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  1. Every time I try to convert Multiple .TiVo files (which was the sole reason I bought RC2012), I it crashes at random points and throws up a Runtime error "This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way." It's extremely frustrating.
  2. wraithtdk

    Seagate to sell laptop PCs w/ built-in encryption

    I wonder what kind of encryption they'll be using. I am generally suspicious of proprietary encryption. I use PGP whole disk encryption on my system. PGP has yet to be cracked by anyone, and the best estimate for a brute-force crack, using a top of the line system running 24/7 is around a thousand years. I don't trust the lojack software. First of all, despite what they claim, it is not "format proof". It has been removed in many, many demonstrations. Which means that if you're using encryption on your system, it's practically worthless, since the thieves will undoubtably wipe the drive first thing, anyway; since they won't be able to get in to it. Secondly, I'm not too big on the idea of software that that is specifically designed to let people know where I am whenever I am using my laptop.
  3. wraithtdk

    Bill Gates tops Forbes' list of billionaires - AGAIN !

    What happened to the guy that founded Ikea? A few years ago, he surplanted Bill as king of the money bags.
  4. wraithtdk

    copy dvd's to archos 404

    Looks around nervously NO! There's no way of doing it. No way at all. It's totally illegal and deprives greedy billionaires artists of their hard earned money and I have never done anything like that and I have no idea how one would go about such a thing. In fact, I've never even heard of anyone doing anything like that ever, which is good, because clearly that would be wrong. Which is why I'd never do it. really. i gotta go....
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    CompUSA closing stores

    I could believe that. Thing is, I'd rather pay $100.00 straight up for something than the Worst Buy advertised special of "$80.00*" with that asterisk of doom that signals you're going to have to fight for months to get the $50.00 mail-in rebate that will bring the price down to $80.00. I want an honest price that people are actually prepaired to give me without any hastle.
  6. wraithtdk

    CompUSA closing stores

    So long as they accept photocopies. This is not always the case. Especially if they require the original UPC from the box.
  7. wraithtdk

    CompUSA closing stores

    Worst Buy sells Graphics & Sound cards, but if you need special cables, cases, processors, motherboards, or other special parts, you're out of luck. Not to mention the fact that all of Worst Buy's sales all revolve around pain in the neck mail-in rebates. You know why companies love those so much? Because a. most people don't go through with them, and b. even if they do, there's a fairly good chance they will screw up. The bottome line is, they know that there's a much better chance that they will be able to sell those items at full price. What really pisses me off is that half the time, when I do those things from Worst Buy, I send in EVERYTHING, word for word, and then I get a notice saying that I did NOT send something in, and they will send me my money when I submit the missing parts. Of course, then you're stuck, because you can't send them something you ALREADY sent them, and it's just your word against theirs. You know what I miss? Software stores. You remember when they had places like Software, Etc., and Electonics Boutique and Babages, before they all merged into one mediocre video game place? You would go in, and they would have applications, and computer games, and hardware, and you'd walk in, and look around to see if anyone was watching you play the demo of Leisure Suit Larry, hoping to see pixelated cleavage? You know you did it.
  8. wraithtdk

    CompUSA closing stores

    I went into my CompUSA a few days ago and heard about this. I swear, my "NOOOOO!" probably echoed in there for an hour. I nearly cried. I LOVE CompUSA. They had everything there. You could actually get PARTS there, instead of just the ready-made, plug and play stuff that worst buy has. I swear, that place is like the Wal-Mart of the electronics industry, only without the low prices. They come in, and just steam-role everybody. I seriously want to slash the tires on all those little beatles. Time after time I have to go clean up the MESS they make, I get clients tell me that they brought their machine in with a malware infection, and without any notification or data backup, they just wiped the whole drive and reloaded Windows. And yet, they STILL get all the business because they've got the name, and they've got a billion bucks to spend on ads.
  9. psh, that's nothing. Here's a gem they don't talk much about: It doesn't support 64 bit systesm. You plunk down $260.00 on Vista Ultimate 64 bit, there latest OS, and of course, MS says that 64 bit is the future. The security center comes up and says "oh, hey, by the way, you should get some kind of anti-virus on here". So you click on their suggestions. Naturally, topping the list, is the product made by the same people that made the OS. No problem, right? So you pay thirty bucks for the suite, which, says that it's fully Vista compatible, but does not say ANYWHERE on the package, or the web site, for that matter, that it is not 64 bit compatible. And yet, you take it home, try to install it and "blong" you get an error message "Windows Live One Care does not support 64 bit operating systems". classic.
  10. wraithtdk

    So you want to fax from Vista - don't count on it

    Still my second favorite tech story (next to Sony's 9 mil protection scheme that people figured out the could bypass with a thirty cent sharpy. I should mention that today I setup a pfsc (about twenty bucks more than the typical printer/scanner/copier combo) today, and it reminded me that you don't need to print something to scan it with one of those. If you have something on your pc that you want to fax, you can just send it to the pfsc, and it will fax it directly. It's as easy as sending an email.
  11. wraithtdk

    Dell - Make Windows optional extra on all your PCs

    I know, me too. But imagine all those people who are used to, in their words "clicking on the internet and then clicking on my mail" were suddenly presented with no start menue, no familiar "e" icon, etc. They've been using Windows for YEARS and are still confused about certain basic functions, and now they're going to be faced with an entirely new interface? Disasterous.
  12. wraithtdk

    So you want to fax from Vista - don't count on it

    Gross misinterpretation. The WGA is Vista is basically the same as it is in XP, and for that matter just about any other software that requires activation these days. That is, if you don't activate it within a certain time, it stops working until you do. Once you've activated it, the only thing you can't do is get updates. It's not going to suddenly stop working or prevent you froma accessing your files. That isn't in the EULA, and that isn't in Vista's code. This guy is way, WAY off. He's probably one of the same people that swore that the serial numbers in Pentium II's (PIII's?) could allow Intel to take control of your machine.
  13. wraithtdk

    So you want to fax from Vista - don't count on it

    Yea, and I had 1.5 gigs on my XP machine. But most people have 512, which is why Vista seems like you have to get upgrades. Similarly, in 2001, just before XP was released, the vast, vast majority of people had 64 megs, and people were freaking when XP came out and it required 128 as a minimum.
  14. wraithtdk

    Dell - Make Windows optional extra on all your PCs

    Meh., I could see it happen with corporate machines, but for the typical machine geared for the home user, it would be a disaster. Anyone who thinks that making windows optional is a good idea does not fully understand the depths of technoilliteracy that exists out there. The problem is that a surprisingly high percentage of people don't want to have to go over system options and manually select the components. They're afraid they'll choose the wrong thing. They want to just buy a package deal. They want the machine pre-configured, pre-priced, and ready to go out of the box. I know, it sounds horrible to the computer litterate, but you'd be surprised how many people are willing to pay my hourly rates just to have me help them choose which machine to buy. Now, offering the option to select Linux instead of Windows might work, but chances are they'd still get swamped with people calling tech support and asking where there email is, why their software isn't working anymore, etc., because they accidently chose Linux (because it's cheaper, and some guy at work who knows a lot about computers says it was better).
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    So you want to fax from Vista - don't count on it

    I want it because it looks awesome, it runs smooth, I've yet to have it crash on me, it's more secure, the game center rocks, and it seems like every time I use it I find some new little thing that that impresses me. Yes, it is a power hog compared to XP. However, when XP came out, and most people were running 98 with 64 megs of RAM, IT was a power hog, too. Besides, as I said, when your machine's base score is 5.2, you really see any slowdown. And yea, games fly on Win98, but only if you can get them to run without crashing. As it is, they fly on my machine, too. However, to be fair, I should mention that I didn't have to pay for my copy. I just told my boss that he had three choices: 1.He could pay for me to take some classes to learn Vista. 2.He could turn down every call we get from people with new machines who need help with Vista, want to upgrade, etc. or 3.He could buy me a copy of Vista Ultimate. Now, I know what you're saying "couldn't you have figured out how to fix any problems with Vista already? It's not THAT different from XP!" Well, you're probably right. But, not only would it probably been a bit harder, as I would have had to go into it not knowing exactly where they moved stuff around to, but my boss knows nothing about computers, and hey, free Vista! Is...is that what their claim was? Speed? I saw the hideously dressed people having some kind of standing-seizures and I thought that the message was "we know, you can figure out WHAT the deal is, huh? Just buy it."
  16. wraithtdk

    So you want to fax from Vista - don't count on it

    No, I'm saying the vast majority of home users DON'T have soft copy that they need faxed. If they have something on their computer they want to send to someone, they email it. I'm saying that most the people who need to fax things will use a fax machine and yes, print it out first, as they're probably the type the deal a lot with hard copy anyway; or else they're business users who buy Vista business and then just right it off as a business expense come tax time. Firstly, it's holding up pretty well to hacker so far. It survived black hat unscathed, that's a hell of a lot more any of their previous OS's have done. Secondly, no, I don't expect them to do better with virii, trojans, and spyware. Why would you think that? I deal with Virii and trojans the same way I always have: NOD32. I deal with Spyware the way I always have: Spy Sweeper. And most importantly, I deal with all of them with the most important tool of all: Having the common sense not to punch the monkey, chase the free ipod, click the pop-up window to "repair the umpteen hundred viruses that the random 'security' program found in just under two seconds", open up random e-mail attachments, and actually CHECK the freaking address bar closely enough to realize that http://paypal.accountsecuritycheck.com/omgithinkheboughtit is not ACTUALLY a paypal site. I have yet to have a problem with it on a Vista machine. How so? Again, I've yet to run into any issues. Hardware...that fits Micro... ahright, now I just have no clue what you're talking about. 'splain please. o_O wtf? I see. And when the kids step on your lawn... How does that make you feel?
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    IE7 no longer 'critical'

    It's a shame, really, it seems like IE7 went backward between RC1 and the final release. I actually really like the browser itself, but on XP machines, it consistantly seems to slow things down.
  18. wraithtdk

    Dummy question

    Well, that depends. Did you already do that yet? There, now we're ALL sorely lacking in the necessary information.
  19. wraithtdk

    So you want to fax from Vista - don't count on it

    Where are you looking that you're still seeing all these government jobs that require you to fax your application? $20.00 says I can find a hundred in the next hour that don't on Monster alone. You don't pay more for something that does less. Home basic does as much as XP home did, and doesn't cost one cent more. True, it doesn't fax. But it does other things that XP didn't, and as I've said, I don't place any value on getting a program that is crammed full of stuff I'm never gonna use. In fact, you talk about what you believe, here's what I believe: I believe that bloat is bad. I believe that a program that can do twenty different things, but only one that I will ever actually USE is no better than a program that just does one thing that I need it to do. I believe that if I need to send faxes for my business, I'd get a pfsc, or buy a copy of Vista that was meant for business. I believe that Microsoft is the big dog, and it is always trendy to trash talk the big dog. And most of all, I beleive that increased stability is a million times more valuable that the ability to fax a digital document. Yea, when is Microsoft going to freaking LISTEN to us? Don't they know that people have been DEMANDING that they stop trying to make Windows more secure and just let someone else do it? I suppose that to be fair, I should mention that I'm a Gamer junkie. Vista really doesn't phase my 3GHZ Dual-Core, 2GB of ram Dual-video carded SLI-based rig. It just looks really pretty.
  20. wraithtdk

    So you want to fax from Vista - don't count on it

    I'm smeone who talks to to people every day about what they use their computers for. 80% of my clients are home users, and of the hundreds I've talked to over the past three yeras, I don't recall more than a dozen or so that still used faxes, and I've yet to see a single one that faxed via PC. About 15% of my clients are home businesses. More fax machines there, but still, not a single one that faxes using their PC. The remaining 5% are small business. Most of them have fax machines. I've seen ONE that uses Norton Winfax to send faxes. Speaking of Winfax, have you noticed Norton doesn't make that anymore? Ever wonder why? Also, correct me if I'm wrong about this, but doesn't the fax feature require a dial-up modem? Half the machines that ship don't even COME with those by default anymore. All in all, I'm sure Microsoft came to the same conclusing that we did: in the age of e-mail, the fax is becoming extinct, and when you factor in the fact that difference between a printer-scanner-copier and a fax-machine-printer-scanner-coppier is about twenty bucks, there just wasn't much need for fax capabilities in the versions of its OS that they built with your typical home user. I don't work for Microsoft, I just see the logic behind the decision. If your system is business-critical, get a copy of Vista business and claim it as a write off on your taxes. I'm defending Vista because I LIKE Vista. I USE Vista, and most of all, because it seems to me like the criticisms of Vista (that started long before it was released, by people who were not even IN the beta), have largely been either petty or ill-informed. It seems to me that it just had bad buzz going into it, because everyone started making assumptions based on previous OS releases, and stuff that they heard from a guy who knows a guy who read on CNet (I remember when that used to be a credible source for info) that Vista would be full of bugs for the first year.
  21. wraithtdk

    So you want to fax from Vista - don't count on it

    First of all, my point is that people whine that there are too many features in MS apps, and then, when MS takes out features that few people ever use, people whine about that, too. As for the hardware requirements, when XP came out, most people had Win98 machines with 64megs of RAM. When XP was released, it required 128 bare minimum, and as we all know, it slowed down quite a bit if that's all you have. In my eyes, this type of thing is necessary for the continued growth of the PC experience. It's a growin pain. If software makers refuse to make products that reuire more oomph, we're going to eventually going to run out of new stuff that can be done with the oomph we have. We can either wait for that to happen, and then sit in stagnation, or we can be pre-emptive and push the conventional envelope a little bit. Besides, a Vista PC is still cheaper than a MAC, and upgrading is sure as heck easier and cheaper than doing it for a Mac. Especially an imac!
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    So you want to fax from Vista - don't count on it

    You can apply for Gov't jobs online. There's thousands of them. My father used post them when he worked at the pentagon. The reason it doesn't come on home systems when it came on 95-XP is because people used to use Faxes for home use. Nobody does that anymore. What people DO continue to do, however, is whine that Microsoft's software is needlessly bloated with features that nobody uses.
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    What is badware?

    Wow, does that seem completely unecessary to anyone else? Was Malware really confusing peopel?
  24. wraithtdk

    Interesting Read - Vista Drivers

    I'm so sick of DRM, and copyright law in general.
  25. wraithtdk

    Some interesting info here

    I gotta say, half the stuff in there? I'm just plain not buying it. For one thing, there's a heck of a lot of half-truths in there. Like the thing about the enormous labor surplus. Yes, technically it's true. There is no shortage of jobs, and no matter how many jobs we ship to china or India, there will always be more. The part they left out: how many of those jobs are minimum wage and would leave people below the poverty line even if they worked 40 hours a week. They talk a lot about China. They don't talk about the serious problems they have with the whole, you know, communist dictatorship thing. They never even mentioned, nor did it seem like they knew that problems with the opressive government and their huge civil rights violations were why people started complaining about China to begin with. They talk a lot about how many people are in jobs they have just gotten. They don't mention how many of those people GOT those jobs because they were laid off from other jobs that were shipped over seas. There's also a lot of predictions on there made by experts. Thing is, according to experts in the 50's? By now we shoudl all be zooming from work across the parking lot in our jet-packs, untill we climb into our flying cars, which will take us home to our nice houses, which are cleaned and taken care of by robots, primarily made on one of our many moon-colonies.