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  1. Did the program/shortcuts work before? A few suggestions... (1) Make sure the shortcuts reference the correct ".exe" file. Right click the shortcut -> select properties -> select the shortcut and then -> "Find Target" (2) Try logging as Administrator to your box, find the videowave executable and try launching from windows explorer (i.e. double click on .exe file). For me the executable is "C:\Program Files\Roxio\Easy Media Creator 7\VideoWave\VideoWave7.exe" but your precise location may be different. (3) If windows2k suppports it, try setting the "compatibility mode" to Window2K i.e. right click on the executable and select the compatiblity tab.. select Windows2000. XP supports this feature and I can't remember if W2K has it or not.
  2. Thanks to those that spent time replying. The problem (encountered while using DVD Builder) was caused by the fact that the user account that was trying to burn the DVD image to a file did not have the necessary permissions to both the directory and the drive in which the image was being stored. The user had "full" access to the folder but did not have "full" access to the drive itself. Once I granted the user full access to the logical drive (i.e. right-click the drive -> properties ->security) the problem went away. Going with "full" access privilege is probably extreme and somethting less is probably sufficient but I don't have the time right now to fiddle around. Lesson learned: make sure sufficient access privileges are granted for both the drive and folder in which the image is being stored. Ed
  3. The problem: When I try to write my DVD to an image file I get the following error: "Image File Error The drive or directory for the image file is read-only. Please select a different location." I can't be sure but I think this problem started after I installed Windows XP SP2. What I've done: I followed Microsoft's suggestion to reset the read-only attribute of the folder I'm trying to save the image file to using the "attrib" command but still no luck (see http://support.microsoft.com/kb/326549/). Any suggestions? Thanks in advance. Ed