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    Update Woes

    Thanks for the reply. I logged out of Roxio, deleted all cookies, I have no download assitant installed, I disabled NetBarrier, I disabled pop-up blocking, and I am using Safari (as I said in my very first message) and I also tried with Omniweb. I also emptied the caches, just to be safe. I'm still taken back to the list of product updates instead of getting the file. The fact that a hundred thousand people can download it doesn't help me. As I said (again) I understand it may be something with my configuration that's at fault, but, again, I have many applications that I update regularly, I have not the same problems with any of these other software updates. I could, for instance, download the version I have now when I bought it, with the same configuration. I just don't understand why I'd be taken back to the list of software instead of getting the file.
  2. denis_ricard

    Newbie: Wondering If Popcorn Will Work On This System?

    Yes I have a question. I posted a question a week ago and got no answer (http://forums.support.roxio.com/index.php?showtopic=1599). I've been trying to download the 1.0.3 patch and I've been running in circle. No one gave me an answer except "it's your fault", or "it works for me." The support section doesn't list Popcorn. If you ask Roxane she says she can't answer questions about popcorn. There is no email contact for technical support.
  3. denis_ricard

    Newbie: Wondering If Popcorn Will Work On This System?

    I just tried DVD2oneX2 and it worked flawlessly on a DVD that Popcorn failed twice to copy. Don't waste money on unsupported software from Roxio...
  4. denis_ricard

    No Cd Key

    I agree totally that it's impossible to get support. I also bought Popcorn and the version I have received through software download was not the latest available at the time, and I can't download the update and can't get support. I just tried DVD2oneX2 and it worked flawlessly, that's where my money is going. D.
  5. denis_ricard

    Newbie: Wondering If Popcorn Will Work On This System?

    See the separate thread on "update woes" about problems downloading the patch. I'm not the only one with the problem. While it's possible that my system is at fault (although I'm no beginner and transfert files on a daily basis, including updates from other companies), I should be able to get customer support. And I bought Popcorn after the 1.0.3 patch was released, and the software I received (software download from Roxio's site, not physical) was 1.0. I recently tried to re-download it from the original link and got 1.0.2. Just try to get customer support on Popcorn, you'll see.
  6. denis_ricard

    Newbie: Wondering If Popcorn Will Work On This System?

    I'd be careful. Popocorn never worked for me. I can't download the update and there is no support (just check on the left side of this page and try to find popcorn).
  7. denis_ricard

    Update Woes

    I just realized that I bought Popcorn in june and the 1.0.3 update is listed as of may. I received the 1.0 version (I just rechecked to make sure). Is it possible that the update won't work because the system thinks I have a version dating after the update file? Can someone please tell me how to get customer service on this, I can't get support about this bug?
  8. denis_ricard

    Update Woes

    I don"t know what to say except it doesn't work for me :/
  9. denis_ricard

    Update Woes

    I'm trying to download the update to 1.0.3 since my 1.0 version crashes every time I try to do anything with it. I'm stuck in a loop where I cycle through web pages. When I get to the page where I see the download button I'm taken back to the previous page where I have to chose Popcorn 1.x or the 'Patch my software' button. Trying to get customer support is a real joke too as you are taken to a web support area where Popcorn isn't even in the list of products. Seriously this product never worked for me and it seems I can't even run it now... Anyone has any idea how I can get the update file? I'm running 10.4.4, Safari 2.0.3, Popcorn is 1.0. Thanks. Denis