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    Roxio RecordNow 9 Music Lab Premier

    Refund in process. Apparently after contacting tech support one more time... The only other solution they have to offer, besides the one that hasn't worked: "Try creating a new account. Uninstall and reinstall again. Then get back to us." Oops...I won't do it again. (and again and again until the 30 day refund has expired). My last words. Bye ya'll Good luck with your Roxio RecordNow 9 It is a nice product when you can open and use it.
  2. Sue_AS

    Roxio RecordNow 9 Music Lab Premier

    Update on The trail version of this product has expired The Roxio tech support instructions given to me to correct this error (see above post) have now failed for me too. Back to square one. Please note, I did retry the tech instructions a second time just to make sure it wasn't error on my part. Plan to contact tech support one last time. Curious what they will suggest next. If that fails it is a ride down refund road. Too bad! I like the product when I can get it open.
  3. Sue_AS

    Roxio RecordNow 9 Music Lab Premier

    Hi Leroy, Thanks for the update on your experience with RecordNow. I understand how you feel. Personally, I have found it difficult when getting tech support to get the techs to think outside the box. I guess they usually follow troubleshooting 'trees' and they usually give solutions according to those. I had the same problems with a couple of other big name pc software / hardware companies. When I had pc with Windows 98SE I asked one particular company if a particular inkjet printer would work on that pc. They assured me it would so I purchased it. Turned out the software program for the printer was way too large for that pc memory and processor to handle. But the techs kept telling me uninstall-reinstall. And it did mess up that computer big time. That's why I am gun shy about any tech advice that goes down that path. Well, I did as the Roxio tech instructed. But it will also be an only one time deal for me should the solution fail for me also. Refund will be my next solution too. Leroy, sorry your problem hasn't been solved by the Roxio tech solution. But sometimes I think they are only allowed to follow their troubleshooting 'trees'. I'm sure many of them are quite capable of 'branching'out from the tree and coming up with real fixes but are not allowed to do so. Hope your refund experience is better than your purchasing experience Leroy. It is a shame the solution didn't work because RecordNow is a nice program. PS: Don't forget to try some freeware programs - much smaller program file sizes and quite adequate for copying data to disc. PPS: I also will post the result of my experience with the Roxio tech instructions, success or failure. But I don't think we should be too hard on them. They are the messengers but remember they are not the company selling the product. I suppose somewhere in the future there will be a software patch or upgrade that resolves the problem. Perhaps they should call it RecordNow 9 Beta for the present
  4. Sue_AS

    Roxio RecordNow 9 Music Lab Premier

    Hello Linnz, Here is the reply from Roxio Tech Support that I received regarding this problem: Thank you for Contacting Roxio Technical Support In Norton, please disable the one-touch checkup and if it asks for repair files of Roxio, do not say Yes as it can cause this error message to occur after installation. Once you have disabled those, please follow the instructions listed below: In order to correct this issue, you are going to need to uninstall and reinstall your copy of RecordNow 9. Please follow the clean install instructions provided in our knowledge base. http://kb.roxio.com/content/kb/Creator/000086CR If you receive the Invalid CD key error, please click on the link below or copy and paste it into your address bar: http://kb.roxio.com/content/kb/Creator/000116CR Regards, Roxio Technical Support http://support.roxio.com I have followed the above instructions to the letter. Now it is just wait and see. Hope this helps you Linnz and anyone else experiencing "The trial version of this product has expired." Sincerely, with fingers crossed and hoping this really does the trick, Sue_AS PS: If you are using McAfee you don't have to do anything like the Norton instructions.
  5. Sue_AS

    Roxio RecordNow 9 Music Lab Premier

    Interesting Linnz! I cleared the temp folder on my computer and yep... The trial version of this product has expired. appeared again. Linnz, I think you may be onto something. Please do post again if you get it all sorted out. I am going to reinstall (again) and check out the temp folder too. That would make sense that some registration or other important RecordNow 9 info is getting cleared when the temp folder is cleared. PS: Don't want to reveal what freeware I am using only because if someone else follows my lead an it messes up their pc then I shall feel quite awful that I recommended it on this forum.
  6. Sue_AS

    Roxio RecordNow 9 Music Lab Premier

    I feel your pain. I tried emailing for tech suport, never received a reply. I am now trying to get help through the online support system. No reply as yet. But hope springs eternal. Roxio does give 30 days for a refund request so if your 30 days are not up as yet and you are totally frustrated, I would suggest going for the refund. That is what I plan to do if the only answer I get is uninstall and reinstall. My computer is running just fine and I am not going to mess it up playing around like that. Past experience doing so with other problematic software installations has taught me that much Meanwhile I will keep working to find a solution own my own (within my 30 day refund period). Should I figure it out I will post here again. Thanks for your input. At least now I know I am not alone out there. I do like the software when I manage to get it open. But installing and reinstalling...not for me. Did that 4 times already, no sense to banging my head against a brick wall. Too bad companies don't realize the value of the 'little guy consumer' and the bad impression they leave behind when support turns out to be no support at all. I know I only purchased this product because I had an earlier version of RedcordNow that worked just fine. And a year of emails from the company offering upgrades finally wore me down to make this purchase. At the present I have downloaded a freeware program and it is working just fine. You might want to try doing the same. It really eases the frustration
  7. Purchased Roxio RecordNow 9 Music Lab Premier. Problem: After opening and closing the software program, when trying to re-open the program get the following message: Have uninstalled and reinstalled 4 times. Same result each time. Using registered product. Each time have entered the registration code during the installation process. Also registered product online. I see other persons having similar problems with other programs in this online support forum. Any solutions found yet? Any help much appreciated.