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    Sonic Record Now

    Thanks Fred ending the process works a treat,at least its quicker than a reboot. I also noticed that i was unable to play vids in media player,but never really bothered me that much as it was easy enough just to close sonic. My "record now" was also OEM on the pc,i may contact HP and see iff they can shed any light on the matter. Thanks again Chris
  2. Topper

    Sonic Record Now

    Hi, Ive got sonic record now Ver 7.22. After ive finished burning a dvd/cd and close the application i am not able to restart it by double clicking the desktop icon,or from "all programs" When i double click the desktop icon,nothing happens. The only way i can restart sonic is to do a restart of my pc and then open it. Although on shutdown i get a "program ending" warning box which says "sonic record now.exe" so somethings running ? I have to do this every time i close it and then want to use it again Any ideas appreciated. Chris