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    address book in Vista

    Thanks for the courtesy of a serious reply. Some others are not so polite and helpful to their fellow users. The word "Community" is obviously not a word in spirit to some! Anyway, It's not there either. Yes Vista has some negatives but also some positives. Let's get practical. Move on! It's the future!
  2. GerryH

    address book in Vista

    Tried that. Outlook express is empty. I'm using Incredimail and it's also empty but I have a complete book available when I'm using Incredimail. Thnaks
  3. GerryH

    address book in Vista

    does anybody know where the address book in Windows-Vista is kept?
  4. I found the owners name to the software and matched it to the loading of the program and now I'm able to load it. Only, the same problem exists that I had before. The program Photo Explosion won't open-there is a message that there is an incompatibility issue with Vista. Thanks
  5. How do I access to check HKey_etc? I pasted HKey into search and no matches wer found (in an everywhere search) I did look up the syatem and it had a different name than mine, though.
  6. i did a search for RegOwner and nothing was found. Is that what you mean?
  7. Tried that at first. Even tried installing a new administrator and went back to myself as admin. Still get the same problem.
  8. I was trying to install a program which I had a problem with when an error message (1303) came up -"...installer has insufficient priveleges... log on as an administrator.". only I am. This is not the first time this has happened and I had this problem with XP at times prior to installation of Vista
  9. GerryH

    Windows VISTA update manager error

    I e mailed them and they linked me to a Microsoft article about converting hard disk partition from FAT32 to NTFS but I was denied-do no have sufficient priveleges..need to run in an elevated mode? what does this all mean?
  10. GerryH

    Windows VISTA update manager error

    What is IE 7?
  11. GerryH

    Windows VISTA update manager error

    This was an update from XP S2 Media I used the Dell Assistant disk with the conversion from Windows XP Media to VISTA Premium Home
  12. Just installed VISTA and upon loading get an update manager error code "#-5" which I cannot find explained anywhere. Anyone have an idea about what this means and how to correct it?
  13. GerryH

    WindowXP scheduled task problems

    I am logged on as the administrator. As a matter of fact I am the only one listed as using the computer. Have had issues with this before and thought that it was resolved. What can I do to fix this?
  14. Can't get this computer to schedule-get an error message:"A new task may not run because account information could not be set error 0x8007005-access is denied" Any solutions to this?
  15. when booting up keep getting this message. windows says that this driver may cause stability problems and windows will not install it -and gives a roxio address to do this. however when going to this address can't seem to find the link. i have a new Dell dimension E520 which came with the basic Creator DVD Combo. Is this some type of confilict?