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  1. Hello again Aycorn,

    Here we are in the Easy CD & DVD Burning forum.  I'll bet you can't find your way back here without setting a bookmark, or going back through the Easy CD 4 & 5 forum. I don't know why it's hidden down here.  (It reminds me of that notice in the Hitchhiker's Guide, "It was on display in the bottom of a locked filing cabinet stuck in a disused lavatory with a sign on the door saying ‘Beware of the Leopard.' ")

    Your questions, from last to first:

    -If the problem is amplitude clipping, I think you may need to reduce track volume.  It's worth trying, anyway.

    -Version numbers - The latest version of the main Roxio Creator suite is Creator NXT 7 at the moment.   A long time ago a severely cut-down 'lite' version of Creator was marketed, called Easy CD & DVD Burning.   They have now made a more modern severely cut-down "lite" version called Easy CD & DVD Burning 2, and that's what you have.   See here (LINK)

    -The external burners - This is the difficult one because I don't have access to those burners.  However I do know that the Roxio software does much of its disc I/O through the operating system, rather than independent of the OS.   I think the problem is between the drives and Windows 10, rather than a problem with CDburnerXP or the Roxio software.       Did the external drives come with driver software, or have drivers available on their manufacturers' sites?


  2. Good Morning Aycorn,

    What you have is the cut-down "lite" version of one of the older Creators - the type of version which came to be known as "in the Red Box".  It dates from around Creator NXT.   The latest full version of Creator is NXT 7.

    Different versions often have specific problems, so that's why we have to ask your version.    Now we've ascertained what you have I'll get this thread shifted to the 'Redbox" forum.   Then we can work on your actual problem.

    There's no reflection on you that you started here.  Roxio has engaged in some quite confusing product naming, and it's not your fault.   :)

  3. Aycorn,

    Which Roxio product do you have that you are needing help with, please?  You posted in the old legacy Easy CD Creator 4 and 5 forum, but that won't run under Windows 10 so you obviously haven't got that one.   You are saying you have Easy CD and DVD Creator 2 and want version 6, but there's no such software.


    When you're running your software, and in the Home screen you go to the top bar and click the Help button you should see an "About" option.   Click on that and you should see an "About this software" display.    Please tell me the exact name of your software so we can answer your questions.


    Thank you very much,


  4. 10 hours ago, grac said:

    please can someone explain this?



    Yes, I can explain it.  It's an error in German that someone hasn't bothered to translate to English for this forum.  In English it says:

    "The current display settings do not meet the minimum requirements for this application. Please change the screen resolution to at least 1024 x 768 pixels and the colors to at least 16 bit."

    What this shows is that you had your computer settings wrong when you were running Creator 2012, and you are still using the same settings when running Creator NXT 7.

    To fix it:  You haven't told us what operating system you're using, but since you have a brand new laptop here are the instructions for Windows 10.

    - right-click with your pointer on an empty piece of screen

    - select Display Settings.  In there, go to Scale and Layout.   Reset that figure to the recommended 100%.   Now try your videowave.



    Regards, Brendon

  5. Steve2006,

    If you recently 'upgraded' to Creator NXT 7 to use MyDVD for this purpose, I'm afraid you're going to be sadly disappointed.   While Roxio MyDVD handled this job very well, it was quietly replaced by Corel's MyDVD several seasons ago and the Corel version has a severely reduced functionality.

    Corel's MyDVD will only take these files as input:


    MKV and a number of other formats are conspicuously missing.

    If you bought NXT 7 direct from Roxio within the last 30 days you can apply for a refund, but you should do that promptly.   If you are outside the time limit or bought the software somewhere else, you may have to convert your MKVs to another format such as MP4 as suggested by Redwagon, to use this lite MyDVD version.  :(


  6. Sknis:  Thank you.  I suspect Snagit converted it.

    CDanteek:  Thanks for the confirmation.

    Redwagon: No reply.

    Tony:  Glad the refund is on its way.   You noticed that about NXT?   Most, if not all of the Roxio modules are still 32-bit and don't seem to change much from  version to version, apart from when MyDVD was quietly killed off and replaced with a much simplified Corel product.   (I suspect there are few original Roxio staff left)

    I'm pretty sure it's not the 4K video resolution that is causing your problem, but failure of the software to handle the type of audio which is output by the Sony AXP 33 camcorder.  In any event, you need different software.

    Go well,


  7. Hi Tony,

    4K not supported?  I guess they should advertise that 'fact' at all points of sale, then?    However, since we're having trouble with the audio but the software handles the video, it seems unlikely that 4K video resolution is the problem.   In any event, it seems you need a refund.  :(

    Cdanteek, Redwagon, Sknis,   (and anyone else who tries it)  in case it helps to solve this, would you each tell me if you're using 32- or 64-bit Windows, and if your Videowave sound plays okay with the attached clip?  - I'm in Windows 10, x64, and get loud random noise but good video.

    Thank you, Brendon.

  8. Tonyio,

    I downloaded the video you attached, and when it was played in NXT 7 Videowave, the audio was quite atrocious!    It was, as you described, just a loud noise.

    Frank, did you try it in NXT 7 Videowave?       On my machine it does play nicely in VLC, but not in Videowave.

    I checked the download with the Media Info utility, and it said that the audio track was PCM in Big-Endian byte order.  (Google Big-endian PCM to see what that is)



    I suspect that this is the problem.  Most PCM audio is stored Little-Endian and while the VLC player can handle that, I don't think that Videowave can.   (It doesn't handle alternate-endian JPGs, either).    Trouble is that I can't find any other MP4s with Big-Endian PCM audio to test this out.  They seem to be all Little-endian.

    If NXT 7 isn't going to do the job you need and you bought it direct from Roxio, you should consider applying for a refund before the 30-day period expires.

    Regards, Brendon



  9. Thanks Ted.   That's a long haul - you would have seen the development of optical discs from their birth right through to their twilight.

    I think the Roxio software is aimed at capturing to put on a DVD, rather than capture for high-level manipulation or some of the more exotic optical disc formats available now.

    Regards, Brendon

  10. Hi Ted,

    The Roxio Media Import application in NXT3 captures your video for burning to DVD, VCD, or DV.  The settings are for output quality. I think it's the same for Creator 2011.


    If you choose one of the DVD outputs your captured video is output to the standard DVD dimensions,  720 x 480 for NTSC or 720 x 576 for PAL.    The other settings, HQ, SP, and LP only change the data rate or quality, not the dimensions. 

    Selecting a DV output might let you select non-DVD dimensions, but I don't have a capture card or a DV camera, so I can't try it to see.

    Regards, Brendon

  11. Hi Mac,

    I just went back and tried it.  It seems 'Edit Audio' only works on one file at a time.   The button greys out if I select more than one file.

    Many players such as WMP allow you to set filters for playback, and CD recording software commonly 'normalizes' the volume of audio, but I don't know of an editor which will batch-edit your audio files like this.   Perhaps one of the more specialized (and expensive) editors might?

    Best regards, Brendon

  12. Hi Mac,

    I've searched all over, but I can't find anything on the Roxio site in a later version than Record Now Music Lab 10.  This might be a result of me looking from the bottom of the world (New Zealand) but if anyone can show me where to buy version 14, please do.  It seems to be a diced-and-sliced offspin of Creator somewhere between Creator 2012 and Creator NXT.

    Anyway if your version has "Create Music Disc Projects" in its Audio section, I might be able to help you.   Screenshots are from RNML 10.

    -Click that Music Disc Projects button and run Roxio Music Disc Creator.


    - Now drag a music file into the Audio CD window

    - Right-Click on the file to highlight it and select Edit Audio


    - When the editor opens, click the Equalizer button and a fine array of sliders should appear


    - I think this is what you wanted, and I hope this is where you'll find it in your version.


    Regards, Brendon

  13. Hi Mac,

    When you start to reply you should see a box like this:


    You start to type where the straight-line cursor is under the "B".   If you get your screen-shot file on your desktop where you can see it, left-click on the file and drag it onto the area around the paperclip, then let it go, it will upload to the bulletin board.

    Now, if you click on the black circle with a white "+" which has appeared, your screenshot will be attached in your message wherever that cursor is.  If you don't click on the "+", your screenshot will be attached at the end of your message.   Care to try it?


  14. Hello Joyce,

    I'm sorry Paint wouldn't save your JPG in an acceptable manner - I was sure it did it last time I tried, but perhaps M$oft have changed something again?   It certainly didn't fix the photo today.

    I've been working today on editors which allow you to save a JPG which the Roxio apps will accept. The old ones I use tend to destroy the Exif data, but I found an editor that will let you load a 'rejected' JPG and will then save it to an accepted format with the Exif data apparently intact.    IRFANVIEW (homepage link) is small, well-known, safe, and simple enough for your 'load/save' operation even though it has lots of abilities.   Oh yes, and it's FREE for personal use.  You'll see my 'rejected' photo was accepted by Roxio after a load/save in Irfanview.

    The others that worked were Paintshop Plus, and Gimp (too complicated, as were the Commandline converters).   AcdSee demolished the Exif data.     Windows Photo Viewer didn't help. 



    Whew!  How's that?   To summarize,

    -The Roxio apps handle the S7's MPG files and its JPG photos taken in 'Burst mode", but don't like the Intel Exif standard the S7 uses for single JPG shots.   These photos have to be converted to the Motorola Exif standard, to be used by Roxio.


    Best regards, Brendon