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  1. Hi again I'v try complet and custum install and i do my backup on dvd-rw (i'v try to use file on hard drive too). ok now... I'v disable the com+ service and event viewer service. now i can backup but im not sure it's a good idea to keep those sevices disable. I will continue to look for a better solution. thanks again for you help guys
  2. Thanks for reply. No, I'v not EMC installed on the pc. I'v only install BUMP 6 deluxe. (first install was complet install and the second was personal, with only BUMP, no other componants)
  3. HI When i start the backup, bump can't finish looking for busy files. He look like he will continue forever. And if i kill the process and try to restart bump, he hang on the first screen. I'v to reboot windows if i want to try use it again. In the windows event viewer i'v 2 error in application and system section : application : 1- source : msdtc (id4437) 2- source : com+ (id4689) system : 1- source : service control (id7031) 2- source : service control (id7032) computer description -winxp home sp2 with all windows update -startup : avg, intel and realtek soft, mssql server, hp toolbox i'v try to uninstall and reinstall Bump. i'v deleted catalog too and try with a new user. Some help will be really apreciate. Thanks