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  1. Hi, On my first try using sonic express labeler, when I go to start the program (start/programs/sonic/express labeler) & I click - - I imediately get a microsoft error message. You know the one - - 'sonic express labeler has encountered a problem - would you like to send an error message to microsoft?'. This is a new hp pc - where the sonic software came pre-installed from hp. So, no installation on my side, no disc either. I was going to try to use the lightscribe features . . . help!
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    Sonic Express Labeler Will Not Start

    Hi Fred - so after I read your comment, I did an online chat with someone from hp for over an hour. They never understood my problem - - they were just shooting canned answer after canned answer at me - everything from . . . 'let's perform a full system restore'! She couldn't understand that my lightscribe works fine - it is the software - sonic express labeler - that was installed on my pc by hp that wasn't working. So, I decided to call them directly. After an hour on hold listening to 'music' & how important I was, I hung up. This sucks.