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    Roxio..NOT just for home videos!

    Wow...Wow...and How... I cannot say I am impressed, because I have to consult my dictionary to find a much stronger word than "impressed" . Never, would I have thought that Roxio could produce something like this. Thank you so very much for sharing this with us.
  2. Nick Lapenna


    I really want to write this in a large font....but it's not polite to yell. Some of you, and you know, and we know, who you are, are just "Priceless". Your photos and graphics put a human "spin" to your posts, and help to tone down our frustations. Our "stupid" computers keep doing what we tell them to do, but very fast. If only they would do what we want them to do, instead. You consistantly tell us how to do that, and much, much more......many times without us even posting our problem. Thank you all so very, very much. Please, don't ever leave us. You really are Priceless.
  3. Nick Lapenna

    User Guide

    I'm a genuine Newbie. If you are like me, save yourself some time or a headache. Go to; Roxio Community/Easy Media Creator Products/Easy Media Creator 9/General Discussion/ And look for a "pinned" topic; Easy Media Creator 9 Manual, Downloadable pdf document. I suggest you don't print it. Just download and put it on your desktop with a shortcut. It is a great manual, but, not in an obvious access placement. Perhaps "Da Boss" will consider placing this front and centre.
  4. Nick Lapenna

    Dazzle DVC 90

    Thank you all so very much. I am up and running!! It sure is comforting to know that you are there. Best regards.
  5. Nick Lapenna

    Dazzle DVC 90

    This is my first time here. Please forgive my ignorance. I do learn, with time. I'm only 69 right now. I bought Creator 9 Deluxe with the Dazzle DVC 90. I run Windows XP Pro on a Dell Dimension 9200 Desktop with all the latest bells and whistles. The audio drivers for the Dazzle are nowhere to be found, I think. I need "emAudio.sys" in order to install the Dazzle on my system. Support is difficult to come by. Everytime I log on to support, my login is not accepted and I get a "ring-around" What am I doing wrong?