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  1. Hi Forum: My label stock contain two labels per page. Can someone tell me how I print two CD labels at once, rather than just printing one, putting the paper back in upside-down, and printing again? I've tried selecting "2 copies" but that just prints out on two seperate pages. Do I have to change something in the layout? Thanks!
  2. I just purchased EMC9 and, like many others here, have experienced several issues. My goal was to create a short 5 min DVD of footage for a school project for my daughter. The main problem I was having was that the encoding was hanging sporadically, and I couldn't get my movie to burn to my hard drive all the way through. After mucho troubleshooting this issue, this is what I found out: If I capture my footage using MyDVD and arrange it UNEDITED in a storyline, everything works as it's supposed to. But, if I edit any of the footage in the FIRST PANEL ONLY (trim or split the footage), the encoding hangs. To work around this issue, I had to capture all footage using Windows Movie Maker and import it into MyDVD. By doing this, I no longer have any burn issues. One issue I'm still having that I havn't found a solution to is sometimes when I try to burn my movie (either to my hard drive or to a DVD), MyDVD will just end and take me back to the desktop. I have to reboot to get the burn to work - anyone have any suggestions about this issue? Thanks! Debbie