and messy menu, you run Video Copy & Convert to burn the .MPG to disc.  If you want a menu, run Corel MyDVD and take your chances with that.               If you need help, please do come back and start a new thread with your question.

    Wash your hands often, keep your distance, and stay well.


  6. On 4/25/2020 at 6:52 AM, freddy61 said:

    yes I could convert the file to iso

    Thank you.  I've been waiting for that information.

    There are two fairly distinct parts to burning a disc.  First is the planning, assembling, sorting, rendering, and preparing your data, then making an image.  The other is actually burning it to plastic.    Usually the first part is the trickiest since there are so many things the software has to do, but in your case you've successfully done that and produced an ISO image.   The error has happened when the machine is trying to burn that ISO image to plastic disc, so that's where we need to look.

    Unfortunately that error message is just telling us there was a burn error, and it isn't telling us why or how.  We still don't know if it's the burning software, or something wrong with the drive.  Here you're going to need some blank discs, or a rewriteable one.

    -first:  Can you burn that ISO to disc with the Roxio module Burn Image to Disc?   If not, what happens?

    -if not:  Can you burn the ISO to disc with other software such as ImgBurn (written by Lightning UK, so he might be a Brit)

    -if not:  Can you burn anything to disc with your burner drive?


  7. Hello Gerry,

    I think the programme you are looking for is Roxio Music Disc Creator.  Go to the Music / Audio section of the menu and look for Create Music Disc Projects.



    Then once you're in there select Project Type Audio CD, and Add To Project  Import from CD/DVD.  You should be able to follow your nose from there. :)



    Regards, Brendon

  8. Code 2147500037  is the decimal value for Error 0x80004005, unspecified error, so that isn't much use to you.

    BurnerState_Aborting failure, which you didn't mention, is probably more useful but even then it's delightfully vague - Thanks Microsoft.

    Since there's something going wrong when you're trying to burn to disc, maybe you can find out if the error is happening while the disc is being assembled, or when it tries to actually burn to plastic.     During the burn dialog can you tell the software to Burn to Disc Image instead of an actual disc?   If it can successfully make an ISO, then you know the assembly is fine but something's wrong with the burner - or vice versa.

    Try that and let us know how it goes.

  9. Grampadave,

    The BackOnTrack 19.0.55 in Creator NXT 6 is NOT the "BackOnTrack Online" that is referenced in Corel's Knowledgebase, so don't waste your time in the Corel KB.     Go to the program's own 'Help Center" which is embedded in the software and reached by the Help button.

    Generally, a One-Click Backup is a one-shot task.    In the Advanced Backup section, the program says you can do a Full backup or an Incremental one (See the Help). 

    Please note that even though the Advanced Backup says it allows you to backup hard disks or partitions, it will not let you restore them.  You can only pick files or folders to restore from them.


    Hope this helps,


  10. I think your system has a problem.  Upgrading a version of Roxio Creator won't fix that problem, so you're seeing the same error.

    If you bought NXT 7 from Roxio, why don't you apply for a refund quickly within the 30 days they allow, and come back to us in the NXT 6 forum to see if we can help you fix the problem and get NXT 6 going properly?


  11. Hi Ted,

    I hope you managed to stop the action and regain control of your machine without mishap.

    Since you haven't told me your desired start and finish points, I wasn't able to do the editing for you.   However I have downloaded the video with Jdownloader, and I've trimmed it down to a half-hour segment in Creator NXT 7.    It seemed to work fairly simply.    Here's how, in broad detail:

    -download the clip as an MP4 from Youtube.   Keep the MP4 and later delete the other files which came down with it

    -run Videowave (Edit Video-Advanced), create a new production, and load the MP4

    -down on the Timeline, right-click on the video and select 'Trim'.  Pull the start and end pointers to where you want them on the timeline, and click OK.   You can preview and adjust the selection, and when you're happy with it, go up to Output > Export As > Video clip.

    -click on Create Video file.  The machine will take some time and will copy the segment you've selected to a fresh MP4 in your 'Videos' directory, leaving the original untouched.  The copied half hour took about ten minutes and 125 MB on my machine.

    -If you run into any snags you can't fix with the help files, please feel free to come back and ask for a hand.


  12. Hello Ted,

    YouTube indicates it's actually "only" 1.50 GB and the MP4 file is only 1.2GB.     I don't know where VC&C would download it to on your machine, since I've never been able to make it work on mine   :(  However I've got it almost downloaded using JDownloader, but our Internet backbone is very busy with the country in lockdown and mostly everyone at home.

    Aah!  There it is.  1280*720 (16:9) @29.274 fps, 1.12 GB.   Seems to run well.   Would you know the actual start/finish times in mins&secs of the section you want?    I'll go see if  can trim it with something in Creator NXT.