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    Can't Rip Move: Result Code = -50

    I am having the same issue with Popcorn 2.0.2 and Crunch. Presumably all use the same code base. The issue occurs with Ratatouille and Cars, both of which use ARccOS copy protection, about which MTR issues a warning, but appears to rip without a problem. I'll try ripping the two differently, maybe with DVDFab Pro on my PC.
  2. DominikHoffmann

    Can't Rip Move: Result Code = -50

    This is what I have done. The DVD had been ripped by MacTheRipper. When I try to drag Title 1 from this virtual DVD (after copying the VIDEO_TS folder to ~/Movies) to the source window, the main Popcorn window, I get an error alert that says, "32 files are protected. OK." What's the meaning of this? I thought, by using MacTheRipper the encryption had been removed. What's up here?
  3. DominikHoffmann

    Popcorn 3 Crashes And Hangs All The Time

    Most of the source material is from ripped DVDs (MPAA, FBI: I own the physical media!) for transfer to my Apple TV, so that my kids (down to toddler age) can view these repeatedly (not a crime, right?) without making the material effectively expire after a given number of uses. Among these are all the Pixar movies, Looney Tunes Golden Collection, BBC's Planet Earth, etc. Dominik
  4. DominikHoffmann

    Popcorn 3 Crashes And Hangs All The Time

    It seems that every other time Popcorn 3 unexpectedly quits while exporting a movie. I might have to go back to Popcorn 2, which in my memory wasn't as unstable. As far as the two new features for which I most appreciate the update from Version 2 to Version 3, the ability to pause and resume export processes and batch processing, are fast becoming moot. Because of the frequent crashes many times only the first in a batch of export succeeds, and I can use the kill -STOP <pid> and kill -CONT <pid> commands on the command line to paus and resume the whole application. I am eagerly awaiting a Popcorn 3.0.3 that 1. fixes these instabilities and 2. will also make use of my Elgato Turbo.264, regardless, of whether I use custom settings, or not, and 3. will remember the details of my custom settings from one session to the next. Do we have any hope of seeing these implemented? Otherwise, I feel a bit cheated, for having paid the upgrade fee. Dominik Hoffmann
  5. DominikHoffmann

    Can't Rip Move: Result Code = -50

    Using Version 3.0.2 I can't initiate the ripping of a movie whose encryption and copy protection had been removed using MTR. Popcorn 3.0.2 presents me with a "Couldn't complete the last command because of a Mac OS erorr. Result Code = -50." This appears to be a bug in Popcorn. I went back to Roxio Crunch, which appears to be a slimmed-down version of Popcorn 2, and it had the same problem.
  6. DominikHoffmann

    Best price on a turbo.264

    Does anybody have a suggestion on where to get the best price on a turbo.264?
  7. I use Popcorn 3 on DVDs I want to encode for my Apple TV. I usually compress to 2000 kbits/s, current frame size, 24 fps, multiple passes. On a couple of titles Popcorn spontaneously quits after about 4 or 5 h of encoding time on my MacBook Pro. I am wondering why, and whether there might be an update in the near future that addresses this. I'd be willing to mail a copy of the VIDEO_TS folder to the Roxio development team to check out. Dominik Hoffmann
  8. DominikHoffmann

    Popcorn hangs when

    This is my one negative experience with Popcorn 2.0.1: 1. I drag the VIDEO_TS folder to Popcorn's window. 2. I click on the "Options..." button. 3. From the Video pop-up I pick "Custom". 4. A scrollable list of features from the DVD appears. 5. The spinning beachball appears and stays for as long as 20 min, or infinitely, I wouldn't know. 6. I force-quit Popcorn. The goal of it all was to encode to H.264 only one chapter of the DVD. Any ideas? Dominik Hoffmann