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  1. Hey ML thanks for the help..........It finally works after using YOUR advice!! You just made my week!! thanks so much for the help!!
  2. This will sound really silly but how do I tell what versions of Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player are currently on my computer? Also Thanks for the fast response earlier.
  3. Anyone that can help me solve this will be a hero in my book. Rather than re-do the explanation of the problem I will paste my description below as I explained it to Dell support which couldnt/wouldnt help. When I purchased the computer I specified that I wanted the ability to edit video and create DVD's. The computer came with the Roxio Videowave Movie Creator installed. A Dell "dazzle" was also included. In the beginning I was able to edit and create videos and burn DVD's and everything worked perfect. Somewhere along the line my computer was infested with spyware or something and the computer would barely run. I finally ended up reformatting the entire hard drive and reinstalling all the back up disks that Dell had provided. Unfortunately, after reinstalling I could not get the Roxio Videowave Movie Creator program to function. At that point I began talking to the Dell support group and trying everything that they suggested. Finally it was suggested by Dell support that possibly the Roxio back up disks were part of the problem so they decided to send me two new Roxio Videowave disks to try. I then tried these two disks but unfortuantely had and still have the same results. I became so frustrated that I stopped trying to fix it and now here I am starting over. I think the problem must lie somewhere with the link to the video capture option. If I try to open the Roxio Videowave program the following text window appears. "Videowave Movie Creator cannot run, because some required files are missing. Please re-install Videowave Movie Creator." Back when I was talking to Dell support I had uninstalled and reinstalled the sotware atleast 4 times with the same result. Having the same negative result is what prompted them to send me the new disks but the same thing continues to happen. My computer came with Sonic MyDVD program but this program also will not work. If I hook up my 8mm camera to the Dell "dazzle" and try to capture video to the computer the following text window appears. "Cannot connect to the selected video device. Make sure that the device is connected properly and that no other capture applications are running" I can see the window on the monitor that shows the video that I am trying to capture but the program will not capture the video. This tells me that the dazzle is sending the video signal to the computer but for whatever reason it will not allow the program to capture it. If I try to use the Window Movie Maker the same thing happens. I can see the video playing on the monitor in the program but if I click the capture button it will not capture the video. A text window appears that says "The specified video device is not responding, verify that the device is connected properly and turned on, and then try capturing again". I have become so frustrated that I consider buying a newer version of Roxio but am afraid that I will still face the same issues of not being able to capture video. Any help you or your team can provide would be GREATLY appreciated!