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  1. ChrisGu

    Am I Missing A Trick?

    Many thanks for this link. I have found that the "Record Your Screen" feature would seem to be the answer as the "Capture Video" function only lists my webcam as the only device for this feature. Is there a way to add a function for capturing internet videos in this function? Apologies for the delay since your posting. Regards, Chris
  2. ChrisGu

    Am I Missing A Trick?

    I am running NXT 3 on my Windows 10 64-bit Dell PC - previously running Windows 8.1. I have never been able to use the Copy and Convert facility for copying internet video. When I select the "Web video" button I have been keeping the subsequent window to "select your browser" open, but no web video clips appear in this window once I have stopped the internet video. Am I missing a trick on using this function or do I have to change any other settings. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Ever since I upgraded my Vista with SP2 about 10 days ago I have not been able to use EMC 10. The upgrade to Vista has taken the EMC 10 icon from my desktop and clicking on the item in my program list does nothing at all. Can anybody help? Chris G
  4. ChrisGu

    Label Designs

    many thanks. I have previously used the idea of getting pictures from google but I did not realise that I could use them as backgrounds, as you have suggested. I will try this on the next LP that I convert in to a CD. Cheers
  5. Is it possible to rip a CD direct to my portable device (Sandisk Sansa) without having to rip to my hard drive first?
  6. ChrisGu

    Label Designs

    As someone who has purchased many of the various EMC versions over the years I have noticed that there have been hardly any new designs for CD labels and jewel cases. As I am not very artistic I rely on trying to vary the designs that Roxio provides. Does anyone know where I can download new designs. If Microsoft can offer a huge selection of clipart, why can't Sonic/Roxio provide a similar facility for label/jewel case designs? Chris G
  7. ChrisGu

    EMC9 Label Creator Font Selection

    Atleast I am not the only one suffering from this problem as well. I hope that Roxio will be able to issue a patch to all users. I am sure that we are not the only users that are having this problem. I hope that they sort this soon [/size]