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    Restoring onto Leopard from Toast 8 on Tiger

    I've tried again - I get: " File System Error A file system error -36 has occured. Restoring will be aborted. " This is hopeless - how can I get it to carry on regardless of errors!
  2. fustbariclation

    Restoring onto Leopard from Toast 8 on Tiger

    I've got 4 DVDs backing up my old iPhoto library. Toast spanned the discs. Trying to restore them (my system was stolen), it finds errors on the discs. I really don't mind losing a few pictures, but I'd like to restore as much as possible. So I'm not happy when it gives up. Is there a way to force it to restore all files that aren't actually corrupt? I restored the first volume, which ended with an error. I put in the second volume, but it ejected the volume and insisted that I re-insert the first volume. This is not at all helpful! How can I tell it to restore just the files it can recover from each volume separately so that I can then import them back into iPhoto?
  3. fustbariclation

    DVD -> iPod + downloading 8.01

    Thank you very much for the help! I've tried your method on a number of things - but I have not yet managed to get video onto my iPod! Whatever I do, it seems to end up with toast using up tons of CPU, getting about half way in half an hour or so, but then not making any progress after that. I'm suspicious of a few things - might they be the problem? Does toast prevent the screen saver, energy saving options etc. if it runs for a long time? I'm wondering if that might be the problem. Has anybody managed to get a full-feature film onto an iPod? If so, how long did the conversion take?
  4. fustbariclation

    DVD -> iPod + downloading 8.01

    I've got two hanging problems! When I try to make a Video_TS file into an iPod format film, Toast hangs with high CPU usage and no response. I've tried a number of different Video_TS files and get similar problems. I'm hoping that 8.0.1 will fix this. However, I've been trying to download this all day. It gets up to about 60% download and then fails. When I try to redo it, it starts again from the beginning. Isn't there any intelligent download utility that will carry on from where it failed?? Does 8.0.1 fix this? I'm finding it very frustrating to have a new iPod (for a week now) and still not to have got any films to run on it!
  5. fustbariclation

    Compression, Encryption and multiple DVDs

    I don't understand the need for this limitation. Yes, if you compress and encrypt a backup over several volumes, I accept that you can only read the full directory and recover your stuff if you can have space to read it all back to your drive. You have to lose something, after all. So, given the above limitation, why does toast refuse to span DVDs if you click on the compress or encrypt option? Couldnt it just warn you that you have to restore the whole bang shoot or nothing? This might well be an enhancement request, but, please, I'd love to be able to have an encrypted and compressed backup that required me to restore everythign before it worked, but spanned several volumes. Is there another backup tool that does this?
  6. fustbariclation

    DVD burn from VIDEO-TS failure

    Well, thank you! It seems that we are in the realm of magic now, anything can happen. Reading the subtext of what you're saying is that this is highly unlikely. I've searched this group and the Apple discussion groups and found nothing remotely similar. I know what I'll do. I'll put a cleaning disk into my G5 and see if it gets any better. If not, I'll post here again. I have got a DVD/CD laser lens cleaning disc - I'm not expecting a result as I used it only a few weeks ago, but, why not try eh?
  7. fustbariclation

    DVD burn from VIDEO-TS failure

    It gets curiouser. I've now installed toast 8 on my G5 and copied a VIDEO-TS file to a DVD. It worked perfectly. Amazingly too, I can play it with no problems on my iBook. So the question now is; Why can a DVD recorded by toast on an iBook not play on a G5 whilst a DVD recorded on a G5 can play on an iBook?..?
  8. fustbariclation

    DVD burn from VIDEO-TS failure

    I just bought Toast today. So I'm testing it. I burnea DVD from a VIDEO-TS file on my iBook G4. It went well and verified correctly. I was also able to play it on the iBook. I didn't watch the whole film, but I was able to step through all the chapters and it seemed to be set up correctly. I then tried to play it on my G5 which has a Philips DVD player, rather than the Matshita on the iBook. The DVD didn't even load. I played around and loaded a commercial DVD and it played OK, so there was no problem with the player on the G5. What is going on? Surely a DVD burned by Toast should be playble on anything. Is there some setting that I'm getting wrong? To be sure I re-burned it at 1xDVD speed and I had exactly the same problem. Any suggestions gratefully received!