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    Dvd Made With Toast 11 Has Issues But Is Fine With Toast 7

    Thank you. Updating to 11.1 and choosing the Custom encoding helped quite a bit, but the camera pan movement is still not as smooth as the DVD made with Toast 7. The final file sizes between the two versions were the same size. Every other setting (Quality, etc.) looks to be the same. Interestingly that Toast 7 does not seem to give any option of choosing a Custom encoding. I wonder what default encoding exists in Toast 7? Thankfully I didn't delete Toast 7 after installing Toast 11. So far Toast 11 is unusable until I discover how to fix this problem
  2. I have a .mov DV video created with QT Pro that is video from my DV camera, and when Toast 11 renders the file and burns a DVD I get annoying stutter on horizontal camera movement. When the exact same DV video is rendered in Toast 7 I get a perfect DVD. Can anyone tell me what's going on in Toast 11 to create these artifacts? Thanks!
  3. dwfilice

    Music DVDs in Toast 10?

    I have Toast 7 and I have used it to make music DVDs...until I upgraded my OS to Tiger and Quicktime to 7.6. After the upgrade, my Toast 7 music DVDs have terrible audio distortion. Before I upgrade to Toast 10, can anyone tell me whether the Music DVD function works with QT 7.6 or higher?
  4. dwfilice

    Making an Audio DVD with Toast 7

    If I purchased Toast 10, will it have the same audio issues with Quicktime 7.6 and up, and will Toast 10 run fine on Tiger? Burning music DVDs was an important function for me, so purchasing Toast 10 would be worth it if it didn't have the same problem. Another question: If all versions of Toast have the audio issues with newer versions of Quicktime, then how can anyone with a new Mac use Toast since all new Macs come with new QT versions?
  5. dwfilice

    Making an Audio DVD with Toast 7

    OK, I mounted my disk image and played the music using DVD Player, but it still sounds like crap. I spent some time today reading other people in the Roxio forums who also had issues with their music being distorted, and I would have to say that my issue concurs with what I read: After installing OSX 10.4.11 and updating Quicktime to 7.6, Roxio could not burn a music DVD. Unfortunately there is no easy way to install an older version of QT because 7.2 won't install with my current OS version and I don't have the time to reformat my HD to get the previous OS. I read that the issue is with Apple's QT so I'm sunk until someone figures it out (meaning never).
  6. dwfilice

    Making an Audio DVD with Toast 7

    I did save my entire playlist as a Toast disc image, so when I get home tonight I will mount it to play and see what happens. I will also try using QT to play the converted items too. I will let you know the result. Thanks.
  7. dwfilice

    Making an Audio DVD with Toast 7

    Thanks for the feedback. After updating Toast to 7.1.3 from 7.1.1 and converting a few songs to 48 khz, no luck. I swear I burned a music DVD last year because I have a few that play just fine in a DVD player. Now though, no such luck. I'm not sure what's different, but after burning 15 bad DVDs, I'm going to give up. Has anyone successfully used Toast to make a music DVD? Just curious.
  8. dwfilice

    Making an Audio DVD with Toast 7

    I am using OSX 10.4.11. QT is version 7.6.4 I believe. It may be a later version, but I'm at work and I can't check, but I do know it's at least 7.6.4. I will check my version of Toast. All I remember is that it was Version 7, but I wll update it tonight. The audio files are AIF and MP3. I tried making a DVD with only one kind of audio file on it to test if that was the problem, but all formats are the same in that I have bad buzzing and static. I tried using Toast to burn a CD and it worked fine. It's the DVD version that doesn't work.
  9. dwfilice

    Making an Audio DVD with Toast 7

    Every time I make an audio DVD with Toast 7 Titanium the audio sounds terrible. It's filled with static. I tried burning with both Dolby Digital and PCM codec and I get the same result. I never really used Toast 7 to do this before but now I need to burn audio DVDs. What am I doing wrong? Like I said, the discs will play in a DVD player but the audio sounds terrible. Thanks, Dan
  10. dwfilice

    Making an Audio DVD with Toast 7

    I know this is a topic forum for Toast 9, but Roxio does not have a forum any longer for an old Toast version, so I thought I would ask here. I've owned Toast 7 for several years and I finally needed one of the functions I bought it for: Making an audio DVD. Everything seems to work properly to import songs and burn the disc, but no matter what I do the discs will play but the audio is marred with a static sound. I have tried burning using the Dolby Digital and the PCM encoding options, but the audio still sounds like crap. What can I do? Can Toast actually burn an audio DVD? Thanks, Dan Actually I realized I could post this question under the old software area in Toast 7.
  11. dwfilice

    Another Toast 6 Error Message

    Thanks for the suggestion. I had partial luck. When I insert a DVD (this is a self-burned demo reel) and click the red Record button, it says "Mr_E_DVD" could not be unmounted. All open files and programs on this volume must be closed first. That was the name of the DVD I was given. If I choose "Save as Disk Image", I was able to burn the image to DVD. Since Toast works on my iMac at home, I guess it must be something with how the Mac-mini software is configured.
  12. dwfilice

    Another Toast 6 Error Message

    I use Toast 6 Titanium both on an iMac G4 and a Mac-Mini G4 that run OSX 10.4. Toast works perfectly on my iMac. On the Mac-mini, when I get to the point of burning a DVD, I get this error message: "DVD_VIDEO_RECORDER" could not be unmounted. All open files and programs on this volume must be closed first. I have no other programs open. I didn't always get this error. I reloaded Toast 6 from disc and I still get the error. Both computers have been updated alike. Thanks, Dan
  13. dwfilice

    DVD-Audio vs. Music DVD

    Tsantee, I'm not blaming Toast. I'm even more upset with Apple with this decision. All I meant to say was that I wish the Toast product description would state that it can't use iTunes songs to burn audio DVDs, because I would venture to bet that many people buy Toast for this function. Of course, stating this upfront may affect Toast sales. For the difference between audio-DVDs and DVD-Audio discs, I understood the difference to be that an audio-DVD can have songs on it much like any audio-CD. On a DVD-Audio disc, the music is generally mixed specifically for the increased audio capability of DVD, like 5.1 surround. And, you need a DVD player or car system that can actually play a DVD-audio disc. Unless the player states that it will play DVD-Audio, it can't. This seems to be a unique audio format.
  14. dwfilice

    DVD-Audio vs. Music DVD

    As much as I love Toast for all my DVD burning functions, one of my reasons for purchasing it was to make audio DVDs. I was really disappointed when I tried to import songs from iTunes to Toast and Toast wouldn't let me burn a disc because they were "protected". The only songs I could burn to DVD via Toast were those that I imported to iTunes from CDs, which only amount to about 10% of my iTunes songs. I wish Toast would add fine print stating something like "Toast will not burn songs that were downloaded with iTunes". Burning thousands of iTune songs to CD and reimporting them is not an option. I would still have purchased Toast, but if I knew ahead of time about this audio DVD limitation, I would have avoided having my "expectation bubble" burst. To this day, I still have not made an audio DVD. Very disappointed!!!
  15. dwfilice

    iMovie Alternatives?

    coriscapnskip, Why don't you make your way to an Apple Store (if one is near)? They have iMovie and FCE running on many Macs so you can do some "hands-on" testing and see for yourself what suits your need. It's tuff to ask people for advice on what program you should buy or upgrade to because everyone has their own priorities and likes/dislikes. Personally, if you've liked using iMovie3, I would get iM5 or iM6. I was personally reluctant to move away from iM3 when I had it, but I upgraded to 5 and it has some really great features that are leagues ahead of 3. As far as the other programs, I personally hardly use iPhoto or Garage Band, but they're nice to have and fun to play with. I also use Toast mostly instead of iDVD, but sometimes I like the iDVD themes.