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  1. Sorry if this is in the wrong forum, let me know if I need to move it. Anyway, I have a brand new HP m7640n Multimedia PC with the TSST corp DVD burner and MyDVD Plus v7 installed. Problem is: When trying to burn a DVD it just keeps repeating with the error message of "Please insert a blank disc". Strange thing is when I go to look at DVD properties it recognizes the blank DVD. As soon as I click burn, it switches over to "insert a blank disc". Also, i have burned DVDs on this PC using Media center, so I know the drive does not have an issue with the discs, only Sonic does. I am using Maxell DVD+R. I'm willing to try a different brand disc when I get to the store, but It seems to be a software issue, as Media Center (and a trial version of a DVD copy program) seem to work just fine. I also tried the PX updater with no difference. Can anybody help? Thanks!
  2. YouPutz

    MyDVD will not recognize blank DVD

    Thanks for the help Larry and marlin. The problem happenned before I downloaded the other trial version, so it's not that. I have since uninstalled anyways. Now I suppose it could be IE7, it's what the PC came with. Is there a way to troubleshoot this without completely uninstalling? (Selective startup or something? )
  3. YouPutz

    MyDVD will not recognize blank DVD

    Thanks for the advice on the RW with this drive. Does anybody have any ideas beside trying differnent media? I have now tried 3, (Maxell, Memorex and HP). If this program cannot recognize these major brands I don't think it is worth much. I have used 2 other programs and this drive to burn with, so it is not the media and it is not the drive. There is some bug or some issue with the program that causes it not to recognize the media in the drive. Is there someone from Roxio that could offer some advice on troubleshooting? I'm sure it has to be something silly and simple as a missing file or dll or setting somewhere. This is an almost new PC with a factory install of the program. I have tried the Update under the help to see if there are any updates for the program, and all it does is give me a sales pitch to upgrade to version 9. I won't consider doing that until I know Roxio will work. Anything else i can do to troubleshoot? Thanks!
  4. YouPutz

    MyDVD will not recognize blank DVD

    Yep firmware is updated to 0803, and 2 brands of dvd's have been tried. Other parts of the program work, just this one sections seems to behaving badly. Anybody have any experience with this drive or HP media PCs in general?
  5. YouPutz

    MyDVD will not recognize blank DVD

    One more bit of information I took the time today to try making a data DVD under Sonic DigitalMedia Plus v7. It worked! The only part of the program that does not work is under the "Copy CD" heading, so the burn from image or copy exhibits the bad behavior. I looked at the "About Software" tab. It looks like there is a separate module for each function. I see for the DVD copy it is: Module Name: Sonic Record Now Copy Version 2.0.6 Build 206B33T, HPC is there a way to make sure this part is up to date? Can anyone help?
  6. YouPutz

    MyDVD will not recognize blank DVD

    One further clarification. The problem program is Sonic DigitalMedia Plus v7 Using the quick links of copy disc or burn image cause the condition. I can put a blank disk in. It will show up as a blank under the "disc information" link. I select the image to burn, which is about a 20 minute video. The box in the corner switches from saying 4.7Gb free to 2.2 Gb free. So far so good. Then I click burn and it spits out the disc almost immediately and asks for a blank. I actually took the time to create a new DVD project under MyDVD plus, and it actually burned just fine there, just seems to be the Digital Media utility for copying and burning images. Any ideas? Thanks!
  7. YouPutz

    MyDVD will not recognize blank DVD

    Nope, didn't format or anything. I have now tried both Maxell and Memorex discs with no luck. The machine is an HP m7640n, Athlon X2, XP Service Pack 2. Sonic Digital Media Plus v7 PX build 3.0.659, 85 The drive is TSST TS-H652L. I went to HP's site and updated the firmware to 0803. No change with that either. I seem to be hitting a brick wall with everything I try now. I tried to re-do the PX engine since I downloaded the firmware, and Roxio's link for downloading the PXengine jsut keeps re-directing me to thier main "Ask RoxAnn" page. (The first time I updated the PX engine was from a link posted on a forum, so i wanted to make sure I had the latest). OK, so i figure Roxio wants me to register my product and fill out my profile, so I tried to do that, and couldn't even get that done. The Roxio - My Account page asks me to select my product, so I select MyDVD, and then it wants the version. I have Sonic Digital Media Plus v7, (PC also has an icon for MyDVD which opens up the same program). The pull-down box has no such thing to even register this product. What gives? Why is it so hard to make sure everything is up to date? Anyways, I tried a new brand of media today, same results. I put the disk in and the box in the lower left says "disk blank, 4.4Gb Free". As soon as I click burn, it spits it out and tells me to put a blank in. All I am trying to do is copy a non-copyrighted video for the moment. (wife is making me copy the wedding video before it gets anymore scratched). I have tried the direct copy, and burning an image. Media player and 1 Click copy DVD burn just fine. So there is something that needs to be fixed from within Sonic. Any ideas on what to try next? Thanks!!!!
  8. YouPutz

    MyDVD Premier vs recorded TV

    Did you ever figure this out? I'm looking to do the same. Thanks!